App Update Roundup: Camera360, Evernote, SysApp Pusher and more

Just another day at the office with a steady stream of updates being pushed through the Windows Phone Store. Today, we're looking at Camera360, Evernote, and more. Whether you've somehow missed these great Windows Phone apps, or haven't yet received the update notifications through the store app, we've got you covered with direct links and change logs. Head past the break for all the details.


Camera360 2.0

There are many photography apps available for Windows Phone and Camera360 is one of our favorites. It's a super easy app to get started with, enabling users to hop between different scenes without difficulty. Today's update introduces the new Time Camera feature as well as some settings for the new effect and ability to pin the app as a whole to the Start screen.

So what's new in version 2?

  • New Time Camera360. Photo enhanced with Texture or Light Leak at random.
  • The strength of effect can be adjusted in the editing page.
  • Pin Camera360 to the start. 

If you haven't yet tried Camera360 our, we highly recommend you do.


Evernote 4.3.0

Evernote is a premium note-taking service, which has been around for some time now. The app and service directly competes against Microsoft's own OneNote, but it's good to have strong competition, especially on Windows Phone. The official app has been updated to, bringing Post-it digitization and more to the table.

  • According to the Store listing, we're looking at the following change log:
  • Snap a photo of a Post-it® Note to digitize and enhance your handwritten to-dos and ideas
  • Automatically assign notebooks, tags and Reminders to different colors of Post-it® Notes
  • Add multiple Post-it® Note snapshots to a single note
  • Search through handwritten text in images

That's not a bad update and one we expect OneNote fans will enjoy.

QR: Evernote


SysApp Pusher

We can't recommend this app enough for any Windows Phone. It's an absolute life saver when it comes to updating apps (especially system apps from OEMs) on smartphones. Version of SysApp Pusher has been pushed through, adding support for Blink and Network Speed Test. You don't have to wait for support to be added by the developer as apps can be manually added to SysApp Pusher. 

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

If competitive multiplayer gaming is more your thing, you can't go wrong with Pixel Gun 3D. If you're not familiar with the title, it's essentially a Minecraft inspired first person shooter (FPS) for Windows Phone, with added multiplayer game modes. Yes, it's as good as it sounds. Excited to see what's new in version

  • New potions: Night vision and Anti-Gravity
  • New guns & upgrades: Anti-Gravity Blaster, ARMAGEDDON (new rocket launcher upgrade) and Chain Thunderbolt
  • New Science Lab map
  • Tons of bug fixes

The game has been regularly updated since release and we can't recommend it enough, even if it's just for a quick battle here and there.

Pixel Gun 3D (227MB - free)

Odds and ends

As well as the above apps and games, there's yet more content on the store which has been bumped to new versions today. We've compiled a short list below of other apps you should either check for updates on your handset(s), or download them for the first time.

Rich Edmonds
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