Atoms for Windows Phone now live on the Marketplace

Atoms Now Live

Atoms, the Amiga inspired board game is now available to all in the Marketplace. We previously caught up with Ross, the developer of the game at the Bournemouth Dev Day where he was kind enough to give us a first look. It’s a turn based board game that Ross has been working to release for some time. There is an Xbox360 variant in the works and a homebrew Nintendo DS version too.

The game currently supports six players, be them human or AI but presently no turn based online play. The game sports a nice Amiga style soundtrack and clean punchy graphics.

You can download Atoms from the Marketplace for £0.79p or you can run with the full, ad supported version for free. (QR code after the break)


Ross has been in touch to advise that at present the app is currently only available in the following countries US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Italy.

QR: Atoms


Reader comments

Atoms for Windows Phone now live on the Marketplace


Sorry, as this is my first game release I was unsure of the need for age ratings in each region so I didn't release in any region that had an option for a rating.

I've since looked up these details and now have a better idea and should be adding more regions soon.

Thanks for your interest in my game.

I hope this will eventually be available in Sweden as well, it looks like a really interesting and fun game. :)

It's a fun timefiller and tbh could be educational in showing how adding one can have widespread consequences..:)

I never thought Atoms would be this in demand, but thanks to you all I will extend the number of regions that the game will be released in.