Windows Phone 8.1 will feature muted conversations

Information on Windows Phone 8.1 keep coming out. We can really thank the leak of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK for most of the new stuff.

Today we’re highlighting a singular feature that might not really be groundbreaking, but it’s beyond useful. In Windows Phone 8.1 you’ll be able to mute conversations in the messaging app. Is your mom texting you too much or did you get looped into a group SMS that just won’t end? Mute them all.

The muting feature can reportedly be used on a conversation with an individual or a group. This isn’t the same as blocking someone, instead when you mute a contact, you’ll still receive their messages. The only difference is that muted conversations won’t notify you or show up in the Live Tile count. Conversations can just as easily be un-muted. That’s a handy feature for that one relative or friend who just messages too much. Windows Phone Central has also independently confirmed this as an inbound feature for the OS.

Another feature we haven’t really covered is the ability to set an app as default for voice navigation. A great feature if you’re using a third-party app for navigation and prefer it.

Anyone else looking forward to muting conversations in Windows Phone 8.1? Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive feature list for Windows Phone 8.1.

Source: @tighoor 1, 2, 3; Also, special thanks to Jeremy Sinclair (@sinclairinator) for the images


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Windows Phone 8.1 will feature muted conversations


I disagree. Just because people are my friends doesn't mean I need to keep being notified on a thread that isn't important. Especially if I'm on call and NEED to hear coming text notifications or other notices and therefore can't mute my phone. Muting a conversation is definitely handy. My job pays my bills not my friends and not my family.

Nicely said!


Whatsapp already has this, but I hope they will import the ability to mute group messages completely. Since Live tiles (and soon action center) are good enough for those spam messages friends send in groups.

I think it's his caffeine intake. I heard he drinks coffee with Red Bull chasers all day. That would explain a lot. 

No. They're real friends/family with some annoying traits. Some have a habit of getting intoxicated and sending pointless messages, which as someone else mentioned disrupts my phone (work call, interrupt music while driving, notifications while im in dreamland, etc). Anyway, this is an exciting feature. Cheers

What do you have to hide from your girlfriend or wife??? Sound suspicious to me! Guess we know your type, always looking to be sneaky

And I would like oposite. Some kind of app that records all my activity protected by password known only to my wife so she can stfu repeating that I delete everything before she noticed it :)

Quite surprised at this, not something I will use. So many people seemed pleased, which is all good for WP.

omg this is INCREDIBLE.  i can't tell you how many senseless group conversations i end up in on a weekly basis.

i could've sworn i had heard of a phone that could do this, but i guess not because upon searching the web, i couldn't find it.  so i think WP 8.1 will be the first OS with this kind of feature.  my friends will be envious for sure

Im actually wondering the same. I wonder if iOS or Android have any features or modifications that handle something like this... As far as I know, they don't.

Well, if those two operating systems don't have it, given the WP8.1 leaks, they will have plenty of time to implement this feature on iPhone/Android devices, especially if Microsoft drags their feet on the 'go live' date (whenever that'll be)...

Just like the thumbing keyboard Apple quickly put into ios7 when Microsoft spilled the beans

Or how long the carriers have it sitting on their servers holding it hostage for God knows what fucked up reasons!

Getting real tired of your shit T-mobile!

Has there been leaks on what Nokia will be adding to 8.1 update in a firmware update?...if anything?

I hope it gets shut down some how.

I dont want an MS branded phone. I dont want phones where the design will be influenced by American management.

US designers dont know what looks good if it hit them in the face.

Which is amazing when you think about all the super hot military jets that nation has produced. Its a shame that the auto, elec industry is so archaic when it comes to design.

Euros design the most beautiful cars and goods. Leave them alone!!!!!!!!!

Nothing besides tap-to-wake on all phones. They're putting it in the skinned stupid Android device. I just don't understand why Microsoft won't just release the surface phone they have as a plan b. Nokia is selling to Microsoft and still is supposably release their Android device. Microsoft needs to take off the f'ing gloves.

Another awesome feature would be if MS adds an option to "mute it for X hours", something like what Whatsapp does. But it is still welcome :) :) Can't wait for 8.1 now!! I want it on April 2 for myself :D ;P

since we can change the default messaging app.....it will help me in muting some whatsapp and facebook groups....does android or ios have this feature or are we the only lucky ones?


