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Amber update rolling out soon for the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus

We love getting updates. Whether it’s for an app or Windows Phone itself, we love them. So we’re stoked that our friends up in Canada will be getting the GDR2 / Amber update for their Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus soon. Details after the break.

Have a Lumia 620 on Telus? You’re probably about 24-48 hours away from receiving GDR2 and Amber on your device. Over on the Nokia support page that details rollout of Amber we see the Lumia 620 on Telus as “coming soon”. You’ll remember that Nokia recently clarified the difference between “waiting for approval” and “coming soon”. If your update is listed as coming soon it’s been approved and should rollout very soon.

On Telus with a Lumia 620? Be sure to check for an update over the next day or so.

Source: Nokia support (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the tip Haitian!

  • AT&T customers:
  • Its okay because I, for one, am not yet ready for GDR2 as I am still enjoying my GDR1 features.
  • Haha nice, at&t pick up your game
  • This is some bullshit!
  • Lol
  • just breaking my heart more and more every day AT&T  and testing the nerves on how long members will stick around 
  • For me, its not even that I would utilize the new features a lot. It's just the frustration that the carrier that was known as the biggest supporter of Windows Phone is one of the last providers left that hasn't rolled the update out. I just want the satisfaction of seeing "There are new updates available for your phone" pop up on my screen dammit!!
  • No Lumia 920 on Att
  • Sigh...
  • AT&T continues to let this drag on without any information to its users. I won't be surprised if this is the same story with GDR3, WP 8.1, etc. It's a good thing this update isn't necessary for my phone to function.
  • Really? Before 920 users?
    COME ON, AT&T!!!!
  • I wouldn't be surprised if they skip GDR2 for 920 and go right to 3!! I'm just looking forward to the phone refresh. Wish that was a feature for the OS.
  • Microsoft needs to just skip the carrier
  • +2013
  • Are any of you in WP Central Land getting an error message when checking for a phone update on your At&t 920? I am. I wonder if that could mean something.
  • I have a 920 on AT&T and I have been getting the following message all morning:
    "We are currently unable to check for updates. (80072ee2)"
    I must admit that this does have my hopes up.
  • I as well. My wife has the 1020 and seeing her phone all the time torments me. I'm getting impatient for the GDR2 update.
  • I guess I was wrong about the US 920 update coming today.....
  • I was thinking that too. :-/
  • Yes you were wrong, but not by much. I heard from a ATT rep on a chat that the big roll out is now scheduled for tomorrow. They wanted to make the announcement after Apple announced nothing new today. Proof below. Chat transcript:
    Me: hey any 920 Amber rollout news?
    ATT Rep: yes, it's coming tomorrow.
    End of line
    All your base are belong to us.
  • I'll believe it when I see it
  • ^Lol
  • Somebody set up us the bomb!
  • You know what you doing; many people get that line wrong and say "set us up."
  • Make your time.
  • Lol.. "after Apple announced nothing new today"".... Classic❗
  • Ok - here's the transcript from my conversation:
    Me: 920 update news?
    ATT Rep: yep it will be released
    Me: can I have $1million
    ATT Rep: sure
  • "WHAT YOU SAY!!!"
    I am waiting for AT&T to update my 820.  It took them FOREVER to release the last update for the 820.  I feel like the 820 is gonna get shafted hard by AT&T.  Hurry up dammit!  Or else I'll start kicking some ass!  AT&T, "YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO DESTRUCTION!  YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE MAKE YOUR TIME!!"  Because I'm gonna "MOVE 'ZIG'. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!"
  • I'm sure they care....
  • You obviously are unaware of the Zero Wing undertones of this entire thread...  ;-)
  • What you say?
  • heh.
  • Thought that pic was the new iPhone for a second.  Funny world eh?  Perhaps Nokia has a design patent...
  • The new iPhone... Pathetic... But, I do like that gold color... That's about it... Let me see if I can think of anything else... Ok, I like in iOS7 how the dialer is translucent, and the callers picture takes up the whole screen... I think Microsoft should copy Apples dialer that Apple copied from Microsoft... Wow❕ That's confusing...
