App update roundup: Nokia Camera Beta gets Amber support, Readit and Evernote receive new features

It's another day, another batch of app updates for Windows Phone. In case you've somehow missed the store notifications or they haven't quite reached your smartphone yet, we've got you covered. Today we'll be looking at Readit, Nokia Camera Beta and Evernote. Head on past the break for all the details on what's new.



​The popular unofficial Reddit client for Windows Phone, Readit is a superb app worth having installed, whether you're an avid fan of multiple sub-reddits or simply enjoy spending a few minutes each day looking at cat photos. It's our favourite Reddit client and the developer has pushed out a rather large update with numerous changes and fixes. 

Here's a list of everything that's new in version

  • Multireddits do not show a "." in the menu for unsubscribe anymore
  • If "Show Read Posts" is off, and you read most of a sub or even the entire sub, links will not fail to load anymore
  • "Show Comment Hierarchy Indicators" option not working is fixed
  • Fix for the bug with new line/paragraph spacing issues
  • Live tile is now showing correct new message count after opening inbox and closing app
  • A post with a ton of comments does not take forever to load (up to 5 minutes) anymore
  • Subreddit search and manager visit & subscribe buttons align/size correctly again
  • App crash when trying to submit a post without a valid internet connection is now fixed
  • Improved touch targets for comments and score counters

You can download Readit from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (trial available).

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera Beta

The Finnish manufacturer has released an update for the beta version of its camera app on the Windows Phone Store. In this latest version, it's stated that support has been implemented for Lumia Windows Phones running the Amber software update. Should you be rocking a smartphone on said firmware version, you'll be able to rock out with the latest functionality.

If you wish to try out Nokia Camera on your Lumia Windows Phone (and haven't been able to do so thus far), check out this beta version. You can download Nokia Camera Beta from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store.



If you're not familiar with Evernote, it's a super popular cross-platform note taking service, which has been available on Windows Phone for some time. The company has released an update introducing the Post-it Note Camera feature. This new functionality allows you to snap a photo of a Post-it Note to digitise and enhance handwritten to-dos and general notes.

The app automatically assigns notebooks, tags and reminders to different colours of Post-it Notes, which is a handy way of quickly filing everything should you already use each colour for a different category. It's also possible to add multiple Post-it Notes to a single Evernote entry and search through handwritten text in images. 

You can grab Evernote from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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  • That's 16 but we have got only 3 no fair lol
  • Maybe a dumb question, but what is the difference between Nokia camera, and Nokia camera beta?
  • Beta supports all phones(512mb) and few additional features which may hav bugs
  • few addotional ? what are they;
  • Worth it to have both?
  • I don't think so jst hav the beta.
  • I've been using the beta since it was first released...i didn't find any changes in today's update
  • If u don't. Hav 1020 or 1520 i dnt think ur gonna see much changes
  • Yup....925
  • There r no changes other than amber support in this update
  • Are we definitely talking about Amber here, and not Black? I've been using Nokia Camera since release - are you telling me that it doesn't support Amber either? And in any case what does that mean? Amber is ancient now, from Nokia's perspective. Surely you mean Black.
  • Readit update squashes a lot of bugs. App was a clunky mess before this update.
  • Check More fast news updates.
  • Fix the link and use the forums u should hav better luck there
  • Wait a minute... I have a Lumia with Amber and I was running Nokia Camera Beta before this update.
  • +720
  • +1
  • Exactly
    i didn't find any changes in this update!!!
  • That is not true the version number did change.... :P
  • Same here..+1
  • There are changes: the camera loads a second faster on my 720. Optimizations for 512 MB devices, that seems to be the changelog
  • Same
  • Didn't really understood that new feature on evernote.
  • Unless you stick post it notes all over your workspace, you won't.
  • I just updated Evernote and add a new note with three Post-It Notes using the new feature. I'm note able to search on the post-it contents. May be I'm doing something wrong. Don't know. But once I added the Post-It Notes I wnet to the main screen press the magnifing len icon type something written in one of the post-its and... not found. I try it many times with many texts on those post-its. Some of those texts are very very very simple so they should be understud by Evernote. Question is... in order to search inside the Post-It do you need a Premium account? My guess is... YES. So I will keep on using OneNote instead.
  • The pictures are still yellowish and blurry using the latest version of Nokia Camera Beta.
  • About Readit, for some reason I can't upvote or downvote anymore even after updating it.