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Windows Phone Game Review: Duudle

Duudle, a Draw Something styled game for Windows Phone

Duudle, the Draw Something alternative for Windows Phones

Duudle is a Draw Something type game for your Windows Phone where you have thirty seconds to doodle a picture describing a word. Your opponents then have to guess the word from the picture.  Duudle is the product of the 2011 Nokia World Hackathon where forty developers had forty hours to create an app for a Nokia Phone. Duudle, the creation of Visiarc, was the winning app.

Duudle is a cross platform game to let you compete with your friends on Android devices and it is our understanding an iPhone version is in development.  If you're a fan of the Draw Something/Pictionary type games, then you'll like what you see with Duudle.

When you first launch Duudle, you'll be sent to the registration screen. If you have a Facebook Account, you can register through Facebook or you can register directly through Duudle. If you go through Facebook you will need to go through the customary Facebook authorization screens. If you go around Facebook authorization, you will be sent an authorization email.  Just click on the link in the email and you're registration will be complete.

Duudle Main Menu

Once Duudle confirms your registration you will be sent to the game's main menu where you will see invitations from other members, invite other members to a game, or randomly find opponents for a game. You also have links to the How to Play and Rules sections as well as Duudle's settings on the game's main menu. Settings cover music and sound options as well as live tile notifications.

When you launch a game, the gaming stats will appear in the right side of the screen (opposite the main menu options) that details the players, turns, and which dictionary is being used.  You'll enter the game screens when it's your turn.

The game of Duudle is a turned based game for 3-10 players. Players will have seventy-two hours to complete their turn and each game consists of two rounds per player. Live tile notifications are available to alert you when it's your turn at the game.

Duudle Game Screens

Drawings can't contain letters or numbers, which would be cheating. Any reported cheaters are subject to having their Duudle membership revoked. You can also get kicked for vulgar and abusive doodles.

All in all, Duudle is a fun game for your Windows Phone.  Duudle's game pace can be slow, depending on who you're playing with so at times you have to be a little patient.  I like the option to randomly join games for those times your friends are not available. The only thing missing maby be a pass and play mode where you can play Duudle with friends and family in person. I can see Duudle being a great conversation piece while waiting for the restaurant table or during family game night.

There are two versions available for Duudle. You have a free, ad-supported version (Duudle Free) that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is also a paid, ad-free version of Duudle that will run you $2.99. You can find the paid version of Duudle here at the Marketplace.

QR: Duudle Free               QR: Duudle


Reader comments

Windows Phone Game Review: Duudle


Or, wouldn't this post make a LOT of people happy if it read.... Draw Something released on WP7?  Not trying to hate, I love my Focus.... But it's time to have the Big Dog apps in our Market.  Like it or not, that's what's going to drive sales.

True but regardless, Duudle is here and has been on WP7 before the Draw Something fad took over and we still wanted to review the game ;-)

lol, I don't even have this game installed on any of my new phones, so I'll have to go and re-install then accept.

I'll be honest though, I'm usually one of those who doesn't take their turns ;-) (I'm just too busy)

IIRC, Draw Something is two-player. Duudle can be up to four-player, which adds a speed element to the guessing part of the gameplay. I love this game, Draw Something can go to hell.

I too love this game. just wish there were options when you create a game for round length (eg. 30sec, 45sec, 1min..). that would make it perfect.

The thing that stopped me from playing this was the other players. I must have tried to play atleast 10 games without ever finishing one. Someone would always draw words, or not do anything. So, I still haven't actually finished a game. Maybe it has changed recently though.

This game is more like a game I played on Android called "What the Doodle?" more than it's like Draw Something. However, this is more like a portable version of OMGPop's first game which you can play on Facebook called "Draw My Thing"

This looks like it could be better than Draw Something. Too bad none of my friends will get it because they're busy playing Draw Something. Just like how Wordfeud is far superior to Words with Friends, but I can only play with randoms.

Awesome game. 100 times more competitive than "draw something" . Friends and i are hooked with this game. I really wish it had a general scoreboard. That way you play more to get more points and be on the top. Please dev!! Pay attention.. Dont know how to send my suggestion to them