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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview picks up third update, tweaks a few APIs

Rocking Windows Phone 8.1 through the Preview for Developers program? Then you're in treat for a new update today. This marks the third update we've seen since Windows Phone 8.1 became available in mid-April.

The first update for those with Windows Phone 8.1 came in mid-May when OS version 8.10.12382.878 rolled out. That first update was to fix battery life and squash bugs. The second update came just ten days ago.

Today we're looking at an update that puts you onto build 12397. The update you're getting today "enables some newly commercialized devices and tweaks a couple of APIs". So you most likely won't notice any changes to your phone.

To grab today's update just go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates to get the latest.

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Source: Windows Phone Blog

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Windows Phone 8.1 Preview picks up third update, tweaks a few APIs



My 1520 is lagging like crazy these days. Not android lag but lag enough where you normally wouldn't expect. While the update does rock with features, the usability is annoying me

Lol, calm down, its normal.. this will happen everytime u do an update from now on. Don't worry ur app will be ready to use in a while

No, every single time. How updates go, is that it refreshes everything, like a hard reset, then pulls everything down. Every. Single. Time.

This is why I won't download the developer preview.  I'd rather wait for the solid, optimized-release and avoid the hassle.

There's no hassle in waiting 5 mins longer. From all the developer previews WP is the safest bet. And believe me I can know.


iOS developer beta updates make your phone crash every single second you try to call someone. Till you've waited 6 more updates around beta 7 your phone starts working properly!

Desktop Windows 8(.1) preview after preview period all programs get refreshed while people moving from official windows 8 to 8.1 don't have the same problem.

Android is very brand specific. While wanting beta's on your phones or early roms results in major crashes and buggs. That's why it's Android.


But WP8 on the other hand has never given me issues. Worked perfect from beta 1. And everything goes automatic, you won't lose anything even if the apps need to download again, that's no problem, it just takes 20 sec for every app on your phone! Most cases it's just migration and there is no reinstal needed.


So WDavis4692, you should consider using developer preview, besides WP8 is the only place which makes it free and so easy(NO HASSLE) to download the WP8.1 preview. Only thing you do is log on with your Outlook account and download the WP8 Preview app which registers you as developer. And bam you can update!

Its no issue, just consider it a final step of the setup.
8.1 has been brilliant so far as a dev release...well, except..
(insert long bitch about messenger and facebook being un-integrated and no per app volume controls here :p)

Couldn't agree more with you! The app that I (or a handfull of people) most commonly use is Facebook on my phone and it sucks balls when it comes to messenger integration, tagging someone in a comment and a whole bunch of other things. Its very frustrating

I couldn't agree more. I loved the people center! I really wish that they wouldn't have crippled it so much. Now, it's more like, what's the point of having it on my screen since I have to use the buggy facebook ap now?!?

Lol that's why you don't have Cortana and all the awesome new features. Trust me its worth it but then again to each his own.

FWIW I finally buckled and installed the dev preview a couple days ago.  It was painless.  The rework of the calendaring system is fantastic.  And being able to use Cortana to set appointments from speech is fantastic.  The call history screen is improved, also.  The only thing I didn't like is the OneDrive albums don't "dump" into the Photo viewer anymore, you have to click on OneDrive (and I can't get rid of the Facebook albums).  You can also now "favorite" a pic that's stored on OneDrive.  They clearly put a lot of effort into addressing parts of WP that users were not thrilled with, and it really shows.  I definitely don't regret installing the dev preview

Incorrect. My phone has NEVER done this. Every update, it migrates data (that was stored in a specific section of the device during update) and is ready to go. I've never had this issue, even with "API Updates". And thank lord too. I don't have regular Wi-Fi access, and I only get 2G here in the country. Downloading all my apps would be nigh impossible.

I metered my phone, it downlowded less than 1MB during this "hard reset" and I have 30+ apps showing installing, so there goes your theory.

Also it's been the 3rd update in the a month or so, and THE ONLY TIME my phone does the installing thing.

Go to settings then swipe right and you will find store.. Where you will find only get updates over WiFi.. Turn off it and you will able to download apps and games over cellular network

It means that the reader agrees with the comment and the number is the model of phone they have. Sometimes, the number can be a phone they wish they had.

With some comment software, readers can Like, Thumbs Up or +1 a post. WPC's chat system currently doesn't have the ability to do that so a reader just +1020 or whatever model to show that they like the comment. :)

Ha I just wanted to join the fun! I wanted to +ativ s but I just sold it along with my ativ tab rt in utter frustration with Microsoft breaking the music app and simultaneously breaking the music app on windows 8.1 desktop (Artwork gone on 1000 albums) and I went and got a galaxy note 3. God its a beast but I have another ativ tab and ativ s bookmarked for payday as miss them. I hope they pull there finger out though as there's only so much I can put up with. Subtittles on the video player in the next ten years for windows rt would also be nice.