  • Almost feel like AT&T is showing us the door to the IPhone 5S. Wonder is they wanted us to see I-announcement before we fell in love with Miss Amber. hmmmm,
  • Being that Miss Amber doesn't really bring much to fall in love with, I'd guess no.
  • If I'm not remembering incorrectly, there is more to Miss Amber than meets the eye. Is what she brings under the hood (upgrading OS for GDR3) that I'm curious about.
  • Yeah, but most 920 users won't be eligible for an upgrade until next Fall/Winter. But I know what you mean.
  • What the fuck At&t?! Ridiculous!
  • Hey❗ Watch your language, young man❗
  • I am hoping that the ATT delay is for one of two reasons: 1) they are adding data sense and the amber update is imminent, or; 2) they will release GDR2 and GDR3 at the same time at the very end of September.
    After the long wait, I will be disappointed if we only get GDR2 and Amber.
    But, I must say, that my wife has GDR2 and Amber on her 928 and I really don't see anything to get too excited about.  I really don't think that I'm missing out on much.
  • Lol. He said At&t and Data Sense in the same comment.
  • AT&T is reportedly not supporting data sense because they have a hard on for their own stupid "My AT&T" app that shows data use. Hope this is wrong but AT&T has done this stuff before to flash their own garbage software.
  • The same rep that told me it was coming on August 15 told me that amber should roll out the week as the 925, I still called him an asshole for lying. Well its close I hope.
  • Lol at this rate the Lumia 900 wil get updated to WP8 before the Lumia 920 will on ATT (and yes I know not possible)
  • I love how every phone update story turns into a ATT 920 complaint festival.  Everyone else is happy getting the update and we crap on their thread. 
    me too waiting on ATT for my 920 to be updated. 
  • It's ok to be frustrated and I share your frustration although I am in India and I already have my update. You don't have to be so diplomatic about it. Nobody hears a soft voice, go ahead and vent your anger on AT&T's communication channels. But I agree, doing so here isn't really going to raise any alarms at AT&T.
  • I am thinking about flashing my Lumia 920 (att) to the Rogers amber update. But I have one question. WILL I BE ABLE TO FLASH IT BACK TO ATT IF I NEED TO? .. Any feedback back will be helpful
  • Why would you want to flash back? AT&T has all but abandoned the 920.
  • Every time I see the word "Amber" in the title of an article, I get excited. But it's never followed by "AT&T Lumia 920." :(
  • The only thing I can say about the infantile comments on this site is at least it looks like WP is catching on with the younger crowd.
  • so true. but it is not just the younger growd.. it is just ...well .. what happened to android and apple as well
  • Nah, I got impatient weeks ago and flashed the poor thing. Working great so far. :)
  • Sometimes being an 820 user really blows...
  • Glanced at the picture and thought this is a story about the iPhone 5c. What the heck Apple, you seriously screwed up that one.
  • I dont even care about the update anymore.....i. Just going to get the phones that r coming out next month....
  • I hope the Telus Lumia 520 gets the update as well!
  • +1
  • Same here. The 520 must be a better seller than then 620
  • That"s great! but for us poor old sots on the "premier carrier" AT&$#!T. If only T-Mo's service weren"t so poor in my area.
  • Oh, this is just great. I tweet you about the same update being available for L620 phones in India about a week ago, you don't bother to cover that story, but this story gets covered. :|
  • The update coming to 620 in India is as important as the US bombing Syria. Meaning, no one cares.
  • Come on nw put aside the bias...ppl care...we are Nokia's 3rd largest market after all...
    And btw...i haven't got any update on the Lumia 620 here...jst checked yesterday...probably why the news didn't get posted...
  • Well, I don't own one, but to my knowledge it should be available according to Nokia's website, unless Nokia is lying about it or you got your phone from outside of India. Here is the link which confirms update availability: Link to my tweet:
  • By the way, don't bother responding to people already at war, give them time to make peace, if they ever will. ;-)
  • It is already tomorrow in Japan. What's the hold up?! ;)
    Really. Now we have heard just about every excuse. I would rather hear, "You don't know the power of the Dark Side." At least it would be honest.
    Now, Daniel stated yesterday i believe it was "complicated" for AT&T. How so compared to any other carrier?
