5 reasons I really like the Duo Ultrapixel camera on the HTC One for Windows

The HTC One M8, previously loaded with Android and now with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, is considered the flagship Windows Phone device for the fall. Although it is currently only available on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are both on target to get the phone, likely in the coming weeks. Although no international plans have been announced, I have to believe that the One will go global as well. As a result, many of you may want to consider this phone as your next.

Before I jump into a full review, I want to touch upon what is likely the most controversial aspect of the HTC One: its Duo Ultrapixel camera. Lumia users are used to owning the imaging market when it comes to Windows Phone, and as a result, I have seen a reflexive negative reaction to the HTC One's camera, often without evidence.

Is the HTC One for Windows better than a Lumia 930 or a Lumia 1520? In many ways, it is an unfair question as it depends on what aspects of photography you are considering. The Lumia 1520/Lumia 930 have excellent cameras, but there are cons to it as well, likewise with the HTC One. Here is my experience so far and why I like using the Duo Camera on the HTC One.

HTC Duo Ultrapixel camera – What is it?

There is little doubt that HTC likes to pepper its technology with some buzzwords, hence 'ultrapixel' and 'duo camera,' although the latter is a literal description. HTC is likely picking this up from the king of fad lingo Apple, and although some of you may cringe, even Nokia never shied away from adopting the same strategy e.g. ClearBlack, PureView, Super-Sensitive Touch, etc.

At its heart, the HTC One's camera is a somewhat radical departure from the trend in mobile imaging. I think it is an interesting approach, although it is not all pure gains either. Here is what the camera features:

  • Duo Camera – The HTC One features two camera on the rear, one 4 MP one and one 1 MP one. The second, smaller camera and a separate sensor are used for depth information
  • Ultrapixel – HTC is opting for larger pixels (2 microns) versus the smaller ones found in similar phones (usually around 1.1 microns). In imaging, larger pixels are better because they can pick up more light. The downside is either you need a larger sensor to keep up the megapixel count or you cut back on the amount of megapixels. HTC chose the latter, likely because of cost and spacing issues when building the phone. Is it a gimmick? No, but there are downsides going this route too, more on that below.
  • BSI sensor – Backside illuminated (BSI) sensors are standard and preferred these days. This setup puts the wiring behind the sensor and gives better lowlight performance.
  • f/2.0 – The aperture determines how much light enters the lens and sensor. The lower the f-stop, the more light let in. However, there is a tradeoff, as lower f-stops tend to be less sharp, with shallower depth-of-field aka the background blur in images. Higher f-stops tend to be sharper, but do not do well indoors. The HTC One falls in on the lower range on devices available today. By comparison, a Lumia 1520 and a Lumia 930 have a f/2.4 aperture, whereas the upcoming Lumia 730 has a very low f/1.9.
  • 28mm lens – Nokia often favor 26mm lenses, so in this case, the Lumia 1520 takes slightly wider photos
  • HTC ImageChip 2 – Not only does the HTC One feature the newer Snapdragon 801 chipset, but HTC have also put in their own proprietary secondary chip dedicated to the camera. Dubbed ImageChip 2, HTC has been doing this for a while, going back to early 2012 with the HTC Titan 2 and its 16 MP camera, and carrying over to the HTC 8X. The purpose of the chip is to help render photos more quickly and offload processing from the main CPU. The result is a faster camera experience.

With the technical details out of the way, here are 5 reasons why I really like this camera.

1. Speed

Clocking in a 2.3 GHz and featuring that aforementioned HTC ImageChip2, the One's camera is super-fast for snapping photos. This speed bump applies to launching the camera, focusing, and processing, all of which making taking photos feel more natural. However, not having a dedicated camera button ironically slows things down a bit. The One also has built in burst mode: hold down the on-screen shutter button and take an avalanche of photos. The best image can later be picked automatically for quick saving.

2. HDR and Panorama

I have never cared for the Lumia panorama experience and it something the imaging team has ignored for a long time now. Like the iPhone, the HTC One does some amazing panoramas with its built in app (selected through the menu). Users start the photo from one end and just slowly move the phone across the horizon while keeping it level. There are no buttons to push as the phone does all the work. You can also do nearly a 360-degree pano as there are no limitations to the size. The camera, using that ImageChip2, then processes the picture without much delay.

HDR (high-dynamic range) is coming to the Lumia Denim update, but HTC have it built in right now. Just chose HDR instead of Auto and take a photo, processing time is about 1.25 seconds. HDR is a personal taste issue, though I find HTCs implementation in the middle and not too extreme. Unfortunately, there are no controls for HDR, as it is an all-or-nothing effect.

3. Effects

When set to Auto, the HTC One's camera takes photos with the full-depth information already on board. There is nothing to think about; instead, you just take a picture. Later, you can edit the image to bring up selective focus, color the background, or add filters.

On-screen live filters consist of grayscale, sepia, negative, and solarized.

Modes of shooting include auto, night, HDR, anti-shake, portrait, landscape, backlight, text, and macro.

Manual controls comprise of ISO (auto – 1600), Exposure Value (-2 to +2 in half steps), White balance (incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, cloudy or auto)

For the above photo, I used the backlight mode, which is why instead of blownout highlights in the window, you can actually see the street.

Although the manual controls are not as powerful as those in Nokia Camera, they are actually substantial enough to keep me busy and enjoying the experience. I do wish though that you could do long exposures, something the PureView cameras can do.

4. Image quality

I think the HTC One takes great photos. There, I said it. In low-light situations, it is not always as good as a Lumia but more often than not, it surprises me with the results. Likewise, for metering, as the tap-to-meter (and focus) function is very sensitive, letting you control the exposure and lighting of the image with precision. Even the colors fall in line with what I consider impressive (and you can adjust default contrast, sharpness, and saturation in settings).

However, where image quality fails is details for far away objects and the inability to 'crop to zoom' as found on the high-end Lumias, especially the 41 MP Lumia 1020 and to a lesser extent on the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 with 20 MP. This limitation with the HTC One is the big trade off. Instead, you get the speed, accuracy, excellent settings, and solid IQ, but you sacrifice detail and cropping. You can, of course, crop the image, and for primary crops, it is fine, but for 'zoom to crop' on details, you certainly lose information with only 5 MP.

5. The original 'selfie' phone

Finally, although I am not a habitual front-facing camera user, especially for so-called selfies, the HTC One sports an impressive 5MP front-facing camera with a BSI sensor, 1080p full HD video, and wide angle lens. You can even use HDR mode though I am not sure why (human subjects look odd in HDR).

