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Amazon Kindle app gets minor update to fix crashing on Windows Phone

We’ve heard quite a lot of complaints about the official Kindle app for Windows Phone having some stability issues of late. We prefer our Kindle PaperWhite for reading of e-books but we understand many of you do prefer your phone.

The good news is a super minor update has just been pushed out to the Store and we hear fixes the crashing issue on Windows Phone 8 handsets, specifically during startup. The update brings the popular eReader up to version For what it’s worth, the app is working just fine on Lumia 920 so hopefully the rest of you will fare as well. The last update was for version 1.2 back in July.

Update: Here is the changelog

  • Fixes crashes at startup
  • Fixes crashing bugs when opening certain books

You can pick up Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone here in the Store. Let us know in comments if you're still having problems. Thanks, Aron W. and Terry H., for the tip!

QR: Kindle

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Woo! I tipped on this! Thanks for getting back to me promptly Daniel we all appreciate your hard work!
  • I guess we should be thanking you then I dont use the app for all the issues it has I hope they fix audible next
  • They need to fix the Audible app too, it crashes like no other.
  • Hm, interesting. The app on my Omnia 7 worked perfectly up until yesterday, when it began crashing like mad upon startup. :S Confused, I unpinned it and forgot to uninstall it (in order to reinstall), instead going straight to the Marketplace to "install" it again. I was surprised when I actually found an update to resolve the issue with crashing... :S As if my phone knew -.- Anyway, it's working normally again. 
  • Still no rotation lock :-(
  • Really disappointed WP7 didn't get this update. Loved this app. Does anyone know if the update will be coming to 7?
  • I downloaded it to a Sprint Arrive just a little while ago.
  • I think it is a 7 update - the app doesn is not wp8 (low res, no 8X res support, no big size tile) whereas Audible supports new features.
  • That was fast!
  • Awesome! Nice to see they fixed that so quickly.  Bravo Amazon!
  • I am still getting the old version Any suggestions?
  • Same here!
  • I was too...tried the link from the wp central app...still got the old version.  I scanned the QR code off this web article when I got home though and it linked to the new version.
    Thanks WPCentral!
  • i scanned the QR it still lead me to the old version ...
  • Still having issues on the Lumia 900
  • New update wasn't visible to my phone until about 10 minutes ago.  Downloaded the update, and now the Kindle app works, for the very first time ever, on my L900.  I dunno what they fixed, but it works.
  • No update yet here. Tried the trick the force the update (back out from app page then tap on app again in Marketplace) but that didn't work either. Getting tired of uninstalling and reinstalling everytime i want to read something!
  • I have deleted and reloaded the program several times and it still will not load when tapping the screen. Hope they get it fixed quickly. This is one of my favorite apps.
  • My version is on wp7
  • Is this app supposed to open a link to the store website? I thought it was integrated into the app?
  • Still seeing version 1.2
  • This is because Amazon have not fixed the app at all. All they have done is replaced v2.0.0 (which was not loading on WP7.5 once you entered your Amazon registration details) with v1.2.0, which is the old (and stable) version. Rather than congratulate Amazon on doing something so quickly I think it is really shoddy that it took them quite so long to simply revert back to the older version. 
  • Thanks for the update. I am new to the Kindle experience.
  • i don't know it it's a back-end issue, or if their coders just suck, but whenever I tap "Shop the Kindle Store," it just takes me to an error page.
    I'm in Canada, if that makes a difference.
  • I had this problem on my new 920. Tried rebooting and uninstalling yesterday a few time. Saw this just now and updated and Im good to go. This is the only bug I have experienced so far. And its fixed :)