Alltel Gets HTC PPC 6800

You can call it the Sprint Mogul, you can call it the UTStarcom XV6800, you can call it the Titan, or you can call it the PPC6800 -- which is what Alltel settled on. Whatever you call it, it's the premier slider Windows Mobile device right now - a title it will likely keep in the CDMA world for quite awhile (the AT&T Tilt will usurp it on GSM, natch). Alltel just snapped it up and so can you for $249 after rebates.

The linked Alltel product page claims that the PPC6800 runs Windows Mobile 5, but don't believe their lies, this is the PPC6800 we all know and love - Windows Mobile 6, WiFi (with a convenient switch), and EVDO. If you're on Alltel you won't see anything better come along for awhile, so now's the time.

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WC Staff
  • actually it is running 5. I just got it home this afternoon. The tech I talked to last week said their was a 6 update coming.
  • i spoke to the alltel rep yesterday to get the new 6800 they have a memory software issue and are not selling them right now. mine is on order when the issue is resolved.
  • well Alltel has now removed the HTC ppc 6800 from there web site. bummer. i was hopeing to get away from my treo 650 other wise known as the "crasher"
  • I got my phone a couple weeks ago, it was great the first 5 or so days. Then it started freezing up on me. I had to reset it a few times. So I ended up taking it to alltel while it was not turning on or anything. They gave me a new one. Guess what , its doing the same thing. I have had the second phone a week and it has had to be rest three times.I am very frustrated. Also the CD that came with my phone wont install. I tryed it on our two computers. It installs but not all the way. I cant click on any of the tabs.. i cant uninstall it either..for a 600 dollar phone i expected at least for the second phone to work. I hope others have had better luck than me..
  • I got my HTC 6800 (Alltel) 2 days ago and it looses the Bluetooth connection everytime it goes to sleep mode and it has been locking up to where I have to reset, but only when I have the bluetooth headset activated. I also can not run the CD that came with it.
  • I've had my 6800 for about 6 weeks now and I really like it. My old phone was a 6700 running 5.0 and this one runs 6.0 . When I got it (Alltel) I was told I could send and receive videos and pics, but it seems I can send them but not receive them. Anyone else having this problem?
  • I had my first 6800 about 1 year and through no fault of HTC I had to get a new one yesterday. I am rough my phones. I, too, had MANY issues with the phone locking up while the Bluetooth was enabled and I always had to reset the phone (remove the battery) to correct the issue. Then I began having issues with the touch screen not responding to where the screen was touched, but I thought the problem was a by-product of being dropped so much. I got my new phone yesterday and straight out of the box this phone is having the same screen response issues. I will be going back to Alltel today to see if another new 6800 will solve my phone issues.
  • I've had the HTC PPC 6800 for just over a year now and recenlty began experiencing the followng issues: 1) the touch screen is not responding to where the screen was touched, 2) the butons for placing a call and ending a call are not responding when pressed (I have to go to contacts, select contact, and choose the option to call student in order to make a call), 3) I don't have voice dialing set up but the phone has started dialing the last number called/received all by itself. After making a call, I now have to dial a single digit so that when the phone automatically dials the last number it's not calling a real number. Does anyone have suggestions for how to fix these issues. I'm hoping to resolve them without having to make a trip to the Alltel store...
  • I've had the HTC PPC 6800 for just over a month. I came to know that it has some problems.The first one is that the phone has started dialing the last number called/received all by itself.The second problem is that I cannot make Bluetooth connection with many phones,especially with GSM Nokia.The third problem is that I cannot change ringtones. It is the biggest problem when using it.