Xbox One rumored to have an $800 price tag for China launch

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The Xbox One is due for launch in China in September but a new rumor claims that the game console could be priced as high as $800 when it is released.

The reports have come from, naturally, Chinese-based sources. One of them is Zol.com, who posted a photo it claimed comes from Microsoft's China website, showing a price of 4999 RMB for its version of the Xbox One, or just over $803. The image published by Zol.com cannot be found on Microsoft's China site, which may indicate that it was posted and then quickly removed.


In any case, it's more than possible that the price tag shown in the image could be simply a placeholder, rather than the real launch price for the Xbox One in China. It's also possible that the price could change between now and September. What is known is that the Xbox One will be the first Western game console to be sold in China after a ban on such products that lasted for several years was recently lifted by that country's government.

What do you think about the overall sales prospects of the Xbox One in China?

Source: Zol.com via Kotaku


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Xbox One rumored to have an $800 price tag for China launch


Markups, game machines are normally illegal. They're being slipped in through a Hong Kong loophole.

Basically that's the price on every country that's not the United States. Mexico, Brazil, China, yadda yadda.

Yeah, I really can't believe this made into news, it's exactly the price here in Brazil, while the PS4 is equivalent to US$1800. not a typo, its more than twice the XBO price, Sony practically admited that smuggling is it's way to succeed here.

In Brazil Xbox is 2300$ and PS4 is 2800$. The Xbox one is with Kinect yet cheaper than PS4. BTW I don't live in Brazil, just telling the info

The ad just shows they give out a gift card worth 4999 RMB. Do you have to make it like the console is 4999 itself?

Push up this comment.
After translation, the website is offering a 4,999¥ microsoft coupon. Take this news with a large spoon of salt.

im afraid my kidney won't hold up to a large spoon of salt...

btw for the translation part, it says "a chance to win 4,999 coupon every week" for anyone wondering (though I keep getting feeling that it's a giftcard and not coupon)

I mean it doesn't seem at all strange. Look at Brazil for instance; they sell these consoles anywhere from 2-5 times their price here even though they make less than 5 times (on average) than Americans.

The ad simply translates to  "Every week there's a chance to win a 4,900RMB official Microsoft voucher". I don't see how that indicate the whole system will be sold for that price.

I bet Sony - who will ALSO be selling the PS4 in China at the same time - will take this other chance to yet again beat the XBone.

Don't think so.
Take Mexico for an example, the Xbox One without Kinect sells for the same as the PlayStation 4, and I have seen more Xbox Ones than PS4s, which makes me assume regular people prefer the Xbox the most.
Don't know how that means Sony is beating Microsoft.

The PS4 is outselling the XboxOne.

Sony is the current winner of the next-generation battle. That's why Microsoft had to come up with the Kinect-less XBone. I'm pretty sure Sony won't stand idly while Microsoft pushes out a cheaper XBone.

And this all only happened because Microsoft was stubborn with the Kinect and did that disastrous presentation of the XBone.

Your assumptions are, therefore, proven wrong by the sales numbers.

Don't think that will be the real price. For comparison, the cost in Hong Kong will be $4,180 or about $540 USD with Kinect. They can just travel to HK and get a huge discount in that case. I know as I'm waiting eagerly for it to come out in HK. The ps4 is out, but I'm waiting for the best system ;)

Its normal. Devices are always more expensive over there. The price wont stop them from buying an Xbox One or any other device. BUT this 4999 is the Value (Coupon) not the price.

Haha i mentioned this above. My cousins have been asking me to send one down from the States to them.

Hopefully that's just a placeholder price which I've seen that done before for on other products. Plus I'm sure MS doesn't want a repeat of what happens in the U.S. As long as it's not more expensive than the ps4 MS will be okay.