Apple Store employees check out Microsoft Store opening in Freehold, NJ

Today, Microsoft threw the doors open to their Freehold, NJ store marking yet another feather in the growing chain's cap. While we're always excited to see another Store open up, especially on the East coast, what makes this opening just a tad hilarious is the curious Apple employees who evidently showed up.

As it is well known, Microsoft has been opening their stores wherever Apple has theirs (including our own location) and perhaps setting up for some interesting drama. In this case, reader Trav sent us the above photo of the brave Apple employees who were checking the competition.

Hey, we don't begrudge Apple and we more than welcome them to the fold even if for just a visit. 

Thanks, Trav, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Its like the Coke guy drinking Pepsi
  • I replied to this. What happened to it?
  • Lol its nice to see they at least come in to see it as long as they dont have any offensive comments all is good
  • Obviously buying Windows Phones ;-)
  • :-)
  • : D Yep Agree : D
  • Probably looking for a real job.
  • Lmao ain't that the truth
  • Round one! Fight!!!!
  • Lol that's funny never seen these apple heads ck out Microsoft store. They realize windows phone are best and wish there iPhone UI looked like windows phone
  • More likely smugly ridiculing us... These are apple people you know.
  • Or normal people like you and me who happen to be employed at a store owned by Microsoft's competition.
  • Lol. ain't that the truth. Maybe they are apple geniuses
  • Im applying to work at that exact apple store.
  • We need a Portland store lol.....3 Apple stores here and no MS......
  • Bakersfield CA and we have neither:(
  • Even in Boston... Why ms??? (maybe not even in ny)
  • One is opening in copley
  • Actually in Prudential Center to be exact.  Same area of course.
  • Huntington Station, NY
  • Boston's MS store in Prudential should open this summer. My guess is late June.
  • Yah I'm in Portland now from Spokane, Wa and no stores here or in Spokane. .:(
  • 'Bout time they come to their senses. :P
  • One Apple employee got snippy with my brother when he tried to take a picture of him at the store today. At least the MS employees were nice and not snotty...
  • They're real people just like us... maybe he just didn't want a picture taken! That sounds pretty rude of your brother if you ask me.
  • Of course.. That's very rude. If you want to take a picture of someone else, at least ask for permission.
  • 3 apple employees walk into a windows store....
  • You know this is cool...but it's a little small-scale for a headline.
  • Lol. Even the 'gods' can bleed!
  • Just realized there's an apple store in my city. Maybe I'll get an MS store sometime. . . .
  • Microsoft reportedly paid Gap to move their store at Mall of America, so the could put a Microsoft Store in the space.... Which happens to be conveniently right across from the Apple store. I'm tempted to make a trip there if both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch at the same time.
  • The Microsoft store in the Mall of America is rather nice. It is amusing how similar it is to the Apple store across the aisle. When I was there, there was a line of people around the side for an hour before they were even open. This was when the Smoked By Windows Phone competition was going on. Nearly everyone I spoke with intended to lose and get a new WP.
    It was funny how dead the Apple store was in comparison.
  • I love how MS trolls by opening their store near to apples'. XD..
  • Go away
  • +1
  • Cool. Troll calls Troll. You've read the actual title of this site I'm assuming, so you know what you're going to get? The really interesting fact. I mean, really interesting, is, that if you were anything other than scared; and I mean pee in your pants scared, you wouldn't be here crying.
    Try to keep some of your credibility and stop this Trolling now.
    Where's the report button?
  • Personally, if I was moderating these forums, you would be the one I would warn to be more polite.
  • Need ms store In Boston area...
  • One is opening in Copley!!!!!!
  • Does she have Zune bag? And do they have jobs Monday?
  • It's probably a Zumies bag.
  • yeah it is zumies. Hipsters
  • Maybe they needed some windows for their Macs ( through boot camp)
  • Yeah they love windows phone!
  • :-D 
  • Apple employees just checking out the competition lol
  • How can you not want to go in a MS store. Its like Disneyland for techies.
  • +1
  • Exactly
  • Most Apple fans secretly love the metro ui, And that's what they came to check out.
  • Kill them before they spread!!
  • slaughter da apple troll!! he derserves to rot!!!!  da hunt begins gonna get ya
  • Trolling
  • Haha.... Check out how "oddjob" is holding his hand... Is that typical of an apple employee :)
  • Siri told them to go check out the Lumia 900!!
  • ^THIS.
