Which camera app do you use as default on Windows Phone?

Lumia 930 Green

On Windows Phone, you can select a few apps as your default when snapping photos. By default Windows, Phones have the Camera app from Microsoft. In Windows Phone 8.1, it was updated with a handful of new features like burst mode. You can, of course, change your default camera. Those with a Lumia handset can use Nokia Camera while those with the HTC can use the HTC Camera. Which do you use by default?

Take our poll and let us know. Don't know how to change your default camera on Windows Phone? It's easy. Just go to settings -> swipe over to applications -> photos + camera -> select default camera app.

Don't forget with a Lumia you can grab the beta version of Nokia Camera. This version is a great way to get an early look at future features coming to Nokia Camera.

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Which camera app do you use as default on Windows Phone?



I'm using Nokia Camera now on my 1020. What are the current benefits of using Nokia Camera Beta on 1020? If not mistaken most of the cool new features or improvements only applies to newer models like 1520 or 930.

p.s.: I think the camera performs very well on Cyan firmware update!

Besides having the most up-to-date version of the app? If there's any benefits for the 1020 you'll be the first to get it - doesn't hurt.

Re-read the article. These guys do a great job with step by step instructions to just read the title or first few sentences.

I think this is fully possible in the OS. But it needs to be exploited by the app developers.

I might of course be completely wrong on this..

Only between Microsoft Camera, which is quick and featureless, and Nokia Camera, which is painfully slow and featureful.

Other better apps unfortunately can't be set as default :(

Yeah, sometimes I switch back to the stock camera even on the 1520. The loading time isn't bad or anything but the one from Microsoft is fairly instant.

Me too. I also use Proshot for pictures of things like landscapes. I use MS Camera for taking pictures of my cat, Mitty. MS Camera is default for me.

I switch back to default cam too. Nokia cam is too slow and clumsy. I only use Nokia cam if I need manual control and raw format for the best image quality

Couldn't agree more with you. I often missed a moment to be photographed because of the slow start of Nokia Camera. But do you notice any difference of the result picture??

The 620 camera is not exactly fantastic using either apps, and i cant tell the difference but it sure gets the job done, i dont use it much for photography, just mostly quick snapshots.
My friend's 920 definitely started up the Nokia Camera app significantly faster than my 620, speed is currently the main issue for me to not use Nokia Cam, otherwise i personally prefer the Nokia camera app over the MS camera.

That's the same reason why I started using Microsoft camera as my default today. Was always using Nokia cam beta but it loads slow on my 620 also

Me too! I use the Microsoft Camera since it starts faster and nice for quick capture with the dedicated shutter button. Nokia Camera is still not as fast but I do use it alot for more advance photography. This is why dedicated shutter button and the Lens feature make sense, which I love on Windows Phone.

same here on my own 620

when scenarios that you need to put out and take emergency shots i use the native cam, but when im not in a hurry and just want to take some shots, i then use nokia camera app

Don't waste the chance to vote for it.  The more MS sees interest in it, the greater the chance the possibility to set ProShot as default will be.

I user the Nokia camera app, but ProShot most resembles what you get on a DSLR which appeals to photographers / photography enthusiasts.

That is because the Sprint 8X isn't an 8X at all, it's the 8XT, which has different camera hardware, and is more robust in areas, but less in other areas such as the 800x400 screen. It's sort of a cross between the 8S and the 8X, but it's neither...


Due to app support for resolution, it's only available for the lower speced screen of the 8xt on Sprint (400x800 vs the 720x1280 of the 8x). Once again showcasing the software support weakness of HTC. Hopefully they realize this and have better software support with the M8.

I've been looking for HTC camera app and didn't find anything, used the sysapp and found something called attentive phone which never knew existed. HTC sux in windows phone department, I'm probably switching to 930 next month

Was using Nokia camera beta on my 1020, but with my new 1520, I'm now using the non beta. Living images works again.

One thing I found missing on Microsoft Camera though is the timer setting, which is odd since it exist on previous versions. This is a must feature nowdays for trendy people (selfies and such).

Not really at least I get the same quality in pic. On auto mode on Nokia camera, ms camera, and pro shot. Everything changes in manual mode on pro shot and Nokia camera.

Proshot camera did not use the oversample method that Nokia knows how to. Resulting in Nokia camera produces cleaner 5mp oversample image as compare to proshot.

