3 tips for you to succeed on Overwatch's new map: Busan

Overwatch's latest map is set in the city of Busan in South Korea, and its three stages each have a unique layout where a variety of different strategies can flourish. After extensively playing the map myself on the test servers, I've figured out some great tips that can help you achieve victory on each stage.

Sanctuary: Don't fight on the objective

While it may seem counter-productive to avoid the point while fighting in Overwatch, it's necessary for the Sanctuary stage. Considering it's the smallest point in the entire game, and is located on low ground with almost no cover, Sanctuary's objective is a terrible position for teams to huddle in.

Instead, it's best to stick to the pathways and high grounds that surround the point. This gives you a large advantage if the other team goes right for the objective, and once they're dead, you can safely move in and take it back.

MEKA: Play a tanky lineup

The MEKA stage is very close quarters focused with little room to move around. Because of this, team compositions with Reinhardt and Zarya work best. Both of these tank heroes have a very high damage potential up close compared to tanks like Winston or Wrecking Ball, and when paired with damage dealers like Reaper or Junkrat, will dominate the confined spaces.

It's also a big advantage to have Lucio and Moira here. Lucio's speed boost helps the beefy tank characters get into the fight quickly, and Moira's strong area-of-effect healing is fantastic for teams who are huddled behind Reinhardt barriers.

Downtown: Control the sightlines

The Downtown stage contains several different sniper perches in the middle of the map that have a good view of both flank routes and the point, so it's a good idea to have a Widowmaker or a Hanzo here. They'll be able to rain down devastating attacks wherever the enemy are, and in intense Overwatch games, sometimes all it takes to win a team fight is a headshot kill on a healer or damage dealer. Medium range heroes like Soldier: 76 and McCree can be powerful in these positions, too.

Mobile heroes like Winston, D.Va, and Genji can all close the distance on sniper characters quickly, however. In order to give your snipers the space they need, counter-attack anyone that dives onto them.

Your thoughts

What do you think of the new Overwatch map Busan? What are some of your favorite strategies to run on the three different stages? Let me know down below.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One for $59.99.

Brendan Lowry

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