  • I can't blame them. Apple stores look like hospitals with those two or three shades of colour. Microsoft Stores on the other hand are like candy stores.
  • Lol good analogy
  • Apple boys: "Yep......... just curouisly walkin in to da MS store to check da metro ui on Windows phone ."
    Buys an Nokia Lumia and smashes theirs iphone on da ground and says to apple. "opps..............  Bon appatit"   
    Apple girl: sing in front of everyone with her new Nokia Lumia 900. "WINDOWS PHONE IS SEXY AND I KNOW IT"! . LOL
    FUNNY! XD 
    Funny if it would happen though XD
  • I don't have a ms store where I live (UK), what products do they showcase? What hardware vendors do they choose?
  • A wide variety, usually high-end machine. See for yourself.
  • As far as Windows Phone devices, they can sell phones of up to three carriers. When I was there, they left out Sprint, but said that a few weeks earlier they had Sprint and had excluded Verizon.
    They had nearly all of the Windows Phone devices that were out at the time.
  • Sneak attack! Just like them.
  • Sneak attack. kidnapping you! LOL : ). shame on you . pity. but who cares ha LOL! XD 
  • They need international stores before the windows 8 launch. If they want the big queues like apple when the launch something they cannot relay on small retailers. Have it all in on Xbox, windows and windows phone. I would rather buy from a windows store then a small shop. They should have bought out game in the UK and turned the stores to windows stores.
  • I was there for that Grand Opening. Fun and crowded. Nothing wrong with employees checking out other stores. Eons ago I worked at a Warner Bros. Store and would go to the Disney store on my break, and vice-versa. Though I imagine a manager will be discussing taking off the shirts when visiting the competition.
  • This is sad because now they will get terminated for random company policy violation.
  • The Internet is full of kids. Grow up, it's a few Apple Employee's walking into a Microsoft store. Apple is the biggest tech company in the world through recession selling Premium priced items. No other company has achieved that - without the iPhone Windows Mobile 6 would still be flying. Show some respect.
  • Its a tech company... I dont owe them anything, much less respect.
  • Then move along, no tech companies means no shiny thing's for you and I!
  • That is the problem with corporations in general now. They have tricked the market into thinking their boardmemebers and corporation as an entity, demand our respect. It use to always be and still should be, the corporations should be showing their customers respect. Now they build items they know are crap, and shove it out the door anyhow, using PAYING customers as their Alpha and Beta testers. They have justified it for so long, that everyone thinks it is fine now. You get a device that barely runs, and you complain that you have been waiting 6 months for a firmware update to fix it, and the company hides behing the appologist that say "it is a tech device, you should expect this". Complete garbage.
  • Just employees, move along now. But if Tim Cook walked into the store, now that would be something.
  • I agree! There is a new Apple store employee almost hired everyday for 13 hours a week, they mean nothing.
  • Or how about if co founder apple steven Wozniak walked in which big talked about when he bought wp nokia lumia 900 was big news many apple fanboys didn't like hahahah
  • They will get fired.
  • I own both an Apple iPhone 4S and a Nokia Lumia 800. Both phones have their good points and bad points. I have a preference in the one I use more because one gives me more features for the business use that I use it for and the other gets used less because it's my personal phone.
    I don't see the need to identify which is which because I genuinely don't get why people have to be so tribal about it.
    It's all technology and it's all good because it keeps on feeding as well as reflecting the ingenuity of the human race. Why do people want one phone system to 'win' over another? Competition drives innovation. Monopolies stagnate and don't see the need to change. 
    So some Apple store employees set foot in a Microsoft store... big deal. Get over it.
  • people see it has apple is the dark force and Microsoft is the good force of the Jedi hahhahah Steve job wears black turtle neck has sign of Darth Vader lol...
  • Exactly. People enjoy to hate.
  • "Sari.... Where am I?"
  • "Sari.... Hold me I'm scared."
  • That guy on the left is such a typical apple looking hipster douche. The perfect stereotypical representation.
  • It would be boring to work at an apple store, the iOs is boring to me, it would suck to push the SAME product everyday....:/ Now the Ms store is a different story, you have all of the great MS products all in one store and they are all different and unique.
  • They are just employees. Doesn't mean they are Apple fans.
  • Microsