What’s your favorite Windows Phone screen size?

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It is a question many of us ponder and the topic of a Windows Phone Central forums discussion. What’s your favorite screen size?

Is it the smaller, 4" screen of the Nokia Lumia 520? Maybe the 4.3” screen of the HTC 8X tickles your fancy best. Then you have the 4.5” screens of the Nokia Lumia 92x series/Lumia 1020 and the whopper of a screen on the Lumia 1520 that measures 6” in size. How about an 8” screen or would that be too big?

Some find the smaller screened devices more comfortable in the hand and easier to pocket, while others prefer the larger screens for viewing videos or playing games on.  For me, I would like to see a 5” screen become available. I like the real estate available on the Lumia 1520 but the overall size is not very practical for my needs. I think a five inch screen would be nice middle ground and small enough to keep the overall size of the Windows Phone manageable.

What about you though? Join in on this Windows Phone Central Forums discussion and let us know what your favorite Windows Phone screen size is.


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What’s your favorite Windows Phone screen size?



I still think 4-4.5.  Anything bigger is too big.  If want bigger that's what my computer or tablet is for.

That's fine.  Some people are going to prefer a screen smaller than 5" and some larger.   However I think a poll would show that 5" would get the most support, which is why I am calling 5" the golden mean.


And I think a poll would show that "blue" is everyones favorite color, so it is the best color.

See? I can pull crap out of my rear too, doesn't make it true.

Jokes aside, looking at the first page from the thread in the post, I would say more of them were in the sub 5" category. 4-4.5" would be ideal for me.

You're sloppy.  Your equvocation between "favorite" and "best" is at the worst irrelevant and at the best a matter of semantics.   If you don't know what the definition of "golden mean" is then perhaps you should look it up.   Overall 5 inches will set in the middle of the groups of people calling for 4-4.5 and those calling for a 6 inch display.   I expect 5 will end up being often mentioned, with quite a few people stating that it is an "ideal" display size depending upon bezel size.  I also think that quite a few people have stated that 5" is the upper limit to what they are thinking of at this point.

This comment deserves tons of likes, 99% of people who didn't like it depend on statistics to prove all their half assed points.

Lol okay.

I know the definition of golden mean, not sure how what I said would indicate otherwise?

I guess you enjoy speaking for everyone based on your own preference and presenting it as some sort of truth/fact.

Like I said, you are sloppy.  

The fact that you do not intuit that 5" is in the center of those calling for phones between 4.3 to 6 inches indicates you don't really understand the concept of the golden mean.

It is absurd to state that I am just presenting my personal preference.   Any reading of my statements will show that I repeatedly say "a poll will likely show" or "quite a few people state that..."  

Of course 5" is in the middle of 4" and 6". That is not what the golden mean is about. It is about a desireable middle between two extreems (philosophical, not mathematical).

If 70% of people prefer 4" screen size and 30% prefer 6", then sorry, but no matter how many times you tell me 5" is between 4" and 6", it does not magically become the golden mean.

The fact is, we DON'T KNOW who prefers what size and anybody claiming ANY size as the "golden mean" is speaking out of their rear.

Sloppy, lmao


A.  Learn how to spell or use the spell check feature.

    1.  extreems

    2.  desireable

B.  In this case I expect that 5 is both the mathematical center of 4-6 and is also the current golden mean of what people are interested in.

C.  If you are going to suggest 70% preferring 4 inch screen size and 30% 6 inch screen size, don't then say "the fact is, we don't know who prefers what size" in the next paragraph.

The entire purpose of the article is to allow people to sound off about their favorite windows phone display size is and for us to get an overall idea of what the responses are in the comments.

Ok idiot, it's spelling not grammar.

My "point" is simply that I expect a large amount of people will say 5 inches.   I've not yet expressed a subjective opinion on the matter yet fool.  

I never said best.   I always said that I think people prefer the size, and that some people are saying that it is ideal.   Slater_GS talked about "best" attributing the idea to me, but like I said, he's sloppy.

So again, I never said that I thought it was best or ideal, only that I think the majority would find the size appealing.   Phone sizes are increasing over time and people are acclimatizing and coming to expect larger phones, but I do think there is an upper limit for many people.

People have different sized hands too. I'm sure there would be some people buying 7"-8" phones if they were available. They can easily fit in a coat pocket or purse.

I like the idea of a 5" screen, but I will likely never buy a phone with a larger width than the 1020 has because my hands are small and I don't want to "have to" use 2 hands. So, that probably puts my preferred screen size between 4-4.5"

I love my red 920, but yea I'd like a 5" display.   I would like to minimize the bezel as much as possible to maximize the display size vs phone size....

