Watch Daniel Rubino on Windows Weekly today at 1pm PT/4pm ET!

Watch Daniel Rubino on Windows Weekly today at 1pm PT/4pm ET!

Our own Daniel Rubino is en route to Petaluma right now to join Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Mary Jo Foley for TWiT's Windows Weekly podcast. Build 2014 will no doubt be the subject of the show, along with Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update 1, and, of course, the brand new Lumia 630, Lumia 635, and Lumia 930 phones.

The show kicks off at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST so make sure you load it up and catch Daniel live with the Windows Weekly crew. This one is not to be missed!


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Watch Daniel Rubino on Windows Weekly today at 1pm PT/4pm ET!


Just watched the thing with the TWIT app. But the app is pretty lame and needs a fast WIFI connection.

Mary Jo had a panoply of beer in front of her (all of them did), she was interested....

No, you missed it. The original picture was of a screenshot from a previous Windows Weekly, and Mary Jo and Daniel looked very unimpressed with both pictures.

Ugh, I hope Peter Bright isn't there - he's horrible in print, he's worse on netcasts...if that's even possible.

ha ha. he reminds me of a toy that has critical batteries and it has just sloooweeed dowwwwwnnnnnn. He should do bedtime reading..zzzz

Are they for real? They've been doing talking about nothing for 10 minutes now. I could have been drinking beer instead of watching them talk aobut it.  That's ridiculous.... as if there isn't enough news to talk about and they're milking the clock.

yeah that old guy is really cocky and uninformative(and kinda drunk from just a bottle of beer) and he was like ur gonna have to be drunk to use windows.....@daniel how could you manage to sit next to a retard like that

i know it was a joke but he is just an arrogent drunk jerk who didnt know a thing about wp(uses an htc 1 m8)

he also made another joke that you cant piss any developers off if there aren't any......

Guys, might be worth being more respectful since Daniel is a guest of a distinguished show. The tech team may be running late, but that doesn't justify calling its host names and reflecting badly on this site.

why ppl are making so big hype of notification center ??? all other plattforms already have it ... this is one of the reason I moved to android ... because I was missing notifications

You just answered your own question. First you ask why all of the hype and then follow up with telling us you moved to Android because of it

nice job cyclingnut...

some people really don't think about what they say, so clear contradictions just don't strike them

what I'm saying is ... they should have had it with windows phone 8 ... they had horrible windows phone 7 and 7.5 ... 8 was lil better but major functionality was missing. Developers should be ashamed for not having this feature ... they lost major customer base

Why people are making so big hype of notification center ??? Once again you answered your own question :/

Well why are you here if you left for Android? WP is not your cup of tea per your admission of leaving, so bye Felicia!

Wow. I'm glad they get to drink on the show as that's cool and all but I'm blown away by the very harsh words they often use. I'm glad the lady kept on defending the new background when the other gent kept trying to make it look like a teenager gimmick. How about when that guy was talking garbage about third world countries? Wow, I live in the USA but those countries are a huge reason why the OS still around so I'm grateful. If the OS was only US based I'm sure Apple and Google would have driven us to extinction by now. I can stand competition and different point if views, but arrogance, a sense of superiority and lack of respects of others gotta go. I'm glad Daniel is cool and respectful, but I was really hopping he got up and punched someone in the mouth for talking garbage.

oh crap I missed it. I vote for this to be a regular thing to bring balance to the force.

Leo is an absolute android fanboy, Paul is like the ultimate microsoft Buzzkill which sometimes acts like a disgruntled employee they just fired, and MJF is awesome but even her can't overcome the sheer size of Leo's google can do no wrong, and Paul's sarcasm.

We need an MS fanboy to just start to break Leo and Paul's tone for the past 3 years which basically is: "run for the hills!".


Um, you do realize that Paula like the biggest MS supporter there is, right? And why would you want a MS fanboy on there. Me personally I'd rather have non fanboy, impartial people on here that don't just blow sunshine up MS Backside. 

I think that is your opinion of Paul. He himself admits he isn't on the side of MSFT. Why do I want a fanboy in there? listen to the podcast. yup.

We'll, I just hear him talk about how he dosent have or want apple products in his house, talks down about that company, and I've heard him talk bad about google and such. I'm not saying he's biased or whatever, but is he super impartial ? I generally hear him be more positive about MS than negative. Having preferences is cool, but when you hear him talk about the things he dosent like about apple it usually just boils down to "just because ". He also backed that haunted empire book which most agree is a bunch of bunk. 

but maybe I'm wrong. I do like his work , and am following what he does more as I get into windows devices more . All I'm saying is from what I've seen from past stuff he either seems very anti apple or pro MS.