Like I said, I am not a regular selfie person, but even I have to admit I could see using this camera more often for that purpose because the quality, in comparison to other phones, is top notch. Even for Skype video call users it impressive.

Microsoft is boasting that the Lumia 730 is the selfie phone, and due to its lower price point, it is more likely to end up in the hands of younger people, versus the high-end HTC One. However, while the Lumia 730 does do some good selfies, the HTC One is likely better.


If you follow me on Twitter ( @daniel_rubino), or Instagram, many of the photos I have been posting lately come from the HTC One. This observation reveals two bits of information: I like using this camera, and I like using this phone.

To get back to the question is it better than my Lumia 1520? It is a nuanced answer. Yes, for some things, it is better, like speed, HDR, panos, refocus effects, and more. For others, the Lumia 1520 is better such as 'zoom to crop,' RAW image support, etc. For a video, the Lumia 1520 is the clear winner with its HAAC mics and Dolby Digital 5.1 recording (see my earlier article discussing those features).

Do not let the critics deter you. The HTC One's camera is very capable and in the right hands, you can take some stunning photos with it. I think more often than not people have smudges on the One's lens, which is easy to get from touching, but also easy to wipe, and it results in some of those poor pictures seen online. Other times, I think it is just reviewers not knowing how to make the most out of the camera.

