Winner of the #captionthatlumia Windows Phone Twitter contest announced

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Ben Rudolph has taken a break from the Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign and kicked off a humorous Twitter competition that had users sending in entries to win a Lumia 900. To be in with a chance of winning, an ingenious caption had to be created for the above photo. Should the entry be original and witty then Rudolph would take it into account. Today, the winner was announced on the official team blog.

So what was the winning tweet / caption? See below:

"It took a heck of a lot of scrubbing, but I finally got all the cyan out."

Yep. We approve. That is a pretty good caption. Congratulations to @dnanian for the submission and winning a Lumia 900. Check out the #captionthalumia hashtag for more caption entries. Some good news that followed this contest is Rudolph stated that he'd like to do something similar in the future. Perhaps we'll see some more spontaneous marketing from the team to compliment the smoked campaign?

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Winner of the #captionthatlumia Windows Phone Twitter contest announced


Damn, if I was American I might have won but I'm not so I just left a comment here and didn't tweet. it was in rhe same vein but a bit better I think.

Are you kidding me?  THAT's the winning caption?
It doesn't paint the Cyan model in a good light.  Why would they pick this as the winner?

Maybe they wanted a white one, which wasn't available at launch an settled for cyan; couldn't afford the restocking fee(which I paid to get my white one). People loved my cyan but also noticed my white one as well.

The winner took ideas from my tweet. Mine was How to get cyan or black off of lumia. Take soap, rub lumia now you have white. I totally got ripped off.

Congrats too but one ironic thing about the winning caption is, I thought Nokia made it a point that the color can't be scratched off, the color is mixed into the body itself.
And to the guy above are you going to go everywhere complaining that you didn't win?  Your caption in that form isn't funny or witty.  

No I'm not going everywhere, and i know my tweet was lame, I was just pointing that he obviously took ideas from my tweet.

Obviously? Really?
The joke is fairly obvious, it is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the photo - before I read any twits at all.

This was another one I had.

How to cure #droidrage. Wash your hands, and now pick up the lumia, now you should be cured.

What an insult of the Nokia design team. The Lumia 900 is made of solid color plastic. You can't remove the paint. One of the selling points is that it you can't see the scratches because of this. That caption only does Nokia and Windows Phone disservice. The jury should be embarrassed.

By far not the best caption, there were funnier ones. But in guessing they must have really liked it as an inside joke of some kind.

Seriously, im ashamed to be a part of the WP community with the way you guys act in comments sometimes. Its all just some humorous publicity.. It doesn't bag the cyan at all.. It doesn't mention the cyan as being bad does it?!? Get over it people.. Its their choice who the winner is, move on.

You're arguing about their arguing? If you don't see it as mentioning cyan as bad then that's you, but some of us do. And it's well within our right to disagree. None of us can change it, but we can express our discontent if we feel to.

How's this for a caption, "Niagara Falls... Viagra Doesn't." I think it really speaks to the simplistic and monochromatic nature of the image, while simultaneously evoking humorous thoughts of one's erect member.

you didn't win? neither did i?! who cares, thought the winning one was nice and witty. fair play to him. mine, for the majority who don't care was the frankly BRILLIANT 
should've taken it home but....

I would have went with, "I know why he dropped me in the shower, but you... Oh I see now, its the camera angle he's after!"