Another hint of a Surface Phone pops up in profile of Surface Book

Microsoft execs have hinted in the past about making a Surface-branded smartphone, and now there's another hints that the company could be in the early stages of making a premium phone with the Surface name.

In a behind-the-scenes article on the making of the new Surface Book laptop, Wired offers a quick look at Microsoft's laps in Building 87 while chatting with its devices engineering head Panos Panay:

"But as soon as we start talking about it, he gets distracted by a CNC machine that's milling a Surface Book's bottom bucket. Panay just watches it for a moment, carving over and over to form the antenna gap. A few machines away, another machine works on a prototype of a new phone. And there are rooms everywhere in Building 87—top-secret ones—filled with new devices. Panay has to go check on them, too."

Keep in mind that the sighting of a prototype phone that could be months, or even years, away from release in an article is not 100% proof that Microsoft is indeed making a high-end Surface smartphone. However, with Panay now in charge of engineering for all of Microsoft's hardware, including smartphones, it's not impossible either.

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Source: Wired

John Callaham