Regardless, even an avid shutterbug like myself finds value in the One's camera, and that is not me giving it a 'pass', but more of 'I really like taking photos with this thing' result.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Why not a direct comparison with the 1520? I may do so at a later point, but to be honest, I wanted the HTC One's images to stand on their own, as this is how they look in real life. Are they good enough for you? Do you like the color balance or noise levels? Forget pixel peeping and see if the photos are worthy of a modern camera phone.
  • I'm so badly waiting for news on a 1520 replacement. Need a new phone buy dont feel like dumping money on a phone this late in its life.
  • Always looking at the horizon.. You won't see anything spectacular till prolly spring 15. If you need a phone now pull the trigger. If you want the next new gadget well then keep your eye that horizon
  • Me too waiting on looking at new phones.
  • Me too. (1530?) Although the HTC one is impressive.
  • Yeah lack of a 1520 replacement is the only thing keeping me on Verizon with an Icon at this point. I'm fed up with the lack of updates. I've always hated AT&T in the past, but thanks to T-Mobile, they don't seem as bad anymore. Also they seem to be the only carrier that actually gives a crap about WP.
  • Agreed, would love to see a direct comparison with the 1520. I have the 1520, and was fortunate enough to test the m8 on android, and I found, overall, the quality of pics to be superior, on the 1520. Of course, the cameras was faster, on the m8, but overall the pics were more detailed, and the dng pics had far more legroom, in lightroom. The m8 has advantages - overall I chase to stick with a galaxy s 5, for android, as I found that camera to better in real world use. And faster than the 1520, off course.
  • Camera speed won't be an issue on the 930, 1520 and Icon much longer.  Lumia Denim firmware update will speed up the camera both in terms of launching (pushing dedicated camera button will launch camera in about 1 second) and picture-to-picture snapping (about 50 milliseconds between pictures).  Really looking forward to this on my Icon!  Unfortunately, Verizon still hasn't released the Cyan update yet! Of course I don't mean to take away from the HTC or in any way undermine Daniel's article.  Both phones are great and I always enjoy reading Daniel's articles.  I just felt it necessary to inform everyone that the Denim update will speed up the camera significantly since Daniel failed to mention it in this article.  Otherwise, great article Daniel, keep up the great work man!
  • Great review Daniel. Thanks for the info. I think this article accomplishes quite a bit for the Windows Phone ecosystem. I say that because Nokia has been the platforms champion and "almost" exclusive OEM for so long we have cone to see Nokia as synonymous with Windows Phone. I know that for myself, when reading reviews, articles and watching videos when Windows Phone has been compared to the horde of rival devices, HTC, LG, Sony, Apple, Blackberry, etc. sporting non-Windows Devices cognitively though (I) know there were a few other Windows Phone OEMs supporting the platform - it seemed like a Nokia(Windows Phone) versus everyone else scenario. I find that when even considering the HTC M8 for Windows I've had to check my thinking as I noticed, yes though it is a Windows Phone device, the platform I passionately support, I may have been a bit more "critical" in my comparisons to the Nokia devices having gotten into the habit of pitting and seeing Nokia pitted againt other OEM's when new devices hit the market. But this HTC M8 for Windows is actually a win for our platform. Sure we might have some alliegience to "Nokia" devices, they've quite literary saved Windows Phone. But they've dome such a god job carving out sufficient market share that we are the 3rd horse in the race and introduced quality build and imaging tech that has won some mindshare that they've helped further legitimize the platform to developers and and OEMs. Nokias great work, tied to Microsoft's lowering requirements and dropping licensing fees helped bring HTC to the point where they have now offered thier premiere flagship device on OUR beloved platform. That's great! So Daniel, you've done a good job highlighting aspects of a non-Nokia Windows Phone that actually are BETTER than Nokia's implementation. To have a powerful OEM put our platform on THIER best hardware os a win. No OEM can be the BEST at everything. But to finally begin getting the CHOICE of the BEST from other OEMs on our platform of choice is not cause for we Windows Phone fans to gather and huddle protectively around Nokia/Nokia Devices afraid they will be outdone. They've done their job. They've breathed more life into our ecosystem.
    I hope the HTC M8 is the first of a long line of flagship devices that OEM decide to offer both Windows and Android on. When it happens, we should be prepared to celebrate the diversity and the superior aspects of those devices, for it simply breathes life into the ecosystem and legitimizes the platform for the general populace, and positions it as a real choice in the minds of consumers. Mindshare- This is what we have always wanted.
  • Thanks and well said.
  • @Daniel Thanks yw and sorry for the typos in my post above.:-)
  • Loved it when you mentioned 'our platform'.  Amazed at your command over the language and yes, thanks for making us all proud of our Windows phones. That's what your comments makes us in to.
  • @miketer thanks for the compliment despite my many typos :-) I think Windows Phone fans have a strong commitment to the platform. There is, in many cases an honesty of the platforms shortcomings(as there have been many over the years as the platform has matured) as well as many of the unique strengths.
    I think our belief that MS will continue to deliver innovation to an already "different" and powerfully productive and fun platform keeps us looking forward and locked in despite some interesting and sometimes intriguing developments on other platforms.
    I don't think any of us should be so devoted that we are blind to legitimate developments or successes, or simply things that an individual may find interesting in another ecosystem. Tech is tech. I'm interested in tech.
    Thus I appreciate Apple's great prowess at design, integration of software and hardware, marketing strength, partnerships with developers, Apple Pay and the like. Google's Android L looks, in my opinion rather sleek, and its multiscreened, even on the web, intended ubiquity, looks like Google's version of an imminent implementation of Microsoft's Windows everywhere efforts.
    Yet despite what I sincerely like in other ecosystems, the synergistic combination of Microsoft's Modern UI, productivity, Live Tiles(which in my humble opinion are ahead of their time-I think other companies will try to mimic the simplistic data-centric dynamic info delivering system Microsoft's Live Tiles afford us. HTC's Blinkfeed for example is an attempt, as well as Samsung's Magazine UI); Microsoft's current and potential integration of products and services(I am a One Note addict!), XBox, Xbox Music and of course Cortana. What she can do and will be able to do with visual recognition(Adam Project) and other implementations where she will be able to "perceive" her environment are awesome; these and many other aspects of WP ecosystem have me sold.
    I don't think anyone should be so blindly devoted to a brand that they can't acknowledge pros about a rival product. I think the best, and honest approach is to "know" the competition, "know" your brand, "know" what you like be honest about your choice and be able to articulate why you have made a particular choice.
    Blind devotion "just because..." isn't even fair to oneself.
    That's why articles like this one, which take us beyond our beloved Nokia(though still within our ecosystem) are good for our platform. We are the ones that have stood stoically beside a struggling product, boldly extolling its virtues in the face of critical blog, vlog, analysis, prediction time and time again. Now here we are with HTC "really" on board. Lets keep that passion flowing. The M8 is great. Tell somebody!:-)
