Music startup 22tracks works with Microsoft to redesign its web experience for touch

Microsoft has teamed up with startup 22tracks, which focuses on helping consumers discover new music through curated playlists, to redesign its experience with touch in mind. If you're not familiar with 22tracks, the genre-based music collections are by multiple experts from different parts of the world. The two parties have come together to build a new HTML5 interface with numerous features.

Perfect for those wielding touch devices (like tablets and phones), the new 22tracks experience sports a new music control panel, interactive audio visualizer and even options to download tracks from Xbox Music. We recommend you check it out if you're both a fan of new music and touch-friendly web experiences. It's also a slight contrast to the news about Microsoft ignoring an Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability.

Touch is clearly the way forward with more form factors and devices being released, and we're excited to see what other experiences can be created. Here's a sweet helpful walkthrough to show you what's new on this touch-optimized web service:

Source: 22tracks, via: The Next Web

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Maybe they can help Nokia mixradio I like it but it always wants to play the clean version even when I have explicit content aloud.( note Microsoft owns Nokia mixradio)
  • Is this the same team as 8track?
  • So Microsoft, when are you going to revolutionize XBox music with some enhanced playlist functionality? And I won't even start on XBox Music on Windows Phone 8.1. But its good that their engaging the development community like this.
  • Xbox music should have an update tomorrow. It's been two weeks since the last update.
  • Don't hold your breath.
  • Why not? They've been good with updates so far..even though they don't seem to address the most pressing issues IMO!
  • You must be new here
  • LOL..You can check out my profile..!
  • And you can check mine.:)
  • So can we get a new music player??
  • +920
  • Link to new version of the second video: And it's a bit lame that the headline picture doesn't show the site as designed -- in IE.
  • Chrome browser... Hmmm...
  • Wait a minute, this company is asking MS to help them with there music app? Obviously they haven't seen Xbox music. This company is headed for bankruptcy.
  • Agreed. MS should do something with Xbox music app first. It's not a time to help other if you cannot even manage your own problem.
  • I agree. Really thought this was funny. I've spent two evenings trying to get playlists to sync from my PC app to my phone...
  • Seriously, when will I get a collabo to get me in the news so i  can claim to be a professional!!?? I could have helped 22Tracks with a solid, responsive, touch enabled site at my digital solutions company. Why do they need a multi-billion dollar company to help them with that??
  • On top of the fact that said company can't even fix tired own apps
  • I have to use the music hub tile to even use Xbox music. I get nothing but slow loading with a black screen.
  • I gave up on XBox music about 5 mins after playing with Nokia MixRadio. I don't know why I resisted for so long
  • Love mix radio!