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Amazon Fire TV Cube

Well, Amazon went and did it. It combined its uber-popular Fire TV with its even more popular Echo Dot, mashing up the two into a cube. The result? Pretty predictable, actually. You've got a Fire TV with exactly the sort of hands-free voice control you'd expect.

But that's just the start of the Fire TV Cube story. Where things start to get interesting is when you consider that hands-free control like that — paired with CEC and IR control of other devices connected to your TV — mean that the Fire TV Cube is sort of the ultimate hands-free remote control. Right?

Welllll, not quite.

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  • This has a market. But if you own an XboxOne S/X, PS4Pro, or AppleTV already, you are not in that market. Also, I find it interesting that the market is slowly moving towards what Xbox was criticized for four years ago (voice control, always connected games, etc.).
  • Microsoft had it all alone, the problem was the head of Xbox at the time, he completely screw up the message and went to E3 to talk about multimedia and to tell gamers they won't be able to share games or play without internet. Phil Spencer has a clear message what the Xbox is for: games, everything else comes second and is doing a superb job turning that huge boat around imo