New hands-on video shows Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia Lumia 630 developer device

With Windows Phone 8.1 just days away from being announced, the floodgates are starting to open for leaks about Microsoft’s new major OS update. This morning, a new video originally found on YouKu, the popular Chinese video hosting service, and published by the site Coolxap, has been released.

The video, like many leaks, is of abysmal quality, and it was originally shot vertically. We managed to rip the video and reorient it, so it’s easier to watch. See it after the break...

So what exactly are we looking at? The device in question is definitely a Nokia Lumia 630. There are many clues that give it away, including the 5 MP camera on the back with no flash, the rear speaker in the lower right corner and placement of the volume and power buttons on the right.  Seeing as the phone is matte black, and there’s little flare on the front, there’s just not much to look at with this phone.

Looking at the OS itself, it’s a seemingly current build of 8.1 with virtual keys on the front of the device, as noted on the Lumia 630 hardware. Some other features observed in the video include:

  • Action center
  • New Podcast app
  • New FM Radio app, pulled out of Music hub
  • Video and Music Xbox apps separated into two apps
  • New Store layout, as we recently reported
  • IE changes, including new Tab section, private tabs
  • IE tabs are displayed in multitask view
  • Pull down to close apps in multitask
  • New stock Photos app, with sections All, Albums, Favorites now on separate panels
  • New stock camera layout
  • Apps that are installed on the device: Storage Sense, Battery Sense, Data Sense

While the video and OS are in Chinese, we can confirm its authenticity. Surprisingly, the voice-assistant app Cortana is not revealed on the video, which may suggest this is either an older build of the OS that feature won’t ship on Chinese versions of the OS initially – we’re betting on the latter, unfortunately, due to the time required for language localization.

To wrap up, there is not much revealed as new in this video, but since many of you are yearning to see it in action, there you go. Sound off in comments on what you think though we suggest you wait until next Wednesday for Microsoft to tell the whole story.

Stay tuned for Windows Phone Central’s live coverage next week at Microsoft Build in San Francisco!

Source: Coolxap, YouKu; Thanks, qwe123878, for the tip and translations


Reader comments

New hands-on video shows Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia Lumia 630 developer device



Poor poor you.. Still lagdroid fan boyishism... :-P
I wont buy a lagdroid even if it is made of gold (unless i can resell it and buy a better windows phone ;) )
Poor you who thinks lagdroid phones can ever be as fast, productive or classy (yeah that's the word) as wp..
Oh and please, its "specs" not "spacs" :-P

Why like a company that treats "you" as the product. Who doesn't care about your privacy. Thinks your momma is a datapoint and creates a phone OS that is fragmented, podgy and a battery killer with a pre iOS7 ugly interface?

I'm not hating, I just don't like Google. I also don't think Android is anywhere near the quality of WP - or I would have bought the best Android headset and would be over at Android Central telling WP fanboys how poor WP is. But I am not there, because WP is far superior to Android. Simple.

That's like a little kid ;) what do you mean by "the best of android" ? Can I assume that you're talking about any android flagship. Well, a flagship phone doesn't mean that it's the best product.

I'm not a celebrity, I mean I just don't care about my privacy. My private email address is in my PC and Facebook account is on it's official app.

again, you're saying that google treat android consumers like a product, that's the Same problem with Microsoft Windows phone, they treat their consumers like a servant, (such as, the WiFi dependency, no matter if you've a stable 3g or 4g connection, if you want to download apps or games which is over 100 mb, you've to found a WiFi zone. Same thing applies to system updates)
maybe Larry page knew about the iOS7 UI in 2007. So he just copied it. Maybe ;)

I've a lower midrange android device, Moto g(2 months old), that's as smooth as my Lumia 720(9 months old). And I like both of those devices.

please, at least comment about a thing that you've used recently.

