1.6 million WP7 devices sold in Q1 2011 says Gartner

Here we go again folks, more analyst news! This time it's Gartner's turn with an interesting (and exciting) number of reported sales for WP7 in the first quarter of this year. If this number is true (or somewhat accurate) then this will turn skeptics into believers.

Note that this number doesn't reflect handsets sold to carriers, it shows devices sold to end-users. Interesting to note is that Nokia still head the game with the most market share, but dropping still. A lot is riding on the Nokia + Microsoft partnership (opens in new tab), from both parties and these tables display that level of requirement.

Gartner has previously posted predictions of the platform becoming prosperous by 2015 (opens in new tab). What do you make of these findings?

Source: Gartner (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Shouldn't the headline be "Nearly 3.7 Million..."?
  • The 3.7m figure includes windows mobile 6.5 sales....so they actually sold more 6.5 handsets than WP7. Microsoft was also the only category to see a drop in sales volume (even RIM managed some increase), not sure how this qualifies as "exciting" news. Looks like everything is riding on Mango and Nokia.
  • This is what I don't understand fully - are OEM's STILL manufacturing phones with the Windows Mobile OS? If not, how is it that Windows Mobile 6.5 can outsell WP7? Is it overstock? (I did notice that Verizon still has Windows Mobiles phones on their website)
  • You know I think these numbers are great for what isnt much more than phones running beta software. We wont even know what Windows Phone OS really does until the Mango update. As an early adopter its something I took into account when buying, everyone should have. I think the future is intensely bright for my favorite OS.
  • Considering in the US there were only 6 devices available this isn't surprising. Android has 20 times the amount of devices sold in the US, alone. Even windows mobile has more devices that are being sold to consumers than windows phone 7.
  • That's actually makes me happy. To know that they are at least a million of us means the platform can prosper. When Nokia goes WP7 only with great build quality at an affordable price I expect this number to sky rocket =).I'm a little giddy.
  • I don't think Nokia will boost sales much. All the high hopes are just that hopes. I see WP7 being #3. Not bad at all.
  • I knew you'd say something like this. the sprint figures aren't even in this yet once the sprint figures show up as well as the VZ ones it will be much higher from these carriers alone. imagine what they will be once the wp7 devices get on the smaller carriers like the androids are right now.
  • I think the general press is going to look at the numbers and say, look Microsoft had 6.8% market share a year ago and has since lost about half of that. And then they'll point out that adding in all the Symbian users market share plummeted nearly 40% from 51% down to 31%. They'll completely ignore the fact that total number of devices sold (all platforms) went up by 85%.It's all in what particular stats they want to highlight.As for myself, I am optimistic on the future of Windows Phone, and I hope Mango will help quiet the haters, if even for only 15 seconds.
  • So wait, does q1 2011 cover from the start of WP7 retail life or a bit after?Eitherway when MS said back in Jan that they sold 2 million I guess they were at least honest with us. Let's see how many they add in Q2. Also I expect the real marketing push to come with Mango and the next batch of phones. Then they can't be knocked for missing some feature with all the stuff that's coming.
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  • Global units doubled but Microsoft was flat. Every other platform grew except Windows. Android sold more than Nokia this Q1. Microsoft didn't double with the market so they lost 50% of their share.
  • These are just "smart" phones right?
  • "Here we go again folks, more analyst news! This time it's Gartner's turn with an interesting (and exciting) number of reported sales for WP7 in the first quarter of this year. If this number is true (or somewhat accurate) then this will turn skeptics into believers."What!?As others have pointed out here, if the numbers are to be believed this means old Windows Mobile devices are still outselling WP7 devices. According to Engadget:"Gartner sees these numbers as evidencing a failure "to grow in consumer preference" by WP7's launch devices, though it predicts better things ahead, with Nokia's participation helping to accelerate the platform's momentum. For more (much more!) stats relating to the global cellphone market in Q1 2011, click on the source link for Gartner's full disclosure."Richard, leaving out obvious observations and context isn't the way to score points. This perhaps is your worst post to date.
  • Engadget is one of the most anti-MS sites out there. they don't even have an app for wp7 yet. nice trolling btw.
  • Well half the media outlets are calling Windows Phone, Windows Mobile so how does anyone know how accurate the Gartner numbers are. Not challenging the total count, just the split. Bet they are off by about 50%. WinMo can't represent more than 25% of Microsoft OS phone sales in Q1-2011. I don't believe it.
  • taiban,Thanks for your criticism, I'm actually in agreement that this post doesn't show off my l337 skillz and failing to expand on how the big picture isn't too bright as silencing skeptics with solid numbers was the downfall here. However, I took a more positive approach to the reported "number of sales" (as jimski pointed out) I also don't believe WinMo accounted for more than 25% of Microsoft smartphone sales in Q1 this year) and thought the strong number was a good indication that the OS is selling.
  • So unless Nokia puts out a WP7, the os will be in the other category pretty soon.
  • WP7 will take off when MS amps up the connectivity with Office - for non-exchange users.Outlook Connector DOES NOT WORK ... I use Google Calendar sync (which works great), and I am SOL on my outlook contacts.
  • The better news here is that Palm is dead.