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The Pew Research Center has released a study where a sampling of 2,252 adults (age 18 or older) and 800 teens (ages 12-17) were interviewed on how they use their Windows Phones and other smart and non-smart phones. The survey was conducted from April 29, 2010 through May 30, 2010.  While the survey still indicates teens text more than adults, the adults seem to be holding their own.

The survey found that 82% of adults own a Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other device that is also a cell phone. 72% of adults text and send/receive a median of 10 text messages a day. This is significantly less than the teen population (87%) who sends/receives a median of 50 text messages a day. However, 5% of the adults send/receive more than 200 messages a day.  This pales in comparison to the 15% of teens that send/receive more than 200 messages a day.

With respect to voice calls, the survey found that the median number of calls for both teens and adults were equal at 5 per day while the mean (average) number was slightly higher for adults (13.1 compared to 10.7 per day). The heavier text usage is in line with other reports showing data is outpacing voice.

A few more interesting statistics generated by this survey include:

  • Women tend to make slightly fewer calls than men
  • 90% of parents are more likely to have a cell phone than adults without children under 18 at home
  • 91% of cell phone owners feel safer with the phone
  • The number one reason offered by those surveyed (adult and teen) as to why they call or text: just to say hello or chat
  • 57% surveyed reported receiving spam text messages
  • 65% surveyed sleep with their cell phone

"Sleeping" with your cell phone was qualified as "adults who have slept with or near their phones".  Something I am sure isn't all that uncommon if you have teenage children. 

So, how does your phone use compare to a teenager?  How do you compare to the adults sampled in the survey?  Do you sleep with your Windows Phone?

You can check out all the survey results at Pew's Website.

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