Windows Phone 8 selected for London design award competition. The only mobile OS nomination.

While some people debate the aesthetic value of Windows Phone 8, with some noting it’s “boring” compared to Android, most people do take notice of its unique design in the mobile world. We’ve seen nominations and awards in the past so it should be of no surprise to see The Design Museum in London giving a nod to Microsoft’s mobile solution.

Windows Phone 8 is now one of 90 nominated technologies ranging from Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Product and Transport. What makes the nomination of Windows Phone interesting is it is the only contender representing a mobile operating system in the contest, which should tell you something about iOS and Android and what judges of design think about them.

The contest winners are set to be announced in April and while Microsoft has some stiff competition, we’ll just go ahead and preempt with “it’s just an honor to be considered”.

Source: Design Museum; via Business Journal


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 selected for London design award competition. The only mobile OS nomination.


WP8 'boring' compared to Android? Static tiles compared to Live tiles? Android's knockoff UI compared to something different?


"Boring!".If the android fans equate an interface that's slick, highly legible with beautifully rendered typography & sporting what is already considered classic design as boring then android's, messy interface with redundant screens & a skeumorphic design heavily 'borrowed' from iOS, must be exciting. Sorry, but I'll take 'boring' everytime!

You can go to google play store and download live strippers and use as background. You won't get this on WP. That's why Fandroids say WP is boring. To them, its all about the background wallpapers. Then there's the argument of customization. Ok you have couple home screens and you just place dead icons on there. That's it! You just customized an Android phone!

For me as an android user, I am all about the ability to make my phone look however I want. And I love how the new ICS interface looks. But wp has its own look that is compelling to people so all the more power to them for creating an award worthy os.