Alltel Gets HTC PPC 6800

You can call it the Sprint Mogul, you can call it the UTStarcom XV6800, you can call it the Titan, or you can call it the PPC6800 -- which is what Alltel settled on. Whatever you call it, it's the premier slider Windows Mobile device right now - a title it will likely keep in the CDMA world for quite awhile (the AT&T Tilt will usurp it on GSM, natch). Alltel just snapped it up and so can you for $249 after rebates.

The linked Alltel product page claims that the PPC6800 runs Windows Mobile 5, but don't believe their lies, this is the PPC6800 we all know and love - Windows Mobile 6, WiFi (with a convenient switch), and EVDO. If you're on Alltel you won't see anything better come along for awhile, so now's the time.

Read: Alltel (via Engadget Mobile)

WC Staff