    I know this is off topic , but Daniel introduced a very interesting and thought provoking post a few days ago asking a question, something to the affect, Do Windows Phone Fans Have to be as Rude as Apple Fans to Win( I know I got the title wrong) I don't think so. We enthusiasts, know our product. We know why we like it. We're not blindly following a trend. Intelligent articulation of these points I think is our strength.
    I http://jltechword.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/a-winphans-lament-and-praise-...
  • Hey, in article u wrote 28mm lens is wider than 26mm. Its a typo. Nice to know htc implemented proper imaging chip.
  • Thanks for breaking the second last barrier in my way to switching to the HTC ONE from my 925, at first I thought the camera sucked, but I'd been hearing mixed reviews either claiming its good, or crap, since I trust your reviews, I'm gonna go ahead and say itsa a good camera, the only thing in my way now is for T-mobile to release it! You guys gonna report when T-mobile releases it?
  • Yup, will definitely report on T-Mo and any news (it's in testing right now). Glad this helped!
  • I'd get an 830 over this one but that's just me lol
  • i wanted an 830, but what really set me off, was hey cortana, if I'm gonna buy a new phone, I want to atyleast be able to support the latest features, plus android batteries are huge... im tired of microsoft/nokias tiny ass batteries, i get that WP is effeceint enough to not need giant batteries, but why not shove them in anyway?
  • I agree with the general premise. I often can't tell the difference in photos, it's just something my eye isn't trained to see (like how 720p and 1080p on games don't really look differently to me). However, there's also the problem that you're better at the photo taking than many of us. I want to see how the One performs when I'm behind it, and in low-light conditions. I've not been taught to play with settings and how to improve conditions with them. That means that I mostly am jsut going with the default settings and letting the camera do its thing. That works fine for my 920, but I fear I'd have complaints with this thing.
  • I'm like that except with TVs- I can't actually tell the difference between HD and normal picture quality...
  • Please always include Low Light (Indoors at bars, restaurants, clubs, concerts...) photos in the reviews...maybe just night time shots outdoors will suffice as well...1520's low light performance is terrible compared to my 925
  • The HTC one M8 pictures render a better white balance than the Lumias. I wonder why Nokia never got that right. The green hue always remains, except when there is abundant light.
  • Like I said AMAZING Panoramas :)
  • May be we should wait till Denim is installed on L1520 before doing a direct comparison.  I was going to upgrade my wife's L920 to L930.  Since L930 is not coming to AT&T, I'm leaning to go with HTC One.  But now the new features provided on Denim are so tempting that make me to think twice about HTC One, even with the positive review here.  On the other hand, L1520 is too big for her.  L830 is coming to AT&T, but I'm not too hot about the Snapdragn 400.  I would rather to go with SN 800 phones in order to get all the new Denim features.  It seems there is no high-end 5" Lumis flagship that would come to AT&T in the near term, we might just have to skip this upgrading cycle and wait till the Spring of 2015.  It is tough to be a AT&T customer these days.  They just don't want to sell you a phone you want.
  • I am having the exact issue. I have my 1520. I love it. Too big for my wife. I'm not going to get an 830 the specs are meh...if the 930 came it would be the replacement for her 920. Which she absolutely loves. The HTC One, I've had a few HTC phones in the past the batteries are always shoddy. The One may change my mind especially with that fancy flip-cover...she might like that.
  • Good enough? For me the answer has to be no, but I have a 1020.
    A 1030 could make me buy my next WP.
    The pictures looks good enough for everyday use, and I think it is great that htc took their top model and put Windows Phone in it.
    Now, if just Sony would do the same...
    And a global launch...
  • I have to say this photos don't look as good as a 2.1mp Sony point and shoot that I used to own. They are grossly lacking pixel detail and your higher sharpness only adds more noise. You should absolutely compare the shots because it is important to see. I personally don't take my cellphone pics off my cellphone I have a DSLR for that and it is difficult to know the compare otherwise. I own a 1020 and while shots look good on the phone not sure what they'd look like on a pc so maybe I am being too critical.
  • In the original M8 there's a long shutter mode, only it doesn't work like Nokia's, the mode just collects the picture before you press the shutter and you choose to take the shot anytime meaning its easier to make long exposure shots on it because you have an actual preview of what happened, but sadly because of the big aperture 2.0 the light just fills up quickly and you need some subtle lighting to get some good shots, also you have to pray your hands don't shake the phone and ruin it :D
  • Overall I just like seeing flagship Android handsets port over to WP and outperform their previous OS. Fingers crossed for the Sony Xperia Z2/Z3 & LG G3 on WP...Or maybe I should say "paws crossed" ja feel?
  • Sony may need to, they just loss $1.6 Billion in just 1 quarter!
  • I'm really hoping... Sony's phones are like what SamSung would be if SamSung cared about build quality. 5.2" screen 21.7MP camera and waterproof.
  • I'd like Sony to port a phone over too. But in all honesty, I think Samsung's offering on WP seem more high end than their Android Counterparts. Of course, internally, Android's are always a step or two ahead. But aesthetically, I think we get the bigger end of the deal.
  • It's a real shame that, with such exemplary hardware, Sony ate still suffering with poor sales - but then so are wp. No justice in the world.
  • I think If Sony made Windows Phones and Microsoft let them use the PlayStation branding in place of the standard Xbox branding in the other Windows Phones, then Sony might be able to steal some market share in Japan for WP. Especially if Sony made their phone capable of downloading and playing PSP/Vita games and being the most PS4 friendly smartphone. If they did those things they could possibly attract some of the large PlayStation fanboy market. Something I don't think they could do on a more RAM taxxing OS like Android.
  • I want Sony hardware for WP too and I agree that probably theres no Sony WP is because of Xbox branding and services included in the OS. Microsoft should let them pass and give a deal of removing Xbox services in WP for Sony smartphones. Since WP 8.1, Xbox Music and Videos became an app which they can remove and make it optional download from Store if users still want it.
    Another thing, for people want dedicated shutter button (including me) would love Sony phones since most of their devices have one.
  • The Z3 Compact would be my dream phone for WP.
  • absolutely, android is giving them the middle finger in sales, too much competency, they need WP, where people actually care about hardware quality, if i were ever going to buy a phone from a company other than nokia-microsoft, it would definately be sony or htc
  • Android isn't giving Sony the middle finger, the carriers are in the US are. It's hard to buy a high end Sony device here, just like it's hard to buy Windows Phones.
  • Good Sir what were you knighted for? :)
  • That would be relatively easy port for Sony and LG as the WP8.1 has made the porting easy.  HTC has demonstrated that with minimal engineering investment.  They would have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  There is just one problem that more OEMs would come to share the small pie at this time.  :-)
  • My Lumia 920 still take better pics
  • yup lol X-)
  • I totally agree...
  • Preach lol
  • German beer xD like it ^^ Also try to picture moving elements . Those pictures get so worse .. The 1520 takes much better pictures of moving objects. Looking forward to 4k Moment capture
  • How so? I can hold down the shutter key and do a burst mode for fast subjects with no mode switching on the One. HTC One's camera is also a ton faster than the 1520's from launch to focus to snapping the photo.
  • Hmm a Friend has The m8 and its really really bad at taking pictures of moving scenes or moving object.
