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smoked by windows phone

Although the “Smoked by Windows Phone” shenanigans are mostly over and Microsoft is not routinely engaging in phone challenges anymore, it’s still great to finally see the gist of it coming to TV. Such is the case with this new ad featuring Microsoftie Ben Rudolph and a couple who were using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The concept is the same: do a challenge between two phones, in this case take a photo at night, and see which device wins. Of course, the GS3 is up against the Nokia Lumia 920, a phone designed for low-light shooting, so it should be little surprise to see it win here. For their trouble, the couple gets a Windows Phone.

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Ben ("The PC Guy") Rudolph has continued to take the Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign across the states, and he's showing no signs of easing back with more videos being published to the Windows Phone YouTube account. We previously looked at a handful of new videos being added to the account and commented on how we enjoyed the new style, so it's pleasing to see the company continuing to refine and push the platform using this successful campaign.

With the active "Dare to Live" tour in the UK, which is focusing heavily on the number of wins the platform achieves, the Smoked campaign is relaxed to put more emphasis on how Windows Phone can make participant lives easier through a series of challenges. Check out two more videos after the break.

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Microsoft has released a number of new advertisements that carry on the "Smoked by Windows Phone" marketing campaign, which started at CES 2012 earlier this year. Ben ('The PC Guy') Rudolph heads up the adverts that are set to air on TV. The above video shows Rudolph challenging a member of public on the streets of Seattle (as opposed to Microsoft Stores) to see who can locate and share a restaurant with friends the fastest.

We like the new style used in the videos, which appear to be slightly more calm and focus more on the beauty of Windows Phone instead of simply how many wins the platform can achieve. Rudolph runs the participant through exactly why Windows Phone is more efficient at everyday tasks. Luckily, he gave Ramona a shiny new cyan Lumia 900 so Android wont slow her down in future.

Be sure to check out the Microsoft YouTube playlist of the advertisements to view the rest.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube playlist); via: Windows Team Blog

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The Smoked by Windows Phone challenge, the popular marketing campaign that was born back at CES 2012, has made its way to Toronto, Canada. The public are challenged by the Windows Phone team to see if their smartphone can beat Microsoft's mobile OS and pocket $100. As usual, these challenges include common tasks such as uploading a photo to Facebook.

Windows Phone has been steadily growing in reach when it comes to Canada. The 4G Radar and Lumia 900 are both available to take advantage of faster network speeds, and carriers are supporting the platform with stocking a number of devices. But we've yet to see a strong push by Nokia or Microsoft so it's good to see such marketing ongoing.

If you wish to check out the Windows Phone challenge, here are the event locations for the next few days:

  • May 25: Yonge and Eglington - 12pm-8pm
  • May 26: The Danforth - 10am-6pm
  • May 27: Yonge and Dundas - 11am-5pm

Thanks, Charles, for sending in the photos!

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The Nokia-like Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, Blown Away by Lumia, has gone to Bulgaria with public heading through popular shopping malls in Sofia being challenged to beat the Lumia 800. Already witnessed in other countries, including India which produced some interesting (yet humorous) results, the challenge is successful at pulling in the punters to show off Microsoft's platform powering Nokia products.

Popular Bulgarian artist Deo took to the helm and led the team through the challenges. These included uploading photos to Facebook, opening web pages and posting status updates to social networks - basic smartphone tasks. Should the participant beat the Lumia 800, they'd pocket 50 lev, but if they failed they'd have to publicly admit defeat.

Check out some more shots after the break.

Source: MobileBulgaria; thanks Eirenach for the tip!

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While our Windows Phones are busy smoking the competition they may need something to blow away all that fiery aftermath, so it only makes sense to have a special fan for the occasion.

Microsoft Hong Kong has evidently commissioned a limited number of special portable fans just for these situations but they have a little trick up their sleeve. As you can see in the images above and the video below, when the fan runs an electric banner scrolls around the blades with "Windows Phone" and "Simply faster".

As we're fans of all things geeky, we're very impressed and think it's a brilliant little promotion tool.

Our friends at the Hong Kong site We Love Windows Phone ( managed to get their hands on a shipment of these little bad boys and are planning on giving them out to some lucky people (and yes, worldwide shipment is an option). So you'll want to head to their site and maybe even give 'em a "Like" on their Facebook page to learn of the details as soon as they publish them.

Pretty cool Microsoft, pretty cool.

Source: We Love Windows Phone (HK) (Bing Translation)

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Microsoft's Smoked by Windows Phone began way back in January at the 2012 CES conference. Since, it's grown by leaps and bounds traveling to various Microsoft Stores across the nation and world wide.  We've even seen the Smoke by Windows Phone challenges held by former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra.

