Almost Hands-On with the XPERIA X1

The XPERIA X1 got some facetime during the Windows Mobile portion of today's keynote, and our impression was that the “tiles” were a lot slower than we'd been hoping for. We'll give the Sony booth a shot, but given how they've been reticent to let people lay hands on this sucker since the Mobile World Congress, our hopes are not high.

Everything else, though, still looks awfully sweet. So sweet, in fact, that the folks over at the Microsoft booth saw fit to encase the thing a tube of protective acrylic. So best we can give you real live shots showing a real live device, under glass.

WC Staff
  • I will be looking forward to a "hands on" review in the future. I think HTC, whoops, I mean Sony Ericsson has got a lot right with this device, though I'd like to see a slimmed down version without the keyboard for us touch screen only types.
    I think the protective acrylic at the Microsoft booth is to protect the device from Microsoft employees, judging from their performance at CES...
  • This "slowness" of the graphic interface is a "feature" when you multiply by 5 the number of pixels that have to be refreshed by the graphics processor.
    You can check this if you test the video performance of the Toshiba G900 (that is thechnically similar to the Xperia)
    I mean Qvga screens at 320 x 240 = 76,800 pixels and Xperia Wvga at 800 x 480 = 364,000 pixels to be refreshed.
    Conclusion if you want to have the same graphics performance than a Qvga Smartphone, you will need a 5X faster Graphic processor/bus...
    Xperia is not a sony but an HTC.
    HTC is having problems with the graphic processors lately..
    (Like the TYTN II lack of graphics drivers)
  • If the price is right I'll hold of getting the AT&T Tilt....I hope we hear something about pricing soon.