Ben Rudolph is still at it with more Smoked by Windows Phone videos

Ben ("The PC Guy") Rudolph has continued to take the Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign across the states, and he's showing no signs of easing back with more videos being published to the Windows Phone YouTube account. We previously looked at a handful of new videos being added to the account and commented on how we enjoyed the new style, so it's pleasing to see the company continuing to refine and push the platform using this successful campaign.

With the active "Dare to Live" tour in the UK, which is focusing heavily on the number of wins the platform achieves, the Smoked campaign is relaxed to put more emphasis on how Windows Phone can make participant lives easier through a series of challenges. Check out two more videos after the break.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Would be much more effective if these were actually shown on TV to millions rather than the few that read sites like this.
  • Yes
  • I don't know anyone that bought something based on a TV commercial.
  • But more people would know WP here in Europe the most people know windows phone since Nokia made WP phones:( and even now WP is unknown for most people :(
  • While a TV commercial doesn't have to directly influence you to buy something, it at least puts the product and brand in mind when making a decision. It puts it out there. I've never owned an Android phone. But the millions upon millions of ads that showcase the phones at least puts the product out there for me to think about if and when I decide to buy a new phone.
  • Either you don't know anyone or you're deluded. New food, beer, clothes, sales etc get announced on TV all the time. To say that no one you know has ever bought anything that they saw advertised on TV is downright silly. TV is a highly effective medium to the masses.
  • Well that may be true but it didn't influence their decision to buy things. Don't be an idiot.
  • You're being the idiot. You don't know every single item that your friends ever bought, nor do you know whether they were influenced by a television commercial.
  • "I don't know anyone that bought something based on a TV commercial." is one of the dumbest statements I've ever read. It is practically impossible that such statement is true.
  • Did you know the term Lumia is searched more than window phone. That's what commercials do.
  • That video with the mom and girl was pretty good. dam i wish i had a cyan lumia 900...
  • I liked the one where he asked her which color she wanted. "I want the pretty blue one!". The other girl got the white.
  • Yes, he really smoked her 2 generations behind iPhone 3GS in getting directions... Very impressive.  Windows Phones seem pretty good, why do such a stupid head to head competition with something that is not your competition.  It would be like Eminem  rhyme battling with Simon & Garfunkle, when Lil Wayne was sitting at home.
  • Why the hell did they not ait these on TV? Whyyyyyyyyyu
  • These seriously need to be on tv. Ben kills it at easily and concisely explaining Windows Phone.
  • Like during soap operas or talk shows. Get Ben on the Ellen show or something.
  • Could give wp8s away for the 12 days of Christmas. That would get the name out. And have him explain everything. Also have Ellen challenge him. Even more publicity.
  • Agreed.
  • Great vid again by Rudolph!
  • She was a good actor. That did say "vs. Microsoft employee" right? I do agree, tv or a waste or on Hulu or on YouTube too.
  • OK that sucks! Im a big WP fan and advocate but using employees really spolis an otherwise awesome presentation.
  • i think the MS employee is Ben
  • That's what I was going to say... It says vs Microsoft employee,,, meaning that ONE of the contestants is clearly a Microsoft employee... so it's probably Ben. Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense, :-)
  • Hmmm, good point. It did sound odd though, oh well, still need to get it in front of people's faces.
  • Those white girls are hot
  • Not as hot as Latinas.
  • I'm latin and I still think the girl in the third video is hot for what it's worth.
  • She is hot but Latinas are hotter, that's my point.
  • That, sir, depends on how much you dig the white meat.
  • No white women are hotter. Latina are ugly and fat. Need learn speak English and can't stand there mex accent
  • Wow racist a**hole!
  • While i like the smoked by WP ads, as stated, there never televised and the phone does more the FB posts. Highlight more features
  • Getting sick of these
  • And I'm getting sick of comments like these. Don't like it, don't read the article it's simple really.
  • Dont.Disturb.This.Groove I've been sick of your comments for even longer. If you don't like the comments, don't read them, it's simple really. Also, why do you keep hiding behind different names? I can always tell it's you, because you never contribute anything useful to conversations - you only try to shutdown anyone with a complaint, and you never try to be helpful.
    It's always the same way too "if you don't like it, don't buy it", "if you don't like it, don't read it" etc.
    The only positive thing I've ever seen you say is how much you love SRS sound enhancer.
  • Well it's pointless to complain all the time.
  • People will complain no matter what. Complaining about complainers isn't helpful...
  • The lady that from The second video looks so fine and Classy, love it!
  • Ben is the face of Microsoft he should be the one presenting the products at Keynotes and hyping up all MS products he does a great job and gets along with people
  • Um on YouTube there are 30 second versions of these, which coincidentally make good tv spot sizes. I do love the new tone to the campaign. More of a sense of fun and friendly.
  • Every time I click these links and get the crappy low res version I get frustrated. To be forced to cut and paste the vide into metrotube to get the hi def version is just so stupid. When will this gets fixed? If Microsoft can't fix it then let us choose another player as the default YouTube player...
  • I got the hi res version but then again I'm on WiFi.
  • TV commercials work, because even if they have no clue what the phone was running or what the name of it was, they can go in the store and say "I want that blue phone I saw on TV that was so much faster than my android"  and that will give the salesperson a clue.
  • Ben does a great job as an advertiser :D
  • I won tickets to a Dodger Game when he came down to LA. 2 Weeks ago, He gave out 4 tickets on twitter by asking what is your favorite feature of Windows Phone. I didn't think I would win, the next morning I found out I had won 2 tickets for the Game that night.  They gave us Field Level Tickets, that came with free Complimentary food from the Dugout Club, and usually they have those "the Dodgers welcome so and so group to the game" throughout the game. They had a Shout Out to the Windows Phone Crew, for all 4 of the lucky winners.  Add this guy on twitter, definitely an AWESOME Dude!
  • Hahaha Ben is not face of Microsoft. Anyone can do same job he does. Just get a beautiful model to do it and watch everyone look at her. Ben just a bald headed person who is employed with Microsoft. That's all who he is an employee. Hahahaha.
  • I love to smoke that blond
  • The big change in tone is that it's no longer a challenge to see if you can beat them for 100$. It's a much friendlier tone, the prize you could win isn't cash and you end up getting it anyway. the bit at the end, giving a phone to her friend who also really wanted one send a nice message (these phones are desirable once you actually see them...)
  • Is anyone else irrated by all this. I love the Nokia and WP but I don't get one for free. Errrrrrrrrrr