You're likely to have lots of lags, random actions, delayed actions, and possibly end up with a hard reset in 5-6 months on your moto g. Dont get me wrong, I've seen it with my friend's htc sensation s, it costed ₹24k at that time, and now... When he clicks on call, the call takes place after 1 minute (literally), in that while, he can play games, or even pick up a call from another person :)) man seriously ? How would your phone help you in times of need then if you cant even make a call instantly ? (that is not the only thing, it doesn't even work properly now, and he's got very few apps)

Are you living under a rock ? You're telling me that Moto g lags !!!! Wow. With 4-5 apps multitasking, whole day on data connection and more than 5 hours of gaming for 2 months I've not experienced any kind of laggy situations.

ok, I'm giving you a challenge, give me a link where people posting about "lag on Moto g".

again, it's 2014. Not 2011 what you're talking about. Htc sensation. OH WAIT, YOU'RE USING INTERNET EXPLORER :D


Who said it lags ? Actually lag meant hanging etc, not the lag in games. And i said that just like all other androids, it would possibly lag in a few months. Another friend of mine who used to say only low end phones hang, has started hating android since her note 2 started hanging/crashing too. And the sensation I'm talking about was released 2 years ago, and bought 1.5 years ago... Not 2011.
I cannot be certain it would hang, as i seem to understand that google did something to reduce the hanging after a few months, but i do know that my 520 is still functioning like brand new without a single reset since 6-7 months, a feat unheard of in the world of android. Every day i see my friends complaining about their s3, s4, note, note 2 hanging/crashing. My dad's colleagues complain everyday about crashes. Everyone has reset their phone multiple times since i bought my 520. But not me. (dont say they're old phones, if you pay 40000 for a nice phone, they should atleast work properly for 2 years. Apple and nokia are reliable, long lasting phones on long lasting os. Its sad to think someone bought an s4 and had to reset it in 3 months because it became slow.
Moto g is a good phone i know, and i do hope to see android phones which dont become bullock carts after a few months, but i haven't seen that happening till now. Android still becomes lagdroid after 5-6 months, sadly.
Oh, btw, i dont use ie :D and I'm not a 70 year old, I'm 18 :-P
Lastly, its more a matter of personal preferences, so leave it :). This isn't a place to spread negativity and fight :). You like android, you can use it along with your nokia, no problem (obviously :-P), why fight ? ;)
Stay happy and have a nice day ! :)

As i said before, Samsung isn't the only android manufacturer. Try vanilla android, i.e, nexus phones and tabs, play edition devices or less skinned android. They don't lag. And yeah, ui lag too.

not only android,but i love wp too. BTW have a nice day too

As far as i know, android was a blackberry type OS until Apple launched the iPhone and google decided to stop their first OS build and copy iOS from top to bottom. So yeah the UI was copied. You can check this out. Whatever google didnt replicate Samsung went on to and now we have a few iPhones and lots of other iPhone wannabes. Only reason android escaped the copy cat tag was because oems launched bigger phones. Had apple down that before, android would be a complete knock off

With 82% market share. Buddy read about some facts and economics.

and yeah. Android isn't Samsung. Samsung galaxy is android.

I hate anything that cant do what a phone is supposed to do: that is, be reliable and secure. I dont hate apple, because it has those 2 things. Besides, its as fast as wp.. But I'm a wp user, I'm not switching to apple, wp the best ! :)

Oh, the parallax effect in the tiles, man I'm never ever leaving wp !!! ;)

....i love WP too, and just don't want to leave it. WP is best in privacy things and quite a reliable OS with a great interface. Never tried apple thingy, so no comments about that :P

I'm a WP "fanboy" but I don't hate Android. I was a half-and-half user when I first bought WP7.5 but completely left Android when WP8 came. I don't hate it but with WP8.1 just around the corner, I know I'm never ever going to use Android ever again.

Lumia 720 is my first wp experience, and it's awesome. I came from Symbian, n8. Now I've an android. Ii just feel complete ;) waiting for a worthy successor of my Lumia.

I thought that to be able to a million different tasks right on my phone would be awesome, but Android changed that, now I want whatever my phone can do to always do without thinking (lagging/stuttering) I love android for what possibilities it has, but at the same time I hate it because those stutters make me want to throw it against the wall.