Ben Rudolph, who started all this, has released some numbers associated with the Smoked by Windows Phone.

  • 95%: Windows Phone's global winning percentage
  • 36: The number of countries running Smoked by Windows Phone promotions
  • 50,000+: The number of phones that have been smoked by a Windows Phone
  • 8,000,000+: The total number of views the Smoked by Windows Phone has generated since it launched in January.
  • 100,000,000+: The estimated number of people who have seen, participated in or read about Smoked by Windows Phone. 

The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign will continue with a new set of internet ads hitting the web today. The ads are also available over at the Windows Phone YouTube Channel. While the Smoked by Windows Phone has had its moments of controversy, the campaign has brought a lot of attention to how well our Windows Phones measures up against the competition.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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All good things must come to an end and so does the Windows Phone Challenge at Microsoft Stores in the US as April 12 was designated to be the last day (Evidently the contest is still going on in many stores)

Although the Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge will remain forever controversial, there is little doubt it made waves and got the OS noticed (hey, any publicity is good publicity). Guess we didn't figure Microsoft were tallying up every single win (and loss) though perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise. Here are the results:

  • Won - 40,522
  • Lost - 462

We're assuming that these numbers are just for the US at the various Microsoft Stores and don't include the expanded contest in places like Italy, Malaysia and Brazil (to name a few). Even Nokia picked up and ran with it in London.

If our math is correct, Windows Phone has won 98.87% of the challenges which is, umm, really high. Of course, we all know that the challenge favors Windows Phone as the tasks are predefined, but Microsoft has made some changes to make it more fair to challengers.

We're sure the naysayers will still cry foul though. Fair enough. The publicity stunt started a great conversation about the efficiency of using your smartphone for everyday tasks and put the spotlight on Windows Phone for once, something we rather enjoyed seeing.

Source: Microsoft Store (Facebook)

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Although the "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign will always be controversial due to its selective nature, they're still fun to watch and occasionally surprise us. Malaysia is now getting in on the action and while this contest business is a bit "old" for us we have to understand that for a lot of folks, it's not.

In the above video, a different Ben from Microsoft takes on others in the challenge to beat Windows Phone during various predetermined tasks. Nothing new there but at 1:50 we do see a challenger with the brand new quad-core HTC One X, considered by many to the new top of the line Android phone (see AndroidCentral's review). The challenge was simple: take a photo of yourself, upload it to Facebook and tag it, but due to some fumbling around with the One X, the poor participant gets his beat fairly easily.

Of course it doesn't make the One X any less impressive as this contest is a bit fixed with tasks that favor Windows Phone. And perhaps with a different user the One X would have been a lot more effective at competing. But the purpose of the "Smoked" campaign is not to be fair but rather to demonstrate the efficiency of Windows Phone for common tasks that users are likely to use everyday. That focus on simplicity is important and while Windows Phone may not be the absolute winner, it does hold its own against Android and iOS.

By the end of the event, we can see Windows Phone had 98 challenges with 92 wins and 6 losses. Not too bad. And kudos to Microsoft for showing Windows Phone getting smoked by a beaten up, six year old Nokia 3250.

Source: YouTube; via SoyaCincau; Thanks, Johnny, for the heads up

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We recently put the question to you whether Microsoft is doing enough to promote and market Windows Phone, and now we've just caught wind of a new campaign kicking off from the software giant in the UK. The Windows Phone team will be touring the country (10 cities - 11 weeks) and challenging participants who believe their smartphone is faster than a Windows Phone.

Much like the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, should contestants win the "Dare to Live" challenge, they'll pocket £20 there and then. But should they lose, and this is the exciting part, they'll not have to hold a sign up and announce their loss, oh no. Microsoft is taking things to the next level with actual fear driven activities instead.

Throughout each week the team will hold the challenges, but on every Saturday they will hold adrenaline intensive activities that will push yourself beyond comfortable limits. From tightrope walking to the Big Air, you're destined to get a buzz for losing to Windows Phone. Think of it as Smoked by Windows Phone with a twist for losing participants.

As well as the challenge and campaign, Microsoft is teaming up with O2 and Phones4U to provide a number of deals on Windows Phones throughout the duration of the event. Phones4U is currently featured with an up-to £100 cash back on the Lumia 800 when trading in your old phone. Be sure to check out the Dare to Live Facebook page for more details about locations, dates and -of course- the special offers.

Kicking off on April 21st, do you dare the live? The team is hitting London this week for the challenges. Should you be lucky (or unlucky) enough to lose you'll find yourself on a tightrope at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush this coming Saturday. Be sure to pop along to see the action, WPCentral will be there to return with some photos of course.

