Domino's Pizza Windows Phone 8

Official U.S. Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 now available! Here's a tour.

Although Domino’s Pizza has had an app for the UK (and Ireland) for some time now, Windows Phone users in the US have been left without a mobile option—until today.

Hurrah! Domino’s Pizza ( has made a full-fledged, US-dedicated app for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to access your account, place your order (pickup/delivery) and even follow its status with Domino’s famed “tracker” service. Throw in some voice controls and a Live Tile and we’re all set for Saturday night!

Head past the break for the first images, our video tour and download link!

The app, coming in at just 1MB, has worked flawlessly for us over our brief testing period. With a quick launch, access to our account, optional GPS info for location awareness and the availability of Domino’s full online menu (including deals and coupons), we’re quite smitten with the app.

Domino's Pizza Windows Phone 8

In fact, you can activate the Voice Command feature on Windows Phone 8 (hold down the Windows key) and say things like “Domino’s…start a carry out order” and the app will launch, figure out your location and then proceed to the menu for ordering. If you stored your delivery or account info, you can then place your order with just a few clicks:

  • Voice ordering – From the “menu” section of the app, customers can take advantage of Window Phone’s voice capabilities to tell the app what they’d like to order. You can say “medium hand tossed pepperoni pizza,” for instance, and once the app confirms your request, you simply add it to your cart and head to checkout.
  • Pin your current order – We took advantage of the ability to pin items in Windows Phone to allow customers to pin their current order right to their start screen. This will allow customers to directly access our industry-exclusive Domino’s Tracker and know where their order is throughout the pizza-making process.

Domino's Pizza Windows Phone 8

The app is perfect if you’re idle on the couch or out with friends and are headed home, where you can have the Domino’s guy waiting for you upon arrival. All in all, we’re quite excited about having yet-another-official-app for Windows Phone 8 available to us and Domino’s Pizza has done a solid job here with their offering.

Pick up Domino’s Pizza for Windows Phone 8 (US ordering only) here in the Store (Link may take a few hours to go live! Be patient!). Let us know in comments your thoughts of the app!

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Reader comments

Official U.S. Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 now available! Here's a tour.


Just like you said yesterday.. As long as WP keeps progressing, and stays ahead of BB, we will keep getting more, and more, official apps. So, do we have anything else coming this week?

You make the delivery guy wait for you to get home? That's cold...

And where was this app two nights ago?! I had to go through all the trouble of talking to a real person. And no pizza status ticker.

Since I'm still on WP7 I'm a little sad but, honestly, their mobile site improved to the point that it works just like an app. So not too sad.

didnt Daniel just complain about this like a week ago. He may have more pull than we know. Quick Daniel complain about app we dont have.

The UK and Ireland had one before the US, strangely though the US version doesn't seem to have NFC support like the UK app. All we need in the UK is a Pizza Hut app!!!

Dan, can you please complain about the lack of animal and fart noise apps, just cant find a single one ;)

F*** man, I really can't wait for my upgrade from AT&T to come up so I can buy me a windows phone 8 device. Im tired of my lumia 900. I can't get any of these apps on my phone. :(

I'm on the same boat with you Manny!!! Still sporting my Lumia 900 which I love by the way, it's just frustrating not being able to use the new apps in the marketplace, but I'm guessing that at the time of our upgrade eligibility, there will be a more advanced WP8 device than the L920...CHEERS!!!!

I don't know how you lost all that weight with all those food/resturant/theater apps on your start screen. I feel it was a bad idea for me to install this app.

Been waiting for this one. Just ordered lunch and waiting for delivery; like how you can select the amount of your toppings..  Marvin wont be starving.

FINALLY! The wait is over!

But in all seriousness, I guess it's cool to get official apps. I don't see myself ever needing to download a food delivery app. It seems pointless to me.

The lack of Shoprunner integration has kept me from using any Domino's app for 2 years now. I'd like to know the answer too.

What I can't understand, is in a country where pizza is ever where and local shops make better pizza, why you would want to order this plastic? Astounding.

Get off your lazy fat asses and at least put some effort in your food! Kinda sad reading some of these comments.

Because the better local place only does carry out and you don't feel like driving across town. Also some of us aren't pizza snobs. There is worse chain-pizza than Dominoes (cough Papa John's cough).

How do these work? Do they charge u from ur cellphone bill or do u put in credit card after ordering?

I live in the Chicago area where small mom & pop places rule.  I wouldn't send Domino's to my worst enemy!
Neat app though...

Oh good! Maybe WWE's live demonstration on RAW stuck with me long enough to remember how to use this!