AccuWeather brings crowdsourced weather to its Windows app with AccUcast

The AccuWeather app for Windows is gaining further feature parity with its Android and iOS cousins thanks to its latest update. Once updated, AccuWeather users will have access to AccUcast, a feature that allows users around the world to crowdsource weather data for others to see on a dedicated map.

With AccUcast, you can also submit your own hyper-local observations for those around you to see. You can choose from various weather (clear, cloudy, rain, snow and ice) and hazard conditions, which will then be visible to others on the AccUcast map. The end goal is giving AccuWeather users a highly accurate look at the weather conditions around them, taken from other users.

If you'd like to check out AccUcast, you can do so with the latest version of AccuWeather, now available on the Windows Store. To access AccUcast, simply head to the weather map and tap the dedicated icon at the bottom of the screen.

Download AccuWeather from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Accuweather

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • That's great.  I find this especially interesting where I live where the temperature and precipitation can vary greatly within just a few miles.
  • I left Accuweather way back in 2015 when they got rid of the old WP8 app and made a new one with basically nothing in it.
    I'm on Weather Network app and it's working really well!
  • It doesn't appear to let me submit the current condition where I am :-( Edit: Oh it is but it's a bit hit and miss and not 100% accurate to my location.
  • Best newsworthy weather app news I've read in years! Finally a potential more accurate weather solution than simply hundreds more of the same weather apps. Curious to know how fake weather will be managed though.
  • perhaps an idea for the windows central staff to follow up in an editorial?
  • I wondered the same. So I hit that it was snowing. (really not). Now I can't remove it or change it. I was able to add another one. So now I have 2 fake AccUcast points. They need a way to edit and remove (unless there is but I'm not finding it).
  • This makes a great tool for all those people to TROLL others.
  • For the coming follow up, you can compare it with yandex weather, which also have that function
  • Why isnt there a win8.1 mobile app?