Source: Dare to LiveWindows Phone UK; thanks Mark for the heads up!

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The Smoked by Windows Phone marketing challenge has gone global since Ben ("the PC guy") Rudolph first started the campaign back at CES 2012. Now the Windows Phone team in Malaysia has taken to the streets to challenge the public who own competitor handsets and see if they can beat Microsoft's platform. 

Should the contestant manage to best Windows Phone, they'll walk away with RM100, and should they lose a card is at hand reading "My phone just got smoked by Windows Phone". Check out the following video of the Malaysian challenge in action.

To find out where the team will be to challenge them on April 14th and 15th, head on over to the Windows Phone Malaysia Facebook page. We'll also be the first to state that we want one of those polo shirts.

Source: Discovr, Youtube; thanks Jason for the heads up!

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The Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign has been extended by Microsoft until April 12th. Those with competitor smartphones will be able to pop into participating Microsoft Stores and attempt to challenge an employee to best the Windows Phone. The campaign recently came under fire for employees supposedly bending the competition rules, ensuring Microsoft's platform won regardless.

Those who manage to beat the Windows Phone will not be receiving a limited edition Hunger Games laptop, priced at $1,000. Instead the store will offer a $1,000 gift card ("hello fancy new Windows 8 tablet") to the first 10 winning participants and a $25 gift card to the first 250 who lose. Are you eligible? Check against the below points:

  • Your smartphone must be activated with a cellular carrier;
  • Your smartphone must be able to fully power off prior to the Challenge;
  • Your smartphone must have the basic functionality required to compete in the Challenge including, but not limited to: check weather/movie, take pictures and post online, text, post on Facebook, find nearby restaurants, update status on social media, and translate web pages into English; and
  • Your smartphone must use the original, unmodified operating system that came standard on Your smartphone.
  • Smartphones that have had Challenge scenarios pre-loaded are excluded.

What's different about this wave is employees will ask the participant to pick a challenge card at random, which will dictate the scenario (example: take a photo and upload to Facebook). This will help prevent any future issues that could possibly arise.

Source: Micrsoft Store, via: AnythingbutiPod; thanks William for the tip!

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Although we could argue that the 'Smoked by Windows Phone' campaign is getting a bit tired, Nokia evidently shot some video last month where they took the same idea but they called the it "Lumia Challenge".

The concept was the same -- challenge people on specific tasks using their smartphone -- if you win, you get £10 for your trouble, if you don't you have to mug for the camera.

The results should be familiar with many folks, especially on the iPhone 4, getting beat by the Lumia 800. Of course, we're seeing the polished commercial video so we don't know how many instance where Nokia lost. But all of that is besides the point, isn't it? This is advertising and we know that Windows Phone is a very fast, nimble and efficient mobile OS -- it doesn't need to win every time, it just needs to win enough to show that yes, there are some significant advantages versus its competition.

And for some reason, with the Nokia music playing and their shallow depth of field video, all of this looks just a bit cooler.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Ellis B., for the heads up!

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A few days ago, it was announced that Microsoft was upping the stakes in their "Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge," giving away bigger prizes to winners and offering losers the opportunity to trade in their device for a new Windows Phone.  It turns out that anyone can trade in just about any non-WP smartphone.  Just bring a working smartphone to a participating Microsoft store and tell them you want to take the challenge.  You will then be asked to fill out a recycling form and given your choice of the following devices:

ATT: HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S
T-Mobile: HTC Radar, Nokia 710
Verizon: HTC Trophy

This offer is only valid through tomorrow, March 29, so get a move on. 

Some people have reported that you don't even need to take the challenge, but why not give it a go anyway?  If you've been able to swap out your old, out dated smartphone for a new Windows Phone through this deal, let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft; Via: SlickDeals

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Ben (the "PC Guy") Rudolph has publicly addressed the disappointment of Sahas Katta, who felt slighted when the Microsoft employee he beat in the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge refused to accept defeat and provide him with his prize - a limited edition laptop worth $1,000.

Rudolph has apologised to Katta via Twitter and has stated he has a Windows Phone and the laptop prize for him. As well as offering a phone, the laptop and a public apology on behalf of the Microsoft Store involved, Rudolph also tweeted the following:

"I stand behind #smokedbywindowsphone wins (and losses) 100%...even when I'm not the one doing the challenges.  And always will!"

It's positive to see Microsoft at least attempt to set things right should reports pop up that their highly marketed challenges could well be staged. We'll never be 100% sure as to what actually happened, and have to take Katta's word for it, but shouldn't we expect some issues to arise when multiple employees are hosting a marketing stunt?

Source: @BenThePCGuy; thanks everyone who tipped us!

