AirAsia gets on board Windows 10 with its new universal app

AirAsia is the largest low-cost airline in the Southeast Asia. While the airline has had a Windows Phone 8.1 app, it has now launched a UWP app for Windows 10 via Neowin, available for both PCs and Mobile. The AirAsia app also integrates with Cortana for an intuitive user experience.

The app allows you to search for flights and book new flights. You can also check flight status and view boarding passes — including QR code — that a lot of airlines now scan to allow you to board the aircraft. The app includes support for AirAsiaBIG membership accounts, the company's frequent flyer program. The app does not follow UWP design guidelines, but offers a neat, seamless UI. You can also switch between light and dark themes.

If you live in Malaysia, or frequently fly across Southeast Asia, AirAsia is a pretty handy app to have on your phone. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

Download AirAsia from Windows Store

QR: AirAsia

Abhishek Baxi