Adobe MAX 2020: New Neural Filters, Illustrator on iPad, Content Authenticity, and more

Adobe Max
Adobe Max (Image credit: Adobe)

Today at Adobe MAX 2020, several exciting new editing tools and features were announced for the world's most popular creativity software company. These updates make Adobe's programs easier to use and provide conveniences in editing that we haven't seen before. Since there are hundreds of updates to go through, we've only included the most notable ones. By the way, Adobe recently released Photoshop Elements 2021 and Premiere Elements 2021 as well.

The biggest announcements at Adobe MAX 2020

Here are the top reveals from Adobe MAX 2020.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Sky Replacement Composite

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

New Neural Filters allow Photoshop to add non-destructive filters to your work. This includes allowing you to tilt or shift someone's face to get them to look in just the right direction, quickly replacing the sky in an image, colorizing black and white images, or viewing pattern previews as you adjust elements in your documents. Users can now livestream their creations while working within Photoshop on iPad.

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

A brand new discover panel allows users to look for tutorials, documents, others' work, and more. Quick Actions brings up a list of editing options. When users click on one of the edits listed, it will automatically apply the edit to your work. For instance, if you want to remove the background of one of your images, you can simply click on "Remove background," and the software will do the work for you.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Max Release Lr Classic And Camera Raw

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

A new tab labeled as Following has been added to the Discover section of the software. This allows you to view the work of other users you admire and follow. What's more, if you click on their tutorials, you'll be taken to a step by step view of what tweaks were made to the image to allow it to end up at the final product. What's more, you can save these exact changes as a preset for your own work. So, if you like the changes someone made to a picture of a sunset, you can save all of their edits and then easily apply it to your own sunset photos.

Adobe Fresco for iPhone

Adobe Fresco Iphone

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Adobe Fresco is coming to iPhone and will support cross-save with compatible iPads via the cloud.

Adobe Illustrator on iPad

Illustrator On The Ipad Patterns On Ipadpro

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Illustrator is finally getting an iPad version. Users can create vector designs using the Adobe Pencil on compatible iPad screens. This software version gives users access to 18,000 Adobe Fonts and allows users to sync files to the cloud. When users look at Combine shapes options, they will be able to see a preview of what each option will do before selecting the combination they want to use.

If you want to learn more, check out our Illustrator on iPad review.

Content Authenticity Initiative

Adobe Content Authenticity Initiative

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

In an effort to combat malicious content and protect the creator's work, Adobe is adding Content Authenticity to its software. When applied, metadata is added to a person's work, allowing other viewers to know who the original creator is and how it was edited, and what software was used to edit it.

For example, someone viewing a photo that has Content Authenticity applied to it could see who the original creator was, that it had been produced in Photoshop, that multiple assets were used, and that sections of the image had been transformed to create the final product. When viewed in Behance, viewers can even see side by side comparisons between the assets used and the final product.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Speech To Text Caption Track

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

The captioning system has been majorly overhauled to allow users to edit captions right from inside the timeline. You can determine where the captions show up on the screen, change the font size and colors, and more.

Adobe Character Animator

Character Animator Head Compute Command Detail

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Thanks to the new Speech Aware feature, users can quickly animate mouth and head movements of characters by syncing them to audio files.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects 3d Transform Gizmo Win

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

New camera navigation tools allow you to easily place 2D layers in a 3D space and edit their positioning to get the perfect look for your videos without diving into different menus or tools.

Cloud Documents

Xd Libraries Invite

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Members of a team can share assets by dropping them in the Library. For instance, if your team is working on a specific project, someone can drop the logo they designed for the project into the Library, and others within the team can access those same assets for their own project assignments.

In early 2021, teammates will be able to invite colleagues to edit Cloud Documents, making it easier to work on projects together. Those sharing, can determine how much access they want teammates to have, whether that be simply to view or allowing others to edit the project. Those given editing abilities can rename or even revert to previous versions of the document. Cloud Documents works with several Adobe programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark, and more.

Adobe MAX 2020

There's a lot for Adobe users to look forward to in 2020 and beyond. Many of the features and edits announced during Adobe MAX 2020 are game-changers that will make the creating process a whole lot more convenient. We can't wait to see what Adobe comes up with next.

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