I loved how iPhone saved me but I couldn't resist the OMG awesome Lumia 800. I got it just for the pure aesthetics of the phone, granted I was sometimes frustrated as it did not offer much but as soon as I learned what to expect, I left iPhone!

With the 920 (and soon 1020) I believe I now see the possibilities of WP. I wonder what would Android do to WP if suddenly all lag dissapears! I sure do want to see that, but then again, I'm devoted to WP now <3

I hope you're not a 5 year old boy for whom a phone is defined by the games it runs ?
Besides, windows phone runs those games (many high end ones are available here too) better than lagdroid. So think before you post. The same specs lagdroid phones have trouble running even asphalt 7 at super low graphics, while my 520 runs even asphalt 8 super smooth.

If you guys are done defending your choice of products. I don't think anyone pointed out how the capacitive buttons actually changed rotation with the phone in landscape or portrait that was pretty cool no?

Yeah i noticed. Good to see it ! Pretty cool ! Thank god they stay at the same edge of the phone, unlike android tabs, i hate it when the bar switches edges (on my bro's tab) and he's left screaming how its eating up the screen space for games.

I will be curious over the next 6 months how WP8 will look considering 8.1, Google APIs becoming available for .NET and rumors going around that Google wants to bring Chrome to WP8.

Not sure I'd make that claim until IE on mobile is able to consistently play videos on web pages like Chrome for mobile does. That's a biggie for me.

It's pure fanboism. IE is good in WP because other available browsers are just nothing, only uc is a bit better than others because of the "download" tab,it's the only way to download a video on a wp device.

Guys give it up. There was a huge misconception with the .NET libraries article. Nothing has changed as far as Google APIs goes, since many months ago. The new .NET libraries are wrappers for already existing APIs.

The possibility of Chrome coming is not because of the APIs. It's because, after years closed, Google has opened the Chrome for WP ticket in Chromium which means they're at least now looking into the possibility of bringing Chrome to WP. Doesn't mean it will come...but it means that it's no longer out of the question as it was until now.

Fair enough about that. I was referring to this though:

"..Google APIs becoming available for .NET.."

Currently, IE still performs quite poorly and there really aren't many options for browsers for WP8 outside of IE and UC Browser. If they've tweaked the mobile version of IE 11 as they have for W8 then I will be more open to IE. Until then, I still think Chrome is the best browser in the mobile market. I hope MS gives them a run for their money with IE11.

Ok, I keep seeing this and I REALLY want actual examples. I have not had a single issue with IE on my devices. So please enlighten me and tell me what's wrong with it.


With my experience with IE, there have been multiple websites that I have been to that have either 1) Not opened properly or 2) Have not opened at all due to timeouts (Opened in UC Browser after with no issue). When I was on Android, Chrome was its saving grace.

Yikes. Someone is a little too emotionally tied to his/her phone. Don't get too worked up when someone says the application has opportunities to work on. Take a breath. Remember to inhale and exhale.

First you claim IE performs poorly, and when you're asked for samples where it performs poorly you cry they're being emotional?!! Speak of twerpness!

Try trulia.com. Sure it loads but good luck trying to navigate around. Bear in mind that it redirects you to its mobile site which should be optimized for mobile browsers. Again breathe in. Breathe out. It will all be okay.

Actually, I had a issue with it opening a page on ADP, a paycheck stub service my work uses... It opened fine on iOS, which was embarrassing at work yesterday... My HR lady said "what kind of phone is that? I never have trouble opening pages on my device"""... I've had similar instances where I couldn't open a page, so I sent it to my friends Droid, and it opened up just fine... WPIE10 is good, compared to WPIE9, but it's a step behind the others... It just is...
MS knows this, so I have confidence that they developed IE11 with iDroid devices at hand.. At least that's what they should be doing to make sure WP users have a equal, or better experience than others... We'll just have to wait and see....

I won't go as far as saying IE is perfect on WP8, but I rarely have a major issue past a site not being touch friendly.