When people say this I ask that we also have to hold the phone. I don't want my fingers touching the display. Personally I love the nexus 7 and its big top bottom bezels which are perfect for holding it landscape mode and seeing a movie

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That'd be the perfect size. In essence, I want exactly what the Lumia 929/ICON is rumored to be (5" screen, Snapdragon 800, etc.), but with a Lumia 1020's camera. That'd be the absolute perfect phone for me. :)

I think you are right. I would add a better design and bigger battery and if it is not much to ask for a snapdragon 805.

I held a friend's Galaxy Note 3 recently and it was a lot lighter than my 920...Also, it fit well into my front pants pocket...It's close to the same size as the 1520 but I wish the 1520 had stylus support!...My friend uses his stylus on his Note 3 a lot and loves it...Here's to hoping that the 1520 successor has a stylus!!!

Only if the bezel around it is not massive, Nokia is kind of guilty of puting tiny screens on massive phones with some of their models.

The better question would be to ask what size phone you prefer.


Personally I think a 4 inch screen and no more than 60mm width is perfect for single handed use. Also its perfect for gripping. Just my opinion.

I agree, I think that a 5" device would be great, and even if I love the beauty of my HTC 8X 4.3" screen, I'll definitely change it for a 5"!!

I have a 920 with a 4.5 inch screen right now, it's too small. I am looking forward to being able to get my hands on a 6 inch screen!

I just went from a 920 to a 1520 on Sunday, and I'm loving it. I read so much on my phone, it's been perfect. Especially when navigating websites.

+1520. I've sort of gotten used the the 1520's screen and find it small at times. If they could make the 1520's screen a little bigger while keeping its overall dimention, then I wouldn't mind getting it.

6.3 are you insane?  How the hell would you carry that thing around?  Just carry around a freakin' Dell Venue.


Lol. I feel 6 inch is too small now. I don't realize how big it is until I see someone else phone

Right! After using the 1520 for a few days I found that 6" is perfectly comfortable, and practical.. Anything less than 6" would be a drag now.

Yep. After getting used to it, the 1520 doesn't even seem big. My wife's 1020 feels so tiny when I use it.

Bought my mother to a 520, up from feature phone. Screen was too tiny so now she has a 1020. She loves my 1520 so I plan on getting here a 1320 in time.

I am convinced that if anyone uses the 1520 consistently for more than 2 weeks that there is no way they could go back to using a smaller phone. It is the perfect size and I believe in time that it will be standard. It is inevitable. Bandwidth is getting cheaper. We will seek to consume more and more content. 5" will be popular here in the comments but 6" will be the standard in time. I believe that 7 isn't practical for most. Much harder to carry but I find that 6" just seems to fit in my clothing just right. Two hand typing is a breeze.

Interesting comment for me as I originally had the 800 and would not get the 920 as it seemed too large. I did in time get the 920 and now it seems a natural size for me.

I have not seen the 1520 as not in any local UK mobile shops at the moment. Sure I will consider it too large but wonder if I will end up with one lol

Couldn't agree more! Anything larger than 4.5" and it becomes hard to carry around and use. My 920's 4.5" screen is perfectly comfortable.

I often mistype stuff on my 8X's screen, which measures 4.3". Maybe if it was a little bigger, no more than 5-5.2", that would be perfect for me.


I currently have a 3.7 inch Lumia 800 and I could do with a bigger screen, but 4.5 is the upper limit of what`s still comfortable to hold. (Though 4.3 is more comfortable).

Having a 5"+ phone next to your ear is like walking around with a ghetto blaster :)

I am waiting for the 1020 successor as my upgarde, but my fear is they will go crazy and make it 5"+ just because that`s what flagships are supposed to be these days.

I have a 925 and this size seems perfect for me, I already have a bit of difficulty reaching the top left corner with my thumb and i think anything bigger would be too big for a phone.

Also, coming from iPhone 5s, this phone seems huge already.

Waiting for 5" Nokia on AT&T. Especially with the changes in value plan they're offering now to stem people from leaving for T-Mo

I own a 520 (too small), a 1520 (too big) and a 1020 (almost right, but a little small). I think a 5" screen would be perfect.

Same here except 920 instead of the 1020. Returned the 1520 - too big for my situation.

Looking for a 5" also.

Being a guy with big hands I had problems with anything under 4.3 but 6 may be a little too big maybe 5.3 or 5.5 would be perfect for me

I've got a 4.3" which I find small but the 4.7" I had previously was too small. My next phone will hopefully be 4.5".

