Smoked by Windows Phone challenge hitting the road?

Remember the Smoked by Windows Phone event at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show? Well it appears that Microsoft may be taking the same challenge on the road. Two videos have surfaces that have "Brian from Windows" bringing the challenge to carrier retail stores.

Brian challenges the retail store representatives to see who can take a photo and upload it to Facebook the fastest. If the store rep's phone beats the Windows Phone, they get a gift card and if they lose, the rep has to admit they were smoked by a Windows Phone. In both instances, the Windows Phone clearly beats the competition and from the looks of it, the store reps are somewhat surprised.

It is nice to see the challenge move beyond the 2012 CES.  We aren't sure if the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge will hit nationwide or if this was just a local attempt to demonstrate the speed of Windows Phones.  But wouldn't it be nice to see the challenge hit more retail stores?  Hit the break to see the other Windows Phone challenge video.

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George Ponder

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  • Let me do that guy's job. He's not engaging, fun, it polite in any way. Glad they're out there doing this, at least.
  • the best part is, did you notice that was a store model... (it was still on the cable) it is what currently is being sold, not what will soon be released.
  • I guess this is a perfect idea for an app for iPhone or Android - do these actions as fast as possible on those devices :)
  • The challenge should be you win you get a gift card. You get smoked, you have to tell not just the camera, but all your customers for the day that Windows Phone is faster at everyday tasks than (insert phone name here).
    MS is on the right track by at least engaging retailers, but they need to grow a set.
  • That is a great idea i love how the losers are usually stumped as to how he did it so fast lol hahaha hes like "DONE" and their like "huwha????" perfect way to show people the strengths of windows phone while at the same time humbling those who dont respect it as a mobile os :D
  • As an owner of an LG Optimus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus, I know how easily WP7 could lose this game.  Real, everyday scenarios? I'd say "Open your dialer pad" is a pretty common scenario, "Dial the number on this sticky note". 
  • Opening the dialer pad a real, everyday scenario?  I'm not so sure about that.  Most ppl with smartphones probably have most of their contacts saved into their phones so having to use the dialer pad is not something ppl usually do.  I've probably opened up my dialer a handful of times in the past 3 months.  And how often do you have to dial a phone number off of a sticky note?
  • i gotta wonder how pessimistic you must be to mention dialer pad lol and sticky note i dont know anyone who does that
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  • They should target every store sales man in England, I heard an orange salesman tell an old woman yesterday that Android was the easiest to use and any apps she bought would work on all future phones she bought.
  • Did the videos get removed?
  • Apparently.