Acer W4 gets pictured in detail

This week at IFA in Berlin, Germany, Acer was evidently showing off their W4 device aka their first foray into Windows Phone.

The device is far from wow-worthy with 8GB storage, 5MP camera and 1Ghz processor, but perhaps for the more low-end or developing markets, it could be quite compelling. We really like Acer laptops (cough, using one now) so we're interested in seeing where Acer goes with this and other devices. Check the other photos at AreaMobile.

Source:; Thanks, Alexander F., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Zzzzzzz.... Okay I guess this might make a good pre-paid phone (an important but boring market).
  • *barf*
  • Duh, that's a fu***d up design IMO.
  • This class of device should be free on contract/cheap off contract. Anything else and they will be passed over for better specced devices.
  • This device and others similar to it, would be perfect for some of the smaller carriers in the U.S. i.e. MetroPCS, Cricket, Cellular South...With the exception of Cellular South (which has only the HTC 7 Pro) these carriers have no WP devices! Getting on these carriers would be a great way for Microsoft to get additional market penetration in the U.S.; not to mention having a few prepaid options i.e. Virgin Mobile, or Boost Mobile. All of the carriers I mentioned are deluged with Android devices - no wonder there are so many Android OS 'activations'.
  • Agreed. Good post.
  • I can most definitely agree with this. that's the only reason why there are so many androids and not many people actually even know they have an Android.
  • The site clearly said the device name is "Acer W4".Typo.
  • We have seen the dummy unit of this device before:
  • And all touch buttons on the front...Well I guess I wont be bying this one...
  • Doesn't look that bad from its front view, but it does seem to be extremely thick. That, paired with the lack luster specs, makes for kind of a poor intro into a new market for Acer. Hopefully the price will match the specs and be $100 on contract or free on contract.
  • Just the fact that it has the USB connector at the bottom makes it way, waaaay better than any HTC out there.
  • disagree. what en cojos did HTC ever do to u? didn't u know they are one of the top manufacturers.
  • the device shouldn't even be made into the market. just because it's prepaid, doesn't mean it has to be hideous. they need to ensure device asthetics needs to be tasteful, regardless of the market it penetrates. it's the reputation of WP7 after all.