I like the 4.7 of my Titan, but I dont know if I would go any bigger than that. Probably 4.5-4.7 for me. Enough with all the ridiculously big phones. Let's get a new flagship that's still business sized.

I like the 4.5" of my 928, and can't really see myself using anything bigger than maybe 5". Even that, I'd have to try first to be sure.

I love my 1520 and I have no issues with the 6" screen. I would be happy with anything from 5" to 6".

My wife on the other hand needs something 4.3" to 4.5". So I hope they don't neglect those sizes with top end hardware.

4.5 ~5.2, bigger than that it'll be too big to fit nicely/comfortably in most of the pockets, and might look a bit silly to hold. 

Right now I have a 4.5" screen and I like it a lot. However I would like to give a 5" screen a whirl for a bit to see how it feels.

My Ativ S has a 4.8 in screen and that's perfect for me! Though my next phone might have 5", but that's not too shabby either. Just 0,2"..

The 4.5" of the Lumia 920 is about perfect. If they could squeeze a bigger screen into the same overall dimensions it would be ideal. Of course, you could always argue that bigger is better, but the 1520 and similarly sized devices are just ridiculous. They're simply too big to be practical as a portable device.

I don't want to have to make arrangements for carrying such an absurdly oversized phone. If I need the screen I'll just bring a proper tablet or laptop with me. Phablets are really nothing more than a stopgap until a better solution comes along. But I've interacted with enough of those devices that I don't see the value in the extra real estate given the pain in the ass they are to carry.

Speak for yourself.  The 1520 is perfect for my line of work.  No special "arrangements" need to be made as it still comfortably fits in my suit jacket pocket.  No need for me to carry a laptop around at least half the time I used to.  All bets would be off for anything bigger than that, though.

The day someone drops a 8inch smartphone is the day all hell breaks loose. I'd go as far as 6-6.4". Anything bigger will not fit in someone's hands or pockets comfortably. Man purse anyone?

Are there any guys who actually use a man purse? The few guys I know who bought one never used them.

Cool. I sometimes wish my husband would consider one because he always wants to put stuff in my purse because they don't fit in his pockets.

My rule on screen size is, if my middle finger and thumb can't touch when wrapped around the phone, then it's too big. I have pretty large hands (I'm 6'3"), but I will not be buying a 1520, as nice as it is. Also, pocket-ability factors: Unless you always carry your phone in your hands or have a purse, portability seems like a no-brainer in the decision making.

They look stupid in jeans pockets, and laughable when held up against the head when talking. It's even funnier when you see a person with tiny hands trying to use them effectively.

I feel 4.5" is ideal for me, with the 4.8" of the Ativ S being the maximum size I'd be comfortable with.
I've used a 5" screen phone for calling someone and I left very silly holding something so big against my face and uncomfortable holding it.

Well when the Icon comes out I want to check it out to see how it is in my hand, if I wanna go that route.

If I were to get another Windows Phone, it would have to be the 6 inch 1520.  Five inch would also be fine.  You need something big for all those tiles.

To me the most important factor is how much wasted space is taken up by the bezel. I like the overall size of my 920 but I think you could fit a 5" screen in a relatively similar sized device if the bezel were smaller.

The 3.8" on the HTC Radar 4g was perfect. It was very easy to use one handed. The 4" on my Lumia 520 is at the upper limit of one handed usability and is a bit of a stretch for my thumb.

The HTC 8x I had allowed an extra ROW of tiles to be shown due to the aspect ratio of the screen. Currently rocking a Lumia 925 which I love, but I do miss the extra row I had with the 8x.

I really wish Nokia would have made high-end Lumia with 4in but I'm currenty using Lumia 900(4.3in).

My htc 8x is a good size, could do with it being a little bigger. Maybe 5inches would be a better size. Held one of the 6inch phones and that was just too big. Lol an 8inch phone...! My dell V8p is 8inches and that would be a laughable size for a phone!

Funny how so many people are saying 5.5 to 6 inch. People used to make fun of Galaxy Note type Android phones on this website not too long ago.

I agree with 4".
I really like the way the 8x feels, in the hand, but I can't touch the top-left corner of the screen.
I think 4.3" would be perfect, if we didn't have so much bezel (including top and bottom).
As it is, I would like a 4" 720p (480p/768p is just a bit wide, for my taste).

The 4.5" screen is pretty much perfect for me.  If I HAD to, I could deal with the 5" screen, but that would be the absolute max.

I thought 6in would be too big. Then I held a 1520 in person. Beautiful and doesn't seem too big

4.3inches of my HTC 8X is perfect for me. But I would say 4.3 - 5.0 inches smartphones are nice enough. Dont like phablet.