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Don't colour us surprised if this is true to some extent as it's a simple marketing stunt that involves cash, but reports are coming in that the Smoked by Windows Phone challenges are sometimes rigged, or those who actually beat Microsoft's OS were denied their win / prize. Not only are relatively large sums of money involved, but Microsoft recently bumped the stakes to include a limited edition PC worth $1,000.

According to Sahas Katta, from Skatter Tech, he was wrongfully robbed of his glory (and brand-spanking new PC) by a Microsoft employee who refused to accept that his Android handset won. Katta went along to the Santa Clara Microsoft Store to give the challenge a go after hearing about the stakes increase. Using an Android handset with widgets galore to combat the Windows Phone live tiles, Katta felt prepared for the task that would be presented to him by the employee. 

"The Microsoft Store employee I was up against then explained the selected challenge. Her exact words were the following: 'bring up the weather of two different cities.' The one who could do that first would win. I felt like I struck gold since I knew I already had two weather widgets on my home screen: one for my current location (San Jose, CA) and another for Berkeley, CA.

After a three-second count down, I hit the power button on my phone and said 'DONE!' out loud. I had disabled the lock screen entirely, which is a rather awesome out-of-the-box feature of Android that takes you straight to the home screen with a single push of the power button. I didn’t even need to touch the screen, since the two weather widgets were already there."

According to Katta, having won the challenge by a mere few seconds, the employee turned around to say that Windows Phone won because "it displays the weather right there." Confusing indeed since that's exactly what the Android widgets did as well - they both displayed the weather 'right there'. After speaking to a manager and receiving bizarre reasons as to why he lost, Katta left the Microsoft Store empty handed. 

All we'll say is: it's not the first time a company has had problems with a marketing stunt, so we shouldn't be surprised if - in this case - the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge differs between employees, or is judged slightly differently. Though I would like to add that the manager should have handled the situation more professionally, if what Katta reported on had actually occurred. (And this is a big "if" as we're just taking their word).

Have you been to challenge Microsoft and Windows Phone in the challenges? If so, did you notice any cheating?

Source: Skatter Tech; thanks Sandy for the heads up!

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To celebrate the launch of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in Brazil this week, Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to host the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge. Although the presentation is in native tongue, most of us can still follow the cheesy music and the humiliation of challengers.

It has been relatively quiet on the Brazilian front with Windows Phone, but both the Lumia 710 and 800 are now officially available for purchase. 

Via: Microsoft Insiders Brasil; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Microsoft's ever increasingly famous marketing campaign, Smoked by Windows Phone, is really stepping up the game by improving the $100 prize for beating a Windows Phone with a competitor handset. The challenge, which originated at CES 2012 where Ben (the 'PC Guy') Rudolph began taking on smartphones from other platforms (the iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets), puts handsets against one another to see which is more efficient at common smartphone tasks.

Those who lose against the Windows Phone have to publicly announce their defeat, "I've been smoked by a Windows Phone", but for those who manage to best Microsoft's OS, they're handed $100. Things are heating up as Microsoft has raised the reward to $1,000. Yes, $1,000. But not in cash.

Should you manage to beat a Windows Phone in the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge at the participating Microsoft Stores, you'll walk away with a Hunger Games Special Edition PC, valued at $1,000, to celebrate the release of the upcoming film. What if you lose? You can swap your smartphone for a Windows Phone (excluding the Lumia 800), right there, right then. It's a "win win" situation.

The challenge will close on March 29th, opening times are from 9am - 10pm. Be sure to read the official rules.

Source: Microsoft Store, via: Down Right Wireless; thanks SeNiLe911 for the tip!

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The web is about to get smoked by Windows Phone again.

Microsoft is scheduled to launch new ads on the web tomorrow that feature Ben Rudolph and his Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge.  The challenge has Ben betting owners $100 that Windows Phone is faster at your typical, everyday tasks than other smartphones.

What started as an attraction at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show has grown into a rather promising ad campaign for Windows Phone. We've seen Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge hit Hong Kong, tour California, tackle a zip line and spawn an unofficial screen saver.  We have already seen the first installment of web ads and these promise to continue Ben's winning streak.

We've lost track of Ben's official record but he has definitely smoked the competition more than he's shelled out the hundred dollar bills. 

Source: Windows Team Blog

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No word in what form, where or how but the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign is coming to Singapore "soon...very soon". So says the official Microsoft Singapore Facebook page.

The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign started off in CES, moved to some stores in California and most recently appeared at the Mobile World Congress. In addition, Microsoft said they would expand the campaign to include TV and presumably other areas and this looks to be the case here.

It should be interesting to see what happens.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Naz, for the link

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