You can call it the Sprint Mogul, you can call it the UTStarcom XV6800, you can call it the Titan, or you can call it the PPC6800 -- which is what Alltel settled on. Whatever you call it, it's the premier slider Windows Mobile device right now - a title it will likely keep in the CDMA world for quite awhile (the AT&T Tilt will usurp it on GSM, natch). Alltel just snapped it up and so can you for $249 after rebates.

The linked Alltel product page claims that the PPC6800 runs Windows Mobile 5, but don't believe their lies, this is the PPC6800 we all know and love - Windows Mobile 6, WiFi (with a convenient switch), and EVDO. If you're on Alltel you won't see anything better come along for awhile, so now's the time.

Read: Alltel (via Engadget Mobile)