    But when it arrives in German and Vodafone will carrie it too I will definitely get it cause I love the HTC photo shop styled stuff . But like I said its the camera which still makes me question that phone ...
  • Agreed - the m8 is considerably faster than the 1520. That said, the quality of pics is better, on the 1520... If you can capture the pic, in dng, of course
  • I didn't know about the auto burst mode, thanks!
  • Daniel, how different is it going back to charging a device with a cable rather than Wirelessly? Do you miss any of the Nokia apps? Is it worth it to leave the 920 for the M8?
  • I don't miss wireless that much. Sure, it is nice, but I can't say it has deterred me from using the One. Re: Nokia apps, no, I don't miss any.
  • I have to echo Daniel on this one... At first moving from Wireless Charging on my 925 was hell... I had DT-900's and 910's everywhere and even a JBL PowerUp... I loved just setting my phone down to charge it. Moving to the M8, I hated finding my wall outlets to plug into.. Then I realized that I didn't need to charge during the day anymore. The battery life is easily double what my 925 gave me... Now, as far as the camera goes, the M8 images have better reproduction than the 1520 does - but tend to be a bit saturated. Whites are brighter and details are cleaner - until you zoom. Once you start zooming, things go 100% to the 1520. You can chop about 70% of the image before you drop to the same resolution - which is quite a zoom. Other than that, I give the edge to the M8.  
  • I prefer the 1520 hands down.
  • For my pictures I want the best quality I can get with no fancy filtering or anything else to sully the moment and a few of those advantages will be eliminated with the Denim update so I'll stick with my 1020/1520 combo.
  • Besides HDR, and the one black and white photo, those are all on Auto with no "fancy filtering or anything else".
  • People are going to find reasons to slam the M8's camera regardless of this article telling them it's good. I'm glad Daniel wrote this though, there's been too many wild accusations about the camera on this device in the forums.
  • +2520
  • If nothing else, I learnt the significance of the f/X stat. Otherwise, good food for thought.
  • +520
  • Thanks Daniel, a brilliant balanced article. Based on user comments me and few of my pals felt that the m8 camera was quite bad. This article was definitely needed to dispel the notion.
  • Thanks, glad to help. I'm sort of surprised by the knee-jerk "the camera is crap" response from some Lumia owners, who clearly have not used this phone or camera. My guess is trying to justify one's commitment to hardware, where I just use what I feel is ideal at the time.
  • It's what we've seen repeatedly from the Nokia apologist here. ANY high end feature from other OEMs instantly get pooped on, it's even happening in the comments here.
  • "Pooped on"....ladies and gentlemen Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!!! lol
  • The phone is fine, the camera is fine, I just have a problem with HTC not supporting there phones for a long period of time. Poor poor Titan.   
  • Yup, although that for me is a separate issue, it is one to consider.
  • Yup, I am still on my HTC Titan on AT&T. I never got a single update. Still sitting on the original WP7.5 it shipped with. I am just praying for a 1030 or other 5" flagship on AT&T before I finnally break down. Even my wife's 635 has me jealous... in some ways.
  • I remember I got an HTC phone for $550. The screen broke, so I sent it to HTC for repairs. It took them months to get back to me. And to make things worse, they said the repair and the replacement screen would cost me $600. If HTC's support were great, and I didn't have that experience, I would get the M8 to replace my old 920.
  • Panorama... Any app that lets me go across a flat surface, like a table, and snap my own pics? Most use the gryo, yet if I'm using the camera grip and a cart, I want my own control...
    Another camera question, any bt shutter clickers?
  • If Nokias are usually 26mm and the HTC One is 28mm, than the Nokia phones offer wider angle shots, but not by much.
  • Nokia rules
  • The lack of a camera button is idiotic, and keeps this phone a non-starter for me.  Picture quality seems good enough, but I'm not pinning a large tile for the camera to my start screen when I should be able to snap right away by holding in the camera button.
  • This is absolutely true. At least for me. I do need a camera button and I love being able to press it to wake up the phone and be ready to take a picture/video.
  • Same. Hope I wont disappears to fast in the Lumia series since 630 started it
  • There are going to be very few phones you'll enjoy then with Nokia also dropping it from a couple of their models.
  • Microsoft is only dropping it from non-PureView models, which kind of makes sense. Since Denim is dependant on the button for 4K/HD Moments, they will not be abandoning it for their PureVIew line anytime soon.
  • Like +1. Thanks for that info. Did you liked denim ? I read your ( wpca) article but how does it change the way u going to use the other camera apps ? And does it change the Microsoft camera a lot in its performance? Cause right now I'm just using one shot and the standard cam
  • I think Denim is a pretty big deal for imaging, more so if you are on a 930 or 1520.
  • Both ^^ will dev prev get it ? Just wondering
  • What about if you have a Pureview phone but last gen (925, 920) ? You guys haven't been too clear on what exactly we will get with Denim and how restricted will the new Lumia Camera app be for the 925 or 920?
  • At this point, with it MS launching more devices without PureView than with (530, 630 & 730/5 vs 830), it seems like the non-button devices are going to outnumber those with. Obviously that can change, but without any news, it doesn't seem like it will in the immediate future.
  • If it just has a higher Resolution!!!
  • Why?
  • It's has 720p and 1080p
  • Correction: a 26 mm lens is wider than a 28 mm lens. So the HTC has a narrower field of view than a typical Nokia camera.
  • True that.. But Daniel is not a professional photographer, so its okay if he made that mistake. Was just trying to clear our doubts about the camera for One.  
  • I love the HTC one m8 camera for android but still can't beat the 1520. I really like the zoes on the One .
  • "28mm lens – Nokia often favor 26mm lenses, so in this case, the HTC One takes slightly wider photos" Wouldn't that mean that the Nokia is slightly wider?
  • Exactly
  • That's a nice and thorough write-up. I wish they would've kept the OIS from the M7 but I can understand why as it'd probably throw off the second sensor. I have no problems with the quality of pics and rarely crop to zoom. I can't wait to catch this on at&t.
  • Sorry that camera is pure rubish... HTC is a Joke on cameras
  • Well, I disagree. I doubt many will look at the above photos and find your statement valid.
  • Sorry you can do better pictures with midrange phones with good light, like you did, This camera on a Flagship phone is That: Rubish
  • Nope, can't agree on that. 8x has great camera.
  • I don't know bit HTC has one of the best mobile cameras of all time . The M7 was great tho and the current desire not that damn impressive but good too . Btw . Personally I think HTC is a bit better than Nokia but just because of I've always been with HTC or Nokia.
  • I get a kick out of people that call something "rubbish" without even trying it. Haterz gonna hate, and all that.
  • Oh dear...i call it rubish because i actually used this camera before and been an HTC USER FOR 10 YEARS so SFO
  • What does ago mean?
  • SFO means... mind your own bussiness :)
  • Problem with Non-Nokia/MSFT phones is they neglect firmware updates and don't keep up. Once released, only the bare minimum updates get through, if at all.
  • Valid.
  • "Imagining" I LOVE taking imagines of things! c:
  • IMO the most important part of a phone camara is the low light video capture. I mean, 90% of my videos and photos are taken by night when I want to record the funniest moments with the first item available (my phone) and 70-80% of record type are videos, because video can capture not only the instant, but the whole atmosphere. So they should focus every effort on low light video capture. If I go to a journey, I'll take my 1kg camara to take pictures of the panorama and not a phone.