There is indeed difference in quality. Try check AAWP article regarding that. AAWP, shows the best Camera app, is Nokia Camera, leveraging the sensor and software to make 5mp oversample images on Lumia 1020/940/1530 better than proshot and at the same time give you the ability to crop/zoom if you want that microsoft Camera can't.

Umm, what?? I've had three different Nokia phones ( currently use the 1020 ) never even heard of a password to use the front facing camera, I just checked my settings and there isn't even a option for that, just curious but what phone are you using?

If your phone is locked and you turn on the camera you can't use the apps settings. You need to unlock the phone in order to access the settings and ff camera.

Yeah, that's what I just said. The fact that I have to unlock my phone to use the ff camera is why I'm not going set Nokia Camera as default.

Your original comment was a bit confusing, it sounded like you meant a password was needs every time you wanted to use this feature, I now understand you meant when you activated the camera form a locked phone state, you can unlock the phone from within the camera app ( lock icon in upper left hand side of screen ) which takes less than two seconds to unlock and set ff lens which doesn't seem to unreasonable to me, especially when you consider the much greater quality of the Nokia camera app vs. The Microsoft app, I rarely use the front facing camera personally so I guess i have a hard time understanding the absolute need for speed when using it, but to each their own

I often use my ff camera as a mirror to quickly check my appearance. Having to input a long passcode, especially of I don't get it right on the first try, takes an annoying amount of time.

Nokia camera.

Mainly just because I like to focus before snapping the picture. The default camera app focuses and takes the picture at the same time.

Sure can. Thanks for that! Now I may be switching back and forth. Torn between default and Nokia camera.

Microsoft camera is quite good but I just can't compare it with Nokia camera as the latter is more robust, it gives you more shooting options and after the shoot options as well, also video recording has audio filters, on Microsoft side it's all on auto, idk what filters and if it uses filters.

Do you use proShot often in auto mode. Cause I really like it but it has a lot of settings I don't understand. Can you help me out referring me to a web page or something?

I use microsoft camera because its faster when I want to shoot something immediately. But if I want to use manual settings, Nokia camera it is.

I use Nokia Camera App, works fine for me on Lumia 1520.
Additionally Nokia beta, MS Blink and I just started trying Proshot.

I switch back and forth between the stock Microsoft camera and Nokia Camera on my 925. If I am in low light conditions and want more precise control over my camera settings, Nokia Camera all day long.

I use Nokia Camera, but I hate its sluggishness on my 520 and 920, and on my mom's 635. This is from 8.0 all the way to 8.1.1 and/or Cyan.

So in terms of stability, I think Microsoft Camera is best.

Use MS camera for default for quick snaps, and Nokia camera pinned on start screen for when I want to have more control.

I use MS stock camera. And Nokia pro when I need to play with zooming when I record, and sometimes focusing for close shots

MS camera is faster, Nokia Camera is better becasue of the controls, I use ProShot from time to time, L920 ATT. Really wish MS would something about the camera opening speed. Its pretty slow no matter what you use..

This shivers me timbers! >:/ lol. Microsoft need a phone with a front camera 10x better than iPhone and used on all phones.

I used to use Nokia Camera, but I couldn't deal with the slowness anymore. It may just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but the regular camera app just (pardon the pun) seems faster

Nokia Camera Beta. Though under Microsoft Mobile it's irrelevant if it's the Beta or not. It's not like they're actively developing anything.

I love the Nokia Camera but why the fuck don't we still have touch to focus, flash on/off and pause while shooting a video?
I mean seriously Nokia/Microsoft!

I was just playing with the camera apps this morning. Now using the MS app on my 1520. It just seems faster all around. Yes I said it.

The cams are virtually the same so I use stock Microsoft camera because its faster. I'll use Nokia camera when tweaking up a manual shot but Microsoft camera faster on 925. I used to use Nokia cam but its slower to start from cold sometimes when I need a quick shot.

Stock camera for instantly taking a picture and Nokia camera for lowlight photos and for fast moving objects eg.a moving car.

I like the Microsoft app much more, it's way faster and you can swipe to your camera roll.

One question though, does the Microsoft Camera take full advantage of the 1520 PureView camera? That's the only reason I don't use it because I'm worried I'm not getting the full use of my camera if I use Microsoft cam.

Perfect, I was worried about not getting full use of the zoom. I've now set it as my default camera. Thanks.

I would like that the pro shot camera to be as default but there is no option so , there I prefer MS camera as it is fast compare to Nokia Camera ( Beta )

I use Nokia camera. I haven't used the default camera in a while. Does the default camera save raw images like the Nokia camera does?