Apict - Review

Nostalgic over Polaroid styled pictures? If so, Olivier Payen has developed Apict for your Windows Phone that gives ordinary pictures that instant camera effect.

Apict can be applied to new photos, saved photos, and is accessible from your Windows Phone camera app through the "Extras" menu.

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Smile for the camera

There's not much to this application. You have the option to access the camera or load an existing image from the main screen of Apict.

From there you all you need to do is crop your image and add a caption. Save the image and the "instant camera" effects are applied.

You do have a few settings available that will allow you to save the original image when taking a new image as well as set the image quality.

Images are saved at 262 dpi but vary in size. The lowest quality sizes the image at 1.1" x 1.3" with the Max quality sizing things out at 4" x 4.9". If you are so inclined to print images created by Apict, you'll want to keep things set at the Max.

The only thing missing is a means to share your created images from within the app. You'll have to exit the app and enter the Photo Hub to send images via email or SMS. You'll have to enter a Facebook or Twitter app to share them socially.

Overall Impression

While the Polaroid look isn't for everyone, if you like the effect Apict is a nice application to have on your Windows Phone. I like the ability to add a caption to the photo but the inability to share your images is surprising.

There is a free trial version available for Apict with the full version running only $.99. While the instant camera effect may not appeal to everyone, Apict is a nice app to have on your Windows Phone if that effect is to your fancy.

You can find Apict here (opens in new tab) (opens your Zune desktop) at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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  • I really like this app, one of my faves. Quality of the "pic" is excellent and the writing on it is quite fun.
  • I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoy the fake polaroid craze. I usually just mock up my own in with Thumba Photo Editor. Pretty much unlimited control over my photos, which is great. Only thing it's missing is that polaroid matte.
  • Hi Bryant,This feature is planned to be developed in Thumba Photo Editor version 2.7. Thanks for your suggestion!Regards
  • Nice. Love Thumba...best photo app out there.
  • Just what i was looking for. Very basic app, but well used by me. Always pinned to start. Get this app if you love the 70's Polaroid look. Much easier than messing about with colour contrast ect.