Really you are relying on MS music on desktop? The free streaming is kinda great, but for managing your own music it is downright unusable. I use Outcoldplayer on winrt, and Cloudmuzik on wp

Lol to "comment software..." like Google Plus. I would have put the plus symbol in here, but it takes like 3 strokes to get to it, and I'm too lazy,or pissed that it's too unintuitive to find.

It's basically a +1... We here just use our phone model as the #... Aka +925 means a +1 (from Lumia 925).

In internet parlance people will post "+1" to signify their general agreement with the poster to which they are replying. It's a running gag here to post "+phonemodel#" in place of "+1".

I had noticed some issues after the last update... Cortana not reading texts sometimes, odd little hesitations, things like that.  Sometimes calls not coming through.  Hope this clears some of that stuff up.   Love the 8.1 preview so far, though.  Wouldn't change back to 8 or go back to Android for anything.

Yep my Cortana still doesn't read them at all. No matter what I set it to (always, Bluetooth, headphones etc). Weird!

I think we need to Nokia Firmware for the bluetooth headphones to work .. and text reading stuff.

I don't know why we don't have that yet... its out on other phones like the 930 63xx


To get Cortana to read on Bluetooth, you may need to go into advanced Bluetooth settings and switch the setting for "connect another way." I have no issues with Cortana on my 920. The one thing is that Bluetooth cannot be used for dictation in one of the two states of this setting, if you're NOT using Cortana, but starting to dictate a text message via Cortana works fine.

Cortana won't read if you have banners turned off in notifications for messaging. Found that one out by accident.

THIS finally solved the mystery of why my text messages were no longer being read out over earphones - thank you!  I had no idea that switching banner notifications off would cause this.



I had lag issues on my 1520 after the first update and I did a factory reset that helped alot. After the last update I noticed some of the same slowdowns again, and I haven't done the factory reset... Wonder if the reset helps these updates... Guess ill find out today.

L925 with 8.1, on second update and all these great apps installed. No lag here! BTW love the torrent app from yesterday, legally downloaded albums to my phone super quick. Worked great with the music player too.

Yeah my 1520 gives me most problems when opening lock screen and the screen "resumes" forever causing me to do a phone hard restart.  Hope it's better after this.

All of you people whining, when you downloaded the developer preview, you agreed to be beta testers, so stop crying. If you don't want to deal with it, go baby to WP 8 and wait for the official release

I complained AND asked if my symptoms were shared by others.  No point in complaining/reporting something to the preview program if the problem PEBPAU or my hardware.  I don't dedicate much time to following WP/ platform so this thread has been beneficial to confirm what I already suspected. 

They check these threads. They said they were keeping a close eye on all the major forums and related conversations.
Makes sense.

It is called a Developer Preview but it was, since its release, RTM.
There is a difference between RTM and GA...

I have seen no lag, but the livetiles thumbnails takes sometimes really long to appear when I scroll dows the home screen and also after unlocking it sometimes freezes when I unlock the device and just softreset helps.

Have anyone had similar issues? Otherwise I'm totally happy.

Well as fare as I understood this New lockscreens are some kind of Apps so they also would have to releas this Lockscreen Apps to the Appstore and you would have to install the App. But this update could make your phone ready to let you install the new Lockscreens.

Though I could be wrong

basically, the feature is in the os, but microsoft hasn't released the API's for developers to code for, once they release rudy's app to show off the feature, they'll release the API for all developers (or shortly after atleast)

Haven't had any issues with my 1520 except for the occassional radio or WiFi issue that causes it to warm up and eat battery.  A reboot fixes that right up.  Haven't seen any performance degradation at all.

And Windows phone doesn't lag? All phones lag and always will. The better the processors the heavier and more consuming the OS and apps will be so expect lag to go nowhere anytime soon.

I dunno, never had any lag on 8.0. And I'm a total nut about that on my devices.
(I'm the annoying guy who found the lag issues with vista/7 were due to the dodgy usb stack. Even though MS staff liked to delete the posts linking to they're own whitepaper on the subject, unsuitable for medical equipment due to lag issues with the usb driver/stack etc)
Plus there was a warning on a vid I watched prior to buying this model that the ativ s neo lagged a lot, likely due to it being from sprint.
Simply wasn't the case.

Agreed, my GS4 had lots of lag.  Even tried a few hard resets.  I'm sure it's because I was running the stock ROM, but I'm tired of custom ROMs, the phone should just work...hence why I have an Icon now.

My old Galaxy Note 2 updated all the way with no third party apps ever installed on it still lags like hell. Windows Phone ftw.

ICS was a huge upgrade, but it still lagged. However rooting and installing a custom rom took care of that.

Hmmm, the large amounts of lag isn't just on my low-end Lumia 520 then, particularly when resuming apps. Hope it is much less laggy when the final release comes out.

My 1520 is lagging like a cheap android phone. No joke. Sometimes I just want throw to the wall... I am having battery draining experience, it takes up to 10s to wake up, and lagging...

This update is causing my battery to drain very quickly. Overnight the charge dropped 40%; one hour on the train browsing and watching a couple of video clips in Mytube cost 35% battery.
By comparison, the second update increased battery life at least 15%.

My 1520 also freezes up since the last two updates. After charging my phone if I get a notification I'll try opening it than it freezes.a hard reset usually fixes it. Very unfortunate I hope it returns to being lag free.

Luckily it'll go away once the official one arrives. I know what you mean about the lags, I have them on my 10-day-old 925, imagine on a 1520 lol


I noticed some issues after installing the update.  I thought it was related to installing my most played games onto SD (relocating back to phone did certainly address some performance issues), but there are still occasions where waking up the phone it gets stuck at "Resuming..." and may or may not come back until I turn off/on again.  The phone also goes "whacky" as in a million ghost fingers are making it do things swipe left right, press, Windows button, etc.  I have to turn off/on to stop the behavior and it works mostly.  I had chalked it up to dropping it or sitting on it one to many times.  Then I decided to just wipe the device and restart since restoring isn't a pain in the butt with WP.  For a weeks performance was as if I had just bought it (or pre 8.1).  The issues have now returned and I think it does indeed correlate to the update.  This might be why we should be waiting for the firmware update that Nokia (and for others, their respective vendors).  Eitherway, I'm wondering, is this what you mean by lagging?  (or rather, do you ALSO experience this behavior in addition to lag)?

I'm using preview software so I get it, I just want to now if it is the software or if it is my phone.  Given how I've cared for the device, I wouldn't be angry if it were the phone. I just need to know if I should replace it.  Hah! 


I have noticed greenish screen after heating my l720 through recording a video, lags opening the screen and scrolling down and up.

I have the same issues on my 1520 (the ghost fingers), and reverting back to 8.0 fixes it. It also behaves for a little while after updating to 8.1 again, but eventually back to the random things opening/closing/task switching/camera on/etc.

Hoping the Cyan update addresses these issues.

The resuming bug is definitely related to Cortana live tile on the start screen. Try removing it and see if the problem goes away. It worked for me.

Hopefully by the time it gets "officially" rolled out to customers, it'll come with firmware updates.

My Samsung too since the second patch, installed the new one an hour ago, watching closely.
So far I only noticed a weird ripple effect as the lock screen refreshed, not sure if that's a scaling thing or just the norm that I didn't notice on previous updates (happened just after my data was migrated (step 19).

No lag on mine. Some other issues though like Wi-Fi doesn't always connect to my home and work network automatically, sometimes get same text message 10 times, and sometimes lock screen is dim. Hoping official 8.1 fixes these..

I have so many bugs, with all sensors not working, wish this update can fix it, downloading now... Will be back after installation

Not sure how many are aware of this but since the lastest update. I discovered by accident on my Nokia Lumia 920 that I can just hover my finger close to the screen without touching it and it will select whatever item, button or option my finger is over.   Does this mean we may see the new gesture / kinect like controls in the final release? 

How many of you have discovered this as well?

After last update, my 920 randomly crashed and needed a hard reset a few times. Hope the new one fixes it.

Lol. The developer preview is more than just "crappy beta software". since 8.1 devices are already being released, we're likely running the complete software, since the preview program pushes final updates along with beta updates.

Even at that, the beta isn't usually far behind, usually containing merely minor bugs and prerelease software. Things are often squashed with future updates like these.

Articles on WPC have already said this is early Beta software, and yes I do know that Nokia is shipping phones with 8.1 .WP8 is way more stable and reliable than the Dev Preview.I will wait for the OTA update for 8.1

It's not crappy so much as a raw OS with no drivers and firmware for the specific devices that are running 8.1 at the moment. Try installing Windows on a computer without adding the correct chipset, video card, etc. drivers. It's not going to run as well as it should.

Love 8.1 Cortana with her smart reminders, and the transparent tiles, and swype, glyde, or whatever it's called but I still miss some of 8 with the functionality of the hubs and the seamless sharing.

Microsoft could make a html5 app for the ME Tile,but Microsoft's excuse is it's not needed anymore for notification's with the action center.The way Microsoft takes in consumer info needs to change and quick.Minority rules and it needs to stop

You can restore the ME Tile if you want. Go into the People app, go to the All page, long press the image for you to the left of your last social network update, and choose Pin to Start.

He is right ,.. Me tile is broken , re- pinning it isn't a solution , as the tile is not functional anymore ,.... Third and the FB chat gone from SMS thread is the worst thing that has happened to WP

The only problem with your statement is the fact that you declared that people disagreeing with you are " a minority"... I wonder what makes you think that you have better analysis tools than the one MS have.

This has been well documented and I'm not the only one saying this.Far from being the only one with this view,and yes it's my opinion not yours.If you agree or disagree really doesn't matter to me .We all have are own opinions on what Microsoft should or should not do.Checkout BruMac he tells it like he see's it on Microsoft.