Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, is still not offering any updates on the company's previously announced plans to allow every Xbox One console to be turned into a game development kit. However, it sounds like it might happen since he believes it's still a good idea.

Microsoft first announced its ID@Xbox program way back in August 2013 where qualified small independent developers could get two Xbox One development kits at no cost to help them make and self-publish their games on the console. At the same time, it also revealed its plans to "enable any Xbox One console to be used as a development kit for self-publishing purposes." That feature has yet to materialize.

In chatting with Polygon, Spencer said he had no update on unlocking the Xbox One to be used as a game development kit, but it appears it might still be in the works:

"The idea that you and I might just want to riff on something on our own at home and see if we can create something very very easily even before we submit to ID — that makes a lot of sense to me."

Source: Polygon