3D face scanning using Windows Phone being explored by Microsoft Research

If you don't love Microsoft Research then you don't love ice cream sundaes or anything else good in the world, because who else is busy figuring out how to make Windows Phone scan faces and build 3D models? So what if they call it "Skynet UI", what bad could come of this?! Zhiwei Li, Richard Cai, and Jiawei Gu are even sharing their work on the web, making sci-fi look just a little more real. Here's the abstract:

3D scanning on portable device is a technology that empower people turn physical objects into high-quality 3D models with the normal RGB camera capturing on mobile device and support for 3D printing. The Skynet UI design aims to enhance user experience to lower the barriers between common consumers and 3D reconstruction

Video above. If you want all the scientific details and a ton more pictures, hit the link below. Then tell me — how awesome would this be as part of Windows Phone next?

Source: Microsoft Research

Rene Ritchie

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