New Smoked by Windows Phone advertisements published

Microsoft has released a number of new advertisements that carry on the "Smoked by Windows Phone" marketing campaign, which started at CES 2012 earlier this year. Ben ('The PC Guy') Rudolph heads up the adverts that are set to air on TV. The above video shows Rudolph challenging a member of public on the streets of Seattle (as opposed to Microsoft Stores) to see who can locate and share a restaurant with friends the fastest.

We like the new style used in the videos, which appear to be slightly more calm and focus more on the beauty of Windows Phone instead of simply how many wins the platform can achieve. Rudolph runs the participant through exactly why Windows Phone is more efficient at everyday tasks. Luckily, he gave Ramona a shiny new cyan Lumia 900 so Android wont slow her down in future.

Be sure to check out the Microsoft YouTube playlist of the advertisements to view the rest.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube playlist); via: Windows Team Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Geez finally going be on tv but when and what tv stations will it show? They should have done this since mango was released. Also hope they do commercials for windows phone 8 and surface
  • On tv...a little late. They should at least make a statement at the end about the new ver. of Windows Phone coming this fall.
  • That seems like a wonderful idea *rolls eyes*
  • i think ben rudolph is one of the best at promoting windows phone. He highlights the strengths well, and makes people genuinely interested in the platform.
  • I like how Ben is a watch guy. Saw him wearing a Panarai in the last vid posted and he has on an Omega in this one.
  • ^This.
    I love time pieces!  Still thinkin' about treating myself to an Ebel this Christmas!
  • No I don't think this Ben PC guy should be best fit. He kind of boring listening too. They should have a well know person do it on tv like maybe beautiful Mila kunis or how about Steven Wozniak hahaha since he said it himself he loves windows phone
  • lol that would be priceless.
  • Not Mila , Jessica alba and Gaby espino look tons better
  • Local scout is still disabled for Canadians, epic fail!
  • Just change your location to USA and it will find all the things for you. I'm in Canada and local scout works after changing location
  • Already have it done... But what about for all the rest of us that aren't that firmiliar with the platform...
  • Just to clarify, its not your Location in the settings its under Region & Language. Just change the Browser & Search setting to English (United States), you can leave all other settings to English (Canada). Reboot your phone and you'll have local scout.
  • I can vouch for that. It's what I did since day one of getting my unlocked Titan. It works just as mentioned by R0bR. Follow the steps and you'll have it in no time. I had to show a rep how to do that. He had no idea that local scout even existed.
  • I didn't know that. Might want to give it a try.
    But I did manage to get Local Scout in the 'Maps' app without the language settings trick. Weird...
  • I suggested on Twitter that Ben Rudolph should do a live Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge on G4TV's Attack of the Show. He replied he was up for it. Now it's up to @nerdist and @mattmira.
  • Attack of the Show seems so biased against Windows Phone in general.. The Nokia Lumia 900 review on gadget pron was a joke.. That being said, I'd still like to see them do live challenges and see how their rabid iPhone and Android fanboy viewers respond..
  • Absolutely agree. AOTS has dismissed WinPhone so many times and with snide remarks, I would love to see them eat crow.
  • This is what I was sayn this morning lol Ben is awesome this is gonna be great
  • Thats pretty cool, giving a free phone away.  Of course, when the user finds out it isn't upgradable to WP8, they may be disappointed.  Its sad that it can't be, but since WP8 uses a new kernel from Windows 8, it wouldn't be possible to run it on the old hardware.
  • You get free a very nice phone and food from Microsoft, what else do you want more?
  • How about a six pack of beer?
  • It would. And it probably will be, unofficially. This proves we were basically beta-testers for Microsoft and they probably knew their doing it to us.
  • Everyone is a beta tester for everything, that's how it is today. Move on...
  • Lollll true
  • SIMPLY FASTER is what I always tell people who come into AT&T and sell WP and I don't even work there lol but I get people to switch wen I do go in witch is alot we got a big AT&T store out here in the Dallas Fort worth area in known as the windows guy I even teach the employees stuff lol
  • More of these kind of commercials! Local Scout sold a couple of my friends to switch from Android, and another from a flip-phone to the Lumia 900, & 710. They didn't care about apps, or hardware. They just liked how fast they could text, and do simple tasks.
  • The 710 is awesome. I already have a Windows Phone, but was considering getting a 710 for one of my friends. Do you know anything about the call quality? Everything else in-it seems like a bargain, but I've heard reports of call quality problems. But then again, there has been a lot of reports of my own Windows Phone and call quality, even tho mine works perfectly. Do you know anything about this?
  • I bought my father a 710, call quality is awesome, phone is very good overall, aside from camera, which I have to admit is not very good.
  • That's a pretty effective commercial imo. It highlights something people actually use on a daily basis...unlike Apple showing celebrities having conversion with a phone...that just looks silly.
  • I hope she doesn't sell it
  • I asked someone at the office to check out a couple of pictures I posted on my Facebook page they would be interested in. Good lord I don't know if it was funny or torturous to watch this lady try to figure out how she was going to do that on her iPhone 4s. It didn't even display the albums. I finally just pulled out my DVP and bam, within a couple seconds I was at the pic and then showed her all of her pics on her page. We Windows Phone users just forget how thought out our OS is until you see someone else try to do something on their phone. And what is with that iPhone screen? I wouldn't swap my amoled screen for that iPhone muted screen even if you paid me. Talk about an overrated device.
  • Did the same thing with my co workers, so now every time they want to see pics of other Facebook friends they come to me.. L900cyan
  • I know what you mean. I work at retail and the other day I had a lady trying to take a picture of an Otter Box to send to her friend in her 4S. To say the least, it was awkward.
  • Did anyone else think it was fake / staged? It could just be because the production was better than the live versions.
  • Who cares, nothing on tv is real anymore.
  • How could it be fake? It was proven dozens of times.
  • The whole celebrities talking to their phone is about the dumbest idea on convincing people to buy your phone. I am very anti-talking to your phone and asking it random questions. Its just a matter of time before we start talking to out TVs. " what good action movie that I can watch now". We are becoming a lazy society. """WALL-E anyone""". Be honest with yourself, how many of you reading this post falls in the over weight category? We just need more reasons to not get out fat arses of the couch
  • I'm not sure how you're connecting talking to your phone as a reason for being get fat from an improper diet, you don't even have to exercise if you eat properly.
  • My l900 screen is just beautiful,I can't wait what the wp8 gonna look like...
  • Without universal incremental search, I doubt if it is faster to find a contact versus Blackberry or WebOS. I do love my focus, but that is my one big beef.
  • Try Phone Dialer by DreamTeam. It's free. Best phone diaper replacement for WP7 I've tried. Hit Tile, alpha-numeric keypad displayed. Start keying in numbers or name and whole address book is incrementally listed. A lot faster then standard people hub search.
  • *dialler not
  • since when does it integrate with open table?
  • Install open table, use local scout, swipe to apps, select open table. Another app I use a bit from scout/bing is add to contacts.
  • Wondows 7 abandoned show in last days killed effect of smoked win 7
  • This post doesn't make sense.
  • Not really, it just shows that the Lumia 900 smokes Android in the "Release to obsolescence speed" race as well!
  • ^ +1
  • #classic
  • Great video Microsoft, I will share with all my people on Facebook!