  • Nice phone and great thorough review once again Daniel thanks. I'm more than happy with the performance, camera, Nokia apps, Glance, and Qi on my 920 right now to give it up anytime soon. At least until a true 920/1020 successor comes along with the next incarnation of Pureview and blows everything away!
  • @DanielRubino Daniel, Lumia takes great Panoramic shots, at least the ones I've tried on my 1520
  • Have you compared it to the iPhone or something else? I think it's dirt, mostly for the stitching, which screws things up.
  • Let me share with you on Twitter the one I've tried...don't think iPhone can do it. Just shared @Daniel_Rubino
  • Yep . Panorama on Lumia is ... Lets just don't go there . It's a shame you need a own app to make panoramas.. Hope ms is changing it anytime soon
  • For me it works great, no complains. Better than IP5 or SG3. Much better
  • The ones I take on my 920 are ok. Honestly (and I'm sure no one will believe me) I kind of prefer the panaramas my old Titan II took, but I think the 920 is a tad bit better at stitching.
  • It's hit or miss, mostly choppy misses. Night time landscape panoramas work well though .
  • Did both night and day ones. I agree, that 1020 seems to be having a lot of lag with panoramas, but with 1520 result is always predictably good. (I own 520,920,1020 and 1520). Didn't try with 920, but these are my observations here.
  • Just a question or two.... House would HTC be with developer preview? Would it be better to stock it out till a new Lumia hits the market worthy chasing? Or I'd the risk low with the one? Can wireless charging be added like it is on samsungs?
  • The One cannot get the developer preview due to a general block on HTC devices. Something to do with their firmware. No wireless charging.
  • I saw you with this phone yesterday. Didnt wanna be a WP groupie while you were chilling haha so I didnt introduce myself but you were eating at half king and I was dining a table across from you. Also, peeped that beautiful green 1520
  • lol, that's me You could have said something, I wouldn't have minded.
  • Nah man you were with your lady friend. Or maybe that IS why I should've said something haha #wpcelebrity . I work in the BBQ on st. Marks come have a drink on me. Ask for Lenny! Friday , Saturday nights I'm always there
  • Well... Poo.... Ok.... Please say they didn't really kill the McLaren, and is so some kind of ploy! :| Thanks for the answer, that soul crushing answer.... :P
  • If HTC 8x get the official 8.1 update will it get the same camera app like the M8 has?
  • A 28mm lens would actually take more narrow pictures than a 26mm lens.
  • Are you talking about focal lenght, maybe?
  • I would never think about owning another HTC WP until they show that they are committed. Too risky IMO.
  • The camera of the One is good, but I prefer my Lumia 930.
  • +925
  • So glad you mentioned the mic's the reason I got rid of my Htc 8x for a 920 was the mic's performance when recording a concert, now owning a 1020 & seen nothing to replace it yet :)
  • I like that the camera and build quality of the M8 is good. Only issue I would have with leaving is the camera button and "crop later" part that's special to the lumias with 20MP and 41MP. If HTC or any other OEM can get something similar to this and a camera button. They can have my money. However I still like that fact that I have the biggest phone in town still even after the Iphone announcement. 6 inched FTW!!
  • Assuming the WP version has the same algorithms as the Android one (which is the version I tested), I maintain my opinion.   The camera isn't "bad" when we put it in the panorama of all phones available with a camera. I wouldn't be surprised if the results were very much in line with the Lumia 830.   HOWEVER, the M8 camera is just downright horrible WHEN compared with the cameras of the phones in the same tier as the M8, ie the Nokia L930, the Xperia Z2 & Z3, the LG G3, the S5. If the M8 wasn't a flagship phone, I would accept this UltraPixel bullcrap and the results of this camera as quite acceptable. However, the M8 is a flagship and for a flagship, the camera is very bad. No wonder there are already rumours of an upcoming version of the M8 with the normal 13mp shooter of the HTC E8.   However, for people who only want a camera for Instagram and selfies, the M8 is excelent. Instagram will ruin the quality of the photos anyway and the 5mp ff camera will be more than satisfactory for those ego trips that lead people to take photos of themselves.
  • True . The m8 was more like the m7 just bigger and with a better processor. That was all. The just upgraded it a bit ( like fifa .. Kinda true ) . It's not a new phone
  • You just read a review that said the camera was good, not horrible. I've always trusted Daniels opinion in the past, and I'm not about to start doubting him now.
  • I want a 1020 replacement
  • I'm giving up on it. Microsoft is dropping the batten since it swallowed Nokia
  • I'm hoping they are delaying to make use of the partnership with Canon. It would be great to have those algorithms and maybe even a Digic processor.
  • Wow those pictures are of good quality. I thought the camera sucked but thanks for clearing that up Danny. I am def considering this when/if it comes to tmobile
  • will lumias ever include dedicated imaging chip?
  • 1020
  • I was just checking some panoramas I took in London.. on my xbox one...on a 42" tv.. with Lumia panorama...and it's just gorgeous... the app works great...and the quality of the photos , in my humble opinion are better than the ones just posted....
  • "...you can actually see THE THE street"
  • Will it be quicker after the denim update. But to be honest, it got slapped with an ugly stick in production. Lumia is for nicer phone to look at. Lumia 930 just needs a sd card slot and second speaker and it would be the best if the best
  • My one hardware gripe about the 630... no camera button. So much slower to open and harder to keep steady. Often can't take pics on the fly without them being blurry.
  • I'll be waiting on a better Nokia on tmobile or the unicorn "surface"
  • Excellent write up Daniel, thank you.
    I was looking to more detailed info about the camera & here it is. You are the best!
    A couple of quick questions though,
    -does the HTC have the Zoe app\creator thingy like the android version?
    -does it have the GIF creator app like the android version?
    Thanks :)
  • Thanks, and no to the Zoe App, but it does have 'Video Highlight's which creates mini movies from your photos to share. It's basically a Zoe like thing. I may do a video on that tomorrow.
  • Ohh I see! Thanks Daniel, I appreciate it.
  • Can't wait for this to come to T-Mobile. Would really prefer to get a 1520 but no hope of that with T-Mobile and buying an unlocked one is not an option financially. Really hate having to settle for phone knowing I'd be much happier with another but can't beat T-Mobiles plans and have no choice.
  • it was sad to see htc ditch OIS in favor of adding a little gimmicky camera, but who knows, like you said, it has some potential, but most likely you are already tired of it and its not so funny anymore if only they tried to bring OIS back and made the camera a little bit bigger, 6mp at 2microns with IOS would definately give many modern cameras a run for their money, and give a real fight against pureview lumias while at it, since the speed advantage is not going to last with denim coming out this year, also 4k video requires over 8mp 16:9 so they better do something about it
  • IOS O.o
  • Daniel, the length in mm is actually focal length or something different??? If its focal length then 28 mm photos would be narrower than 26 mm. I just want to know what exactly it is???
  • Drones lol, brand loyalty
  • The kitty is so cute!!!
  • Good article. The camera was my major concern. If there is no new Lumia flagship when my contract expires at the beginning of Nov., then HTC here I come!
  • Thank you for the article!
    No I know for sure to wait for the Lumia 1030
