This $60 AI powered security camera is just $43 today

Our home is our safest haven from the outside world, but what are we to do if unwelcome guests enter when we’re away? Your safety should be your top priority, which is why you need a reliable security camera keeping a vigilant watch over your home. Luckily, this AI-powered security camera by blurams is on sale today for just $43 with code BFSAVE15 at checkout.

The blurams Dome Pro is a 1080p security camera designed to keep you and your loved ones safe at home. It features a wide-angle lens that can rotate 355º horizontally and 105º vertically, ensuring that there are no blind spots where intruders can lurk in. The Dome Pro also features night vision recording, allowing you to keep track of your home at all hours of the day.

The Dome Pro sets itself apart thanks to AI facial recognition, which it uses to create a database of friends and family members who regularly visit your home. If a stranger visits your home, the Dome Pro will know immediately and record a 10-15 second alert video that will be saved to the cloud. On top of that, it features smart sound and motion detection to differentiate people from pets and other moving objects. Finally, if you install 4 Dome Pro cameras, you can view them simultaneously through the blurams app on your phone.

No one should feel unsafe in their own homes. The blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera uses facial recognition to give you peace of mind for $43 when you use code BFSAVE15 at checkout, over 25% off.

Prices subject to change

WC Staff