    From that, it became Nokia's fault. Amber is the cause, even though it is out on nearly every other carrier on the planet and AT&T now carries multiple phones with Amber pre-installed.
    Now, it is because they were waiting for iPhone to announce their cheesy knock-offs? This is the weakest yet. Will there be a brass band and balloons at AT&T on the 11th announcing this miracle update, weeks behind everyone else in the galaxy, like the edited Star Wars, Return of the Jedi?
    Or did their dog eat the files ;)
  • Hey, I just got a "Currently unable to check for updates." Either AT&T is getting things lined out, or they have grown weary of me asking...
    "Are we there yet?"
    "Are we there yet?"
    "Are we there yet?"
    "Are we there yet?"
    "Are we there yet?"
  • I tweeted them today they said stay tuned we are working to get it to the community ASAP.
  • ATT responded to me with this: Sorry, no date yet given.  Working to make sure release works without flaws. Follow @ATT for updates. <DavidO
    So, they CLAIM they are still testing it.  I call bs, myself.
  • Second! This happens with nearly every. single. update. If there were THAT many issues surely the other carriers would be waiting too.
  • Unrelated to the subject, but check this out: another Nokia success, ironically reported by cnet...
  • If your guy don't want to wait anymore, just flash your att lumina 920 into Roger rom. It has same all specs, LTE, internet sharing, Data sense all work well. I did mine already and very happy with that.
  • ... and I thought for sure my 620 on TELUS would be left out. I don't have a lot of faith in TELUS supporting Windows Phone. The last time I walked though a TELUS store, they only had the 520 on display, and it was waaaayy in the back corner where few would ever see it. (and they wonder why it's not a more popular mobile platform???)
  • I cannot communicate how much att pisses me off with this lack of update. Too bad they get the best of the phones or I'd be looking elsewhere. Maybe by the time we are to 8.1 we will see gdr2. Good day for telus though!
  • Amber has improved my 620 out of sight - it used to be crashtastic and the touchscreen was dodgy. No longer! And Data Sense is awesome - I can get rid of my carrier app (which, while good I only used for one thing).
  • That's excellent. Congratulations. People deriding those of us concerned about the wait forget that this not only brings features, but also fixes to things such as the other data issue, updated Bluetooth, etc.
    As an owner of a 920, I have a fully capable camera as is, but the Amber update with expanded camera controls, the ability to name the app that opens with my camera is important. As well, Glance and other niceties are not to be sniffed at as being nothing. Between GDR2, Amber, GDR3 and the next full update of Windows phone, a lot will be happening in the coming months.
  • Oh for the days of forcing an update through Zune LOL
  • Aka: the iPhone 5C
  • I need for a week and more to get the update, though it is the country based version.
  • Already got it on my wife's 620 in the UK.
  • What provider?
  • Unbranded but on Vodafone.
  • Oh sweetness. Been looking forward to this update, I want to see how much better Xbox Music is.
  • Its funny how they prioritize any other Lumias, such as 520 620 ... over 920/820 >_<
    for example they changed status to "Comming soon" for L620 in Slovak/Czech country variant ...... such shame on Nokia for that Lumia 620 Country variant 1030.6407.1308.0001    
  • Does anybody know when the amber update is comming to O2 germany?
  • Live tv not the software
  • Status for L620 has changed to "coming soon" for many European countries yesterday, mainly Central and East Europe. Please do note that many 920s and 820s already have the update here in Europe. What's even "worse", carrier-specific devices got the update while unbranded ones haven't. But, it's moving, finally. My L620 is eagerly awaiting, a factory reset is overdue (that "Other" folder is fast growing) and I'd like to start anew with Amber onboard.
  • Thanks for the heads up!
  • I'm from India, and i just got this update. Earlier, there were occasional restarts and hangs; but now it seem to work flawlessly. Happy that WP8 is rolling out updates to make their platform more stable and reliable.
  • Can we please stop writing those articles? Everybody can look up the status of their device on Nokias support page.
  • Not as exciting though!
  • Forget what i just said.. Just checked the Nokia Amber page and it now says 620 Vodafone coming soon... Yay!