Halo 5

Microsoft is continuing its efforts to promote its Halo game franchise as a major force in eSports. The company will launch the Halo Championship Series Pro League on May 31, and the season will end on July 28.

According to ESPN, there will be 14 pro teams in the league; eight of them based in the U.S and six more from Europe:

The league will feature a $250,000-per-season prize pool. The finals will occur in Los Angeles in July. At the 2017 World Championship, the prize pool will be $1 million with potential crowdfunding to increase the pot. Electronic Sports League (ESL) will broadcast the tournament three days a week (two in North America and one in Europe).

Teams will compete in qualifying events before the season begin to claim a spot in the league, starting with PAX East in Boston on April 24 Counter Logic Gaming, who won the 2016 Halo world championship earlier this year, gets an automatic invite to the Halo Championship Series Pro League.