Acer is a Taiwan-based consumer electronics company that is best known for its laptops and desktops, which run Windows, but the company is also prolific at making desktop monitors, projectors, servers and networking equipment. While it may not be as big of a product line for the company, Acer also dabbles in the smartphone and tablet space.

Previously, Acer has released a number of Android-powered smartphones which have done fairly well for the company. It has also released a few Chromebooks, which are less powerful laptops that run Google's lightweight Chrome OS. This year, Acer will finally enter the Windows Phone space with its Jade Primo.

The phone has been talked about a number of times, but it has yet to receive an official launch date and price. Several rumors have pointed towards a release in January, though nothing is confirmed.

As for its laptops and desktops, Acer has a wide product offering, from budget entry level models to higher end ones that offer great performance.