Acer Spin 1 is a new Windows Ink supporting laptop heading for Computex

Acer's second pre-Computex laptop announcement is a new convertible called the Spin 1. And it supports Windows Ink thanks to the Acer Active Stylus.

The 11.6-inch convertible Acer Spin 1 features a sleek metal chassis and vibrant Full HD display.It is lightweight, portable and supports Windows Ink through an Acer Active Stylus1for creative users on the go.

Powered by either a Pentium or Celeron processor, the Spin 1 isn't your super high-end convertible, instead bringing premium features like inking to a more affordable price point. Also inside you'll find up to 128GB of eMMC storage and 4GB of RAM.

The 11.6-inch touch display is 1080p Full HD and folds around so you can use it like a tablet, or propped up to consume your media. You'll also find a precision touchpad and up to 8-hours of battery life, both of which are great to see on a small laptop like this.

Connectivity isn't left out in the cold, either, with a USB 3.1 port, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI out and a microSD card slot as well as integrated Bluetooth 4.0.

The Spin 1 also has an ace up its sleeve, and that's a great price. It's due to go on sale in July in North America and the EMEA region with prices set to start at $329 or €399. Which isn't bad at all for a small convertible laptop with Windows Ink support and a precision touchpad.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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