1Shot Camera updated as a universal app for Windows 10 Mobile

1Shot Camera, a camera app with a long history on Windows Phone, has been updated to be a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Though it's only available for Mobile devices, the app is now based on modern UWP APIs on Windows 10 Mobile.

1Shot Camera is a photography app that's meant to help you capture and save the highest resolution shots possible on your phone. It sports simple settings to get a quick shot, but there are also more advanced options for things like ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and white balance presets. Once you've got your shot, you can save the high-res results right to your camera roll or OneDrive.

If you enjoy toying around with different camera apps on your Windows 10 Mobile device, 1Shot is certainly worth a look. And for anyone still on Windows Phone 8.1, 1Shot remains available there as well.

Download 1Shot Camera from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I tried this once before, I'll give it a try again when I get a chance.
  • Not so good compared to default camera app
  • Really? That's a bummer.
  • Atleast we have only one alternative to default camera app in uwp.
  • One person dev compared to an larger more capable team ? I definitely can't compete on UX. Feature wise, I am game.. I originally developed this app to overcome the early version of Nokia Camera limitations on 1020. You can ping me with any issues etc.
  • Give it a go and i would love to have feedback on it
  • I tried it back in WP8.1 on Lumia 930 and 1320 and it always got my phone super hot and battery drain issues. I've never tried your app again.
  • @rohan let me know if you still see similar issues. I think heating was a major issue on 930 at least in early days
  • Still shows up as a WP8.1 app for me at the moment.
  • I had the Min version set to Anniversary Update. Trying to push an update as we speak to fix an issue. Will try compiling it to 10586
  • Does the app make any difference to the same Lumia camera?
  • It provides 2 sets of options, simpler and advanced. UWP version will take a few days to get up to see with previous SL version which was developed over a long period of time.
  • I'll give this a spin. Currently use ProShot which is feature rich but can be slow to initially launch.
  • Umm... you missed the app's one huge USP, featured here http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/features/item/22148_1Shot_UWP-how_to_zoo... - and the article went up several hours before the linked tweet, by the way 8-)
  • front facer doesnt work on my 950 xl it simply crashes
  • aah yes i introduced some pre-capture focus and never tested those changes with FFC that doesn't have any auto focus support. Pushing an update now that should fix this.
  • maybe having a beta version of the app that Windows Insiders can test and provide you feedback would be great
  • I had it on flight for a while :) deleted the flight whilst trying to ensure that it was visible correctly in store. I wil try again.
  • Does actually work on Windows 10. Loaded it up on my Surface 3, and everything seems to work. Front and Back camera work OK. Kind of a neat setting interface I think, like the old OneNote radial widget. Appreciate the developer taking the time to do a UWP. Thanks (I know you are here :) )
  • Its a full UWP app. I think @SteveLitchfield deserves a thanks as he asked me multiple times when i was planning to port it to UWP
  • I am still using one sight 360 even though the f**king dev has left the app.. But there no other camera even in wp 10 to compete with this..
  • I would like to see default camera option for this cam app.
  • sorry i raised a uservoice a long time ago and it was rejected.