I stayed connected to a site for 2.5 hrs yesterday moving away from IE and back to check on my queue placement.

I presume you have tried desktop and mobile modes? Also, clearing your history regularly could help with secure site connections. Could that be automatically cleaned up, sure.

Personally, I really enjoy using ie10.. I only have issues with it every once in awhile.. But, when I do have issues I immediately test the same page on iDroid devices, and they don't have those issues... It's not that IE10 is bad at all, but it's not near the best, and we want to best for WP, ALWAYS❕..... Now, The old WinMo, Android, iOS browsers were crap... Pretty much every browser on all four major platforms today are relatively great...

1. Open two different pages in two different tabs on ie.

2. Switch from tab1 to tab2, it'll start reloading the entire page (waste of time and data)

3. Again switch from tab2 to tab1, it'll reload again ;)

4. Do it with infinite loop.

5. Have fun

The main page opens, but open a pay stub, and it pulls up a blank screen... Now, if yours works then get back with me, because it will be interesting to see why mine doesn't... I'm using a AT&T 1520...

If it takes you to adp.com/logins.aspx. It will give you the blank screen. I believe Android and ios users have an app for but opens just fine.

Does it have the ability to add tiles? I know that was a rumor floating around that you can change the amount of tiles on a device that is a certain size? 

Doesnt the screenshots only show the standard 4 tiles or am I missing something? I'm asking if it can switch between 4 and 6. 

Whoa you mad?
I'm sure lots of people care about having multiple options for closing apps.
Why all the anger?

Yep!! It's about time MS learned to give us options to choose from.. This was the problem with WP7xx- WP8.0... We need more than one way to do some things..

Looks really good! Really interested in the dual sim variant (635).

Just wish the damn thing had a flash - why would they not include that?

To lower the price. Don't think of this as a successor to the 620, think of it as a successor to the 520.

Its more like a predecessor. Only that it has more ram and a newer os... 520 has a camera butoon, and has capacitative buttons :)

But that's because it was a requirement from the OS. If it wasn't, Nokia would have removed those things from the 520 ;)

Given the 1xxx series phones, it looks like they are repositioning the whole lineup slightly. So the old 6xx device spec/price level devices may now be numbered 7xx.

Accordingly, e.g. the 530 may be significantly cheaper than the 520 was (at announcement), as may the 630 relative to 620 . Some rumors on the price points seem to suggest this is the case. e.g. 620 price at announcement sans taxes and subs was $249, whereas some rumors claim 630 would be less thant $200.

We'll soon know.

Dan, have you seen any possiblity we will be able to disable the hardware buttons in favor of the virtual buttons? Would love to be able to do this on my 1520.

It's not wierd if you have a 6" phone. Also, this would unintended button pressing. Have you actually picked up and used a 1520?

I have and don't have issues with the buttons. If the buttons are there I would not want to use screen resource for redundant buttons that already exist. But that's just my opinion.

Respect your opinion. Just having the choice/option to customize\disable (say leave the home button on) would be nice. Many times when I hand my phone off for people to view photos or take pictures, they end end up pressing the back or home button. Also, from what I recall, the virtual buttons do not always display. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong on that.

Any time I hand my 1520 off somebody ends up in Bing... The option would definitely make sense, it absolutely never hurts to offer customization. Especially because the virtual buttons have that slick theme color option... Bow-wow. +1520

That's the only time I struggle with my 1520 is when im trying to hit the back button one handed. On screen controls move it 5-9mm higher up and requires less reach, I'd like the option..

By now the only thing I really want to know about 8.1 that hasn't leaked yet is if there are changes to the accent colour pallet. If there are more colours, a colour wheel or if everything will remain the way it was in that department...(I'm excluding the skinning, obviously).

Yet I'll still own a 1020 as a camera. And I'm likely to get the 930 (if it's released under the Nokia banner). So it's not like I won't be dealing with the OS at all. Only my daily driver will be switched to Sony's Android once Nokia is gone. My photography camera will remain the 1020. And I'm thinking about getting another 620 or a 520 as an mp3 reader since Creative has apparently disappeared from the market.