  • It seems like the positives never outwieght the negatives here. The faster processing is slowed by the lack of a camera button. The effects are neat and fancy, but the low-light sucks. I consider those negatives to outweight the postiives, but that's as someone who isn't a camera-centric user and cares more about having a passable photo than primping it for Instagram. The other complaint I have here is that there is some legitimate truth that the HTC One is the everyday person's flagship for Windows Phone. The big downside there is that it's not widely available. The Icon/930 is probably a better choice to me, but it's a bit dated (thoguh running comaprable hardware). The 1520 is nicer, but on the large size for the masses. The 830 is a scam, running crap hardware just south of high-end pricing. Overall, I feel like there are too many compromises with the One. I like my off-screen buttons. I like the camera button. I like the low-light performance on the 920. I like having the bonuse updates to the Lumia firmware. I like Glance, double-tap to wake, and those other little things. If HTC put some real work into their flagship, it'd be a nice option. However, it kind of reeks of an Android copy-paste (which it is), and that means obvious negatives from that OS (off-screen buttons, so-so camera) get carried over and mess up a device with big potential.
  • Lumia owners had camera as the best feature or best camera.. Initial reviews says iphone6 easily beating 1520 or 930 .. So argument that best camera on nokia lumias is now invalid ( 920 owner)
  • You mean the (old) NEW 8mp sensor lacking ois without the iplus? Nice try
  • A lot of Lumia users are using the camera as a crutch, most having never picked up an m8. Coming from someone who just took beautiful photos of Paris and London a week ago, I can say with certainty that the inferiority of the m8 camera is greatly overstated. And I switched from an Icon.
  • I value your opinion highly since you actually own the device. Thanks for sharing!
  • What do you expect from the Nokia fanboys?
  • @Daniel htc has 4MP res right? can u compare 1520 shots downscale to 4MP or 5MP with htc? same res comparison will be great. BTW good unbiased review on HTC
  • Daniel, thanks for this review of the camera. I based my decision to buy a lumia 2520 based on your review of the 720's camera, since they share the same one, and it hasn't disappointed. out of curiosity, and this may be apples to oranges, but have you had enough time to review the 730/735 camera? I also agree that the panorama mode on lumia's are lacking. one other windows device that has the capability to make that sweeping panorama is the asus tablets. I know that the asus vivotab smart and the note 8(the best 8" tablet out there, imho) are capable of doing the same panorama sweep that you were showing there.
  • Review units for 730/830 aren't in yet, so can't test. Hopefully soon!
  • Yeah I'm good on this lol. Lumia still is the better all around camera with little compromise aside from speed.
  • How much do you find the lack of the camera button a problem?
  • Maybe stupid question, but to be any difference in m8 android and m8 WP picture quality?
  • The difference is that you can download more camera apps from the play store
  • Because not just hw but sw can change picture quality, maybe to be difference HTC camera apps...?
  • The best things about this is One the HTC will be a very nice phone regardless of  differences. Two... to get them onboard the coprocessor support needed to be completed by MS. So this will move the entire range of new phones to better shot to shot times and other features.  
  • Flagship win phone is an old android...not good news
  • It's one of the best phones on the market, PERIOD. It shouldn't bother you or anybody else that it was released on Android first.
  • Well it does matter, might be a good phone, but tech is supposed to get better not just stagnate.
  • Thanks for the article. I have been thinking about the HTC One to replace my L920 in November. My only hesitation is the wireless charging...I have it everywhere. I'll see what will happen, but this article has definitely made the One more probable.
  • I still prefer my 930 all the way. Not fan of One's design
  • Maybe I'm being nitpicky here, but photography is my thing so... on the 28mm vs. 26mm lens focal length. Besides the typo of the 26mm being wider there is other things to consider. Sensor size (film size as it were): It doesn't matter what lens focal length you have if you are not comparing apples to apples. A larger sensor with a 30mm lens may still be wider than a 20mm lens and a smaller sensor. We see this in the digital SLR world these days. Everyone is gaga over these 'full frame' sensors. Basically that means the sensor is somewhat close(er) to the old 35mm film format. For argument's sake, lets say that is true, here's how it plays out: Traditional dSLRs have a smaller sensor sizes that we call 'APS-C', and to determine the 35mm film (full frame) equivelant we have to multiply by 1.6x. Without getting too technical, a 28mm lens on an APS-C camera = roughly 45mm. The exact same thing applies to camera phones. You have to know what the sensor size is to make any sense at all of what the FOV will be for a particular lens. sorry if that was too much there, but apples to apples!  
  • Only two things that HTC One m8 do better than my Lumia 925, Panorama and selfie.. Both I rarely do. For the rest of the things, my Lumia 925 are so much better let alone Lumia 930/icon/1520/1020. Furthermore, I think if we compare it to Lumia 730/830 both also will be better than HTC One m8 in rear camera comparison.
  • LOL, so much better is a bit overboard. I have a L928 and I am not overwhelmed by the camera. As a matter of (IMO) fact, the S4 and iphone 5 take better pictures than the L928. The L928 camera is ok but it is by no means great..   Regards,
  • Nope. Iphone is overrated. Used the Camera and not impressed. S4 not going to impressed me. Im kind of person who like to do manual setting in taking river photos and natural like flower, insect. For me Lumia is the best in term of that. Overall, it's good to have choice. It just the camera in one m8 does not impress me.
  • It's way faster at snapping photos than your 925, and that's a pretty big deal actually.
  • It's not big deal to me. If I want faster I use Microsoft camera. But the only thing that can take freezing photos is with xenon flash. That led flash not going to save you. All the people that moving while you want to take photos will not be save by the meager faster shot. Overall it's good to have choice in the WP, it just the camera in one m8 not impressed me. ;)
  • I can take HDR photos with my 1520.
  • Sigh... TMO needs this asap. But... Im worried ill buy it and miss out on a Lumia. If MS is releasing a phone shortly after they need to market it before the m8 is on TMO... So I dont waste my money.
  • Nice review Daniel... too bad many people can't get over that it's not a Nokia phone and like to condemn it without ever using one. Once you really get into the manual mode and learn how to make settings and have the shortcuts for them then you can get even better pictures quicker. I really like my m8 and find it works better all around for my usage than the 1520 or 1020 we had. Speaking of different oems getting into WP.. If Panasonic ever does with the new cm1 with it's leica camera phone well all bets will be off for the best camera on a phone then. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Wow. Just imagine panasonic's CM1 camera + Windows Phone OS.. mind blown. (minus the obvious camera bulkness, but not as bad as samsung's k-zoom)
  • I had an M7. I found the photo quality alright, but went back to Nokia Lumia 920 because I prefer Windows Phone and I felt Lumia gave the premiere Windows Phone experience. But I'm definitely willing to give the M8 for Windows a whirl. Finances allowing of course!
  • Very well done.  The images are very nice and the writing is much improved.  Thanks.
  • I like this review, I am a Nokia fan, but as @elderjlward said earlier, we need to appreciate the fact that other OEM's are looking towards Windows Phone. And not just WindowsPhones but HTC went all out, providing us with a High end device...    BTW, on a side note, I just realised that there is no spell check on the comments of this site... I think spell check will be a nice added feature.. just my suggestion.. 
  • People just need to learn to speel.
  • Nice review and thanks for the infos. By the way, nice cat. :)
