Adobe and Microsoft working to bring Flash to WP7S

Microsoft didn't dance around the subject at their Windows Phone 7 Series presentation at Mobile World Congress. When asked if WP7S would have Flash, Steve Ballmer promptly replied that WP7S didn't yet have it, Microsoft wasn't against the idea.

Shortly thereafter, Adobe announced it no longer was pursuing development of Flash 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5 and would instead concentrate on working on Flash for WP7S. Makes sense.

This commitment to bring Flash to the Windows Phone 7 Series OS was reaffirmed recently on the blog of one Mike Chambers, Adobe's Principal Product Manager for developer relations for Flash. Writes Chambers:

"One thing I wanted to clarify as it may have been lost in some of the other news is that Adobe and Microsoft are working together to bring Flash Player 10.1 to Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Series. I don't have an eta or other specifics right now, but it is something that both Adobe and Microsoft are working closely together on."

It appears Adobe wasted no time at jumping at the opportunity, and now we ask, will Flash 10.1 be in place by the anticipated Holiday 2010 launch of WP7S?  And if not, will it be missed?

[via wmpoweruser]

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  • Dont see why it will be missed then when its not really missed now. Apart from bring a bullet point when comparing features its not that big a deal.
  • jobs was right, adobe=lazy. stupid move adobe.
  • I wouldn't call them stupid and lazy (and I especially wouldn't use Jobs as my go-to guy for opinions). Consider the hardware: WM6.5 devices are going to be weaker as a whole than WP7 devices. Flash was designed to be... well, flashy. It's supposed to look smooth and slick, but, on weaker hardware, it's probably going to look choppy and blocky. We have Flash Lite on IE right now and that works for videos like on YouTube, which is what most useful Flash is out there anyway. On my TP2 though, Flash Lite is choppy and blocky already, so I'm doubtful that full Flash would do better at all on it.
  • This tie-up is really interesting as Microsoft and Adobe are rivals when we talk about competing platforms such as Flash and Silverlight.
  • After they showed full flash on the HD2, 3 days before MWC... 7 Series gets born, they just trow everything away.
  • I wouldnt count on netflix or hulu to work even with flash. There is the small issue of 'watching this video on your browser is currently not allowed' messages that appear when you try to.
  • I believe Netflix uses Silverlight anyway. (I'm hoping that Microsoft partners with Netflix on WP7S anyway.) Regardless, the User Agent String is typically hackable. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  • Confirmed!