AND my 920 will still be my daily driver until the 930 comes out or Sony releases the Z2 Compact. So I have tons of reasons to still care about what comes to WP ;)

Good question. From the moment I got my 920 I've never understood why the color choices were so limited. I want to drag my finger over a color pallet and choose whatever color I want. 24 bit, 18 bit, shit I'd even be happy with a 16 bit pallet. This isn't rocket science. Our phones can display these colors. Why can't we select them?

You still need something plugged in, the cable/headphone acts as an antenna.  For example I plug my bluetooth speaker which also has AUX and comes with a cable that plugs into the headphone jack and works perfectly at work, picnics, outings, whatever.

FM will actually become practical when they figure out how to put the antenna internally, so you don't have to worry about carrying the ear phones.

Also when it gets a good radio receiver. Even with a decent headphone cable the reception is really poor (really unusable on all but a handful stations) compared to my Sansa Clip FM radio.

So a soft key is worth more than a huge battery, amazing screen, and amazing camera. I see... Priorities

Then let us be able to manually put it in the hub. I really like not having to have 4 diff music/podcast apps on my home screen. Some might like that. Why not allow both?

The camera recording it is a Nokia Lumia phone. Which appears to be a white 920. Based on the reflection.

Not seen the video yet, but that's because I want to see it once and for all on April 2nd! Oh didi forget to mention, I cant wait!!! :D

Compare the size of the micro-USB relative to overall thickness on this and on the 920. 630 looks fairly thin, actually. Looks like a promising device for the lower end, hopefully price is right.

You have to keep in mind that it is a developer device, not the final product. It could change a good deal before it gets on the shelf.

Nope. Developer device just means it's factory unlocked so you can deploy apps.. the only thing that changes is software. But it is the same device that will hit shelves

Honestly, I don't see how this could in any way be easier or better. Finding things on WP is so much easier than any other OS as it is.

True, does seem a tad sluggish. Hopefully they can optimize further. Also, some of the apps start with the tutorial the first time - hopefully once you have skipped it, the app would open slightly faster?

Two words - developer preview. I think the purpose of this video was more to demonstrate UI and features rather than performance since it's not final.

Maybe Win8.1 Update 1 and WP8.1 developer preview and modern apps for Office will be all released together in the April 8th?

Yes that's a possibility. If the Dev Preview is not released on 2nd April itself. Keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe they can manage to pull it off nicely so that it is readied within a week and then released successfully on 2nd itself.

idk how this is exciting, they will announce it in April and release it next year just like Amber and Black updates. I only need BBM to be released and full-instagram.

Because the majority of this site's readers will have done the Developer Preview, meaning by the end of April, a lot of us will have 8.1 on our phones.

I've avoided doing this in the past, but after this last episode of waiting for T-Mo... I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it this time.

You have no idea how many times I told people Dev Preview method in the forums. Well, I know you could REALLY quick, but...

Cortana is definitely arriving with Windows Phone 8.1... It may just be restricted by region for awhile, similar to the Kinect for Xbox One feature rollout. Don't stress.

Did abybody see a camera buttonon the side?


I didnt. Please dont remove the camera button Nokia!

This is a low-end device, I wouldn't lose sleep over the idea of Nokia taking away the button for their most-touted feature. In reality, the removal of capacitive buttons and the camera button will only make this device more affordable. That is the joy of 8.1's digital-access options. (Virtual buttons, possible camera access via Action Center, volume controls, etc.)

What is more interesting: Where are the screenshots from? Definitely not from the crappy video. Daniel seems to have some other source for them, maybe he even has 8.1 installed already on his device ;)

Some factory workers normally get devices for quality tests and to see what needs tweaking.

I gather its now safe to assume that "sort Apps by most used" etc. won't be in this version?

Anyway, who cares, there is so much other good stuff there! And the 630 looks very promising.