  • This article is helpful, and dispels some qualms I've had about the M8. That device bothers me though. Not so much because I find fault with the quality of the unit itself, but because of what it represents. Here we are rolling full-steam ahead into the Fall device release season. Millions of AT&T Lumia 920 and 1020 users with their contracts expiring looking for the next great 8.1 device, with nary a peep from Microsoft on new true flagship for the US market. Meanwhile, the iOS/Android train keeps rolling, continuing to give their users fresh options for an upgrade. So the best options that are out there for us AT&T 920 customers if we want a new WP device are the year-old 1520, or the even older 1020. Either that or we switch to Verizon for the Icon. When the M8 for Windows comes AT&T, that becomes our only new WP device, and our "flagship". I'm not OK with the best WP device on the market being a repaint of an Android device. We probably won't see a true Nokia flagship device until the Threshold units come out next year. It underscores Microsoft's classic market inefficiency. Why acquire Nokia and not show leadership?  Us loyal WP users want new devices we can be proud of. And sadly, we'll be here when Microsoft finally does come around and deliver something special (like they did with the Surface Pro 3). But those less loyal users out there -- the ones that help you build your marketshare -- they will wander off the platform to higher-performing devices. Microsoft's gotta lead. Letting an HTC repaint of an Android phone be the best showcase of your ecosystem during the buying season isn't leadership... it's stalling.  
  • Daniel, I think you made a mistake on this bullet:   28mm lens – Nokia often favor 26mm lenses, so in this case, the Lumia 1520 takes slightly wider photos. Shouldn't it be the HTC One? :P
  • Its available on ATT website.
  • Hi Daniel, clearly you are a better shutterbug than everyone else using the HTC One camera. These photos look pretty good. Also, "Apathetic Cat" is apathetic.
  • What price in India
  • The HTC camera app is pretty much unusable for me. Crashes almost every time when trying to view a picture after taking a burst or flash photo. That makes using the camera extremely poor. I am stuck using the Microsoft camera. I've had my m8 since day one and my girlfriend has the m8 too, app acts the same on both phones. I really hope they update it.
  • Lots of people in Android circles enjoy bashing the camera on the One but for the most part I don't think those people have handled it. The phone can take some really fantastic pictures and unless you are into blowing your pictures way up or doing some crazy cropping (totally legitimate needs) then the lower MP count is generally a non-issue. It's fast, consistently good in low-light, and has some nifty effects you can play with. While I would have preferred HTC improve their "ultrapixel" system instead of adding a second sensor, I think in the end it worked out fairly well. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • What I care most from a camera phone feature are: On screen camera control. tripod-able. size. The 1020 passed all with flying colors and a commendation :P If possible Daniel, I would like to see a breakdown of the M8 camera control. The M8 size is a no brainer, pocket friendly. The tripod compatibility is also good, having the camera sensors and flash on one side of the phone makes it easy for any third party adapters to hooked on to. Surely a worthy rival for the PureView lineage.
  • This is great Daniel. The only thing that baffles me though is why they took out the awesome manual mode on the Windows version. The one for Android is probably the only one that has manual settings for shutter speed built in. Tried manual mode on my wife's Galaxy S5 and no shutter options were found. I suppose they'll add it in later as Windows Phone is known for more manual options in the camera department.
  • Great article. I'm glad to see a write up on the camera as that's a feature I've come to look for in a phone. As a 1020 owner I've loved the photos, but been disappointed by the speed. This article helped put things in perspective for me.
  • :)
  • The Htc One M8 does take some great pics but the details are missing in big sweeping landscape pics and I can't zoom in which is a shame because I love the phone otherwise.
  • I agree. But then again the Ultrapixel camera often does very well indoors, like at family gatherings. I have a HTC One M7 and a max... Yes, a 1520 or S5 are more capable for outdoor sunshine landscape pictures.
  • I just came back to the WP8 world with this phone after having a 5S on T-Mobile, this thing so far is awesome
  • Man, you are killing me here! :-D. When the HTC M8 first came out for Windows I was ready to abandon the Lumia series. Then the Lumia 830 was announced and after looking at the presentation of it I was thinking I could save a few dollars and go with it as it seemed more than adequate and is an upgrade from my current Lumia 820. Now you have provided what I have been waiting for: someone who knows how to take proper photos on the HTC. Now I'm leaning back toward the HTC.. MY HEAD IS SPINNING!! Thanks a lot.. :-D. 87 days to go to new contract/upgrade time and I'm back to square one again: Lumia 830 or HTC M8 for Windows... Hmmmmm.... :-D
  • I don't like the conclusion for this article. Were have yet to see the difference for a 1520 in Lumia Denim. They say it's going to take speedier photos and have an option for HDR.
  • Damn.. Nobody ever uses the thumbs up or down button over here!
  • 1520 has better camera for me. HTC cameras will never beat the Nokia cameras even if they use same OS. Nokia cameras are #1 and will be #1 always.
  • Amen amen
  • Well, do as many reviews of HTC one as you want, I'm not getting it, because: 1) it's not available in my country, 2) I won't trust HTC never ever again ;)
  • Agreed :) but I guess they have to be fair to the Minority who wants this phone lol.
  • While the M7, M8 with Android sold very well, the HTC Desire 816 outsold both in a mere 6 months. That 816 would be another fine WP8.1 device.
  • Yeah 4up.... Ah Lumia FTW ultrepickle... Meh
  • Sigh. I love this phone. But I'm gonna have to pass it for the 1520. Its just not as big a bump up camera wise as I'm willing to upgrade over. And I take a lot of pics. BUT your review is still appreciated. .
  • Bigger pixels are well and good, but isn't that what the oversampling on the 1520/Icon/1020 accomplish, in essence? The sensor size is still bigger on the Icon, the One just takes the old 1/3" sensor and divides it less. The indoor shots in this article seem fairly grainy. Which is a shame. I'm down to 1.5 GB left on my 920, which makes me a bit concerned with the Icon's lack of expansion. If I weren't switching to Verizon in a month I'd just keep it around until there's a top end Lumia with SD or 64GB, but I am switching so a new phone's in the cards. Maybe I pick up a 928 off Ebay or something...
  • I own a 1520 and I previously owned a M7 when I had Android. I am seriously considering getting the M8 for Windows when it hits AT&T. Thanks Daniel for the great review.
  • After reading this, and watching the video I was sold...then I saw that the HTC does not have Qi charging.  Guess I'll have to keep waiting for a real 'flagship' to come to T-Mobile.
  • I'm glad HTC is still supporting the OS!
    Edit: Lol, that's corrected now.
  • Also the HTC does manual shutter speeds upto 4 seconds and they come out very bright although I found it best to use manual focus at night too as auto focus failed in very low light. Here is an image I did at night    http://instagram.com/p/s8Q-h7zeSx/?modal=true   the scene was alot darker than this
  • Does the M8 WP have a notification light?? One feature I miss.
  • Dual cameras sounds like a great approach, now just double or quadruple the resolution.    
  • I can attest to MP number not being as important as what is does with those megapixels. My standard camera is an old Olympus that takes great pictures and gets shocked responses when people learn it's 'only' a 4MP camera. But with it, I can certainly attest also to crop-to-zoom resulting in a huge drop in quality. HTCs can take some great pictures, better than Nokias in some conditions, so hopefully they continue to develop this.
  • And now we have HTC M8s with worse CPU but more megapixels in the camera. Not sure, how it will play out in real life.