Its actually group messaging where you can mute. But you push the ... At the bottom of the group chat and press info. It should come up with the option to mute the group chat

Been begging for this feature in wp groups especially since a lot of the members are in different time zones

Handy for when you are cheating on your wife. You won't get unexpected stuff from your affair popping up.

My old palm had a feature that I found very useful. You were able to make a contact invisible or hide their name with an ugly bar across their contact name however if they called you their name would appear. Very useful for ex-girlfriends or unimportant contacts that you are probably never going to call but you will know when they call.

Don't worry I'm single and not the cheating kind, but I can imagine the possibilities with this muting..

Hilarious. On a serious note when I first started dating my girlfriend, my ex kept messaging me. Innocent harmless stuff because my ex and I shared ownership of a dog. But everytime my new gf saw the toast notification saying her name... Ruined day for me. So then I started just turning my phone off but that made her trust me less. I could sooooo have used this feature two years ago windows phone! Lol

Typical, doing what all the other corrupt people in the world do. Guess this is why you want the NSA out of your business

They should change how the keyboard is. Or make an option to put the old "2-abc" keyboard instead of qwerty if someone wants it.

The T9 keyboard will be an option in 8.1. Nokia WP posted it today. I asked if it would be optional and they replied, yes.

Honest question: why would someone still want a t9 these days? Or is there some purpose that I'm not aware of?

Also, would love to get swype on my WP device. Make it happen , MS!

I know one reason one wants a T9 keyboard. To search for contacts in the dial page. If they can add number search in that page too, I'll be totally happy.

That's provided by your carrier. For example when I have a missed call a text (with advertise in it >.>) arrives that tells me what number called (stupid because I can see that in the calls hub). And you can always check your credit and data sending sms or calling to a specific number. It's not related to the OS I think.

On my carrier, they only send an SMS if the call didn't go through, which means it won't show up in the call hub. Totally useful.

Missed call alert will be helpful when you roam a lot :-) in case some one called you when you are out of signal area, you will know who called you once you are in a signal area :-)

That basically means that when you get signal again you receive the message of the missed call. Is the same.

Off topic but will the keyboard be improved in landscape? Like will it actually use all the space that's available?

It is a cool feature, but I really wish there was a way to make a conversation invisible or password protect messages from nosey people. Same goes for pictures.

As far as anyone can tell at this point, are there any features that are not available on Android or iOS, or much better implemented, and if so, which? Second, are there features in other OSs that appear not to be coming? Note to be clear: I could not imagine using either of the other two, but just curious how things appear to stack up after this update! :)

WP is unique and my choice for mobile, so not really bothered about the comparison, but that's just me.....

Like I tried to say, me neither, but I also know some people have chosen android or iOS due to lacking features in WP. As I would like WP succeed, I am curious as to how it will be after 8.1. :)

It will do things much better if not similar to those OS. We have achieve feature parity. They said 2013 was app parity. 2014 was feature parity. 2015 was running faster. 2016 was winning the race. Amen!

With you on wanting to see WP succeed.

I have found a lot of people chose what their friends have. Also people are linked into ecosystems so don't want to change. Maybe the new os will bring new fans, and new devices will bring new fans too. With the backing of Microsoft sure WP is here to stay.

...muted conversations won’t notify you or show up in the Live Tile count.

This is good and all but an issue I see here is the lack of a Live Tile count for these muted messages. How are users suppose to know if they received any new messages if there is no indication of one (other than going into the messaging section)? There are cases where I simply dont want private messages to appear at the top while im showing something on my phone to someone else but I would still want to see the live tile count to know I received one.

Would be nice if they give us the option of muting just notifications and/or both.

In a pic of the notification center, they showed this. It was on the leaked photo deemed inaccurate. But where theres smoke, theres fire

I prefer to just minimize the amount of people I talk to or in other words be anti social lol

As far as im concern the BLOCKING NUMBERS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!well of course the additional upgrade is a plus...

Which I would add is long overdue; both the Metro and the Desktop ones are, right now, pathetic.

All I can say is sticking with MS from WM 5.0 and PPC. dys is finally paying off all the well needed features are coming to life, and my next phone will be factory unlock no more carrier phone too slow on updates, up until now T-Mobile not release black update I call and tweet every single day Seriously always the same reply: "T-Mobile is working with Nokia to bring the Black update to Lumia 521 and 925 once our rigorous testing is complete".
as if Nokia hasn't release it to them already.

I will use JUMP to get a new device when 8.1 comes out. Then after that I get unlocked unbranded phones...T-Mobile has been great with WP8 updates till now...had to use the developer program to get Update 3...still no LUMIA BLACK.

+1. Used Windows on my phone since 2004 with intermittently using something else to fulfil my needs but haven't looked back since WM 6.0 and don't regret it at all!

Hopefully, when it's released, T-Mobile will get new and improved WP devices with the new version of the OS. Looking forward to using JUMP to go from my L925 to whatever new Lumia device come out with the updated OS. All the features sound nice, a few I might actually use/learn to use...lol

Twitter is currently in my blacklist, i may remove and mute when this is available.
Stupid twitter app auto adds sms to new followers, annoying to say the least.
Great addition m$

Omg haha I suggested this back in WP7 in the uservoice forums but rather sending silent texts, this must be what they came up with instead, so cool

May sound stupid but when this eventually comes out in november or some lot of months after everyone thinks its gonna be here are we just gonna get a nice free up on our current phones or are we gonna have to buy new

Well given you can install the developer preview as soon as it is announced in April, I think you'll be fine.

I hope you can mute Skype too. It is annoying when you're having a conversation on the computer and get a thousand messages on your phone for the same thing

They are not doing it right. Instead of muting both the toast and live tile update, they should allow muting just the toast notification. I would think that's what people would want--they don't want toast popups but still want to know if there's an unread message later. One can always clear live tiles with the new swipe-to-clear feature.

This sounds really interesting, and seems like something that people would like. Is it in any other OS?

This is perfect for those people on the creep that don't want their significant other seeing their dirt! Lol

So awesome...btw that blue theme in the screen shot is nice too! Too bad I don't have it :'(

At the rate that WP 8.1 is going, it'll be released before T-Mobile decides to push Nokia Black for the L521 & L925. Still nothing yet, using Update 3 on Developer's preview.........smh

Handy feature but I'm on Whatsapp most of the time than SMS since. Is a good to have feature though.

I hate to be this guy, but all this stuff.. all these cool features all getting dumped on us at once almost seems too damn good to be true.
I kinda feel like if this stuff is real there's going to be some sort of *catch* that makes it all unreal.

Well, I already know the carriers WILL be that catch, but I feel like there will be another one. :-/

Wish with notifications center coming in I will be able to mute toast notifications for particular app such as whatsapp

This is a great feature since I use Twitter mobile notifications for breaking news and public transit updates. I'll still get the text messages but not the unnecessary toast notification.

I haven't seen anyone mention it yet but when I connect my Bluetooth headset or headphones and they are not in Driving Mode, it can become outright frustrating to keep getting message notifications while listening to music. It pauses the music and then asks if you want to hear the message or not. So muting that conversation will be a godsend!

What I really want is the option to mute all SMS messages from UNKNOWN sources. This would deal with those SMS spammers who use throwaway SIM cards.

Alors, est ce que l'utilisation des égalisateur sera possible via les écouteurs Bluetooth?
C'est une fonctionnalité de base qui n'est toujours pas disponible sur WP....

SMS group message???is that even possible?? Because when I tried,it sent mms and make me lose all my credit...

My biggest problem is Whatsapp since I have friends in other countries who message in the same group. I am sure the Quiet Hours will help too.

Interesting. What would make this a killer would be a timer function and/or geofencing. The obvious need is to mute your hyperactive social life while at work, or the Theater etc, but allowing your work email and kids to reach you anytime.

nice...though...MUTE ALL NOTIFICATIONS would have done a much better job for me, there was a tickbox in WP 8.0 but it 'ran away' when it saw the notification center coming :)), no quiet hours for me also,i don't want to add all my contacts into the inner circle...i've written a thread for this but no one seems to have used this before 8.1 dev prev... or something like PROFILES would made me happy(clap your hands)...i'm looking on the bright side though...Cortana makes me pancakes and i'm not even from us...AMERICAN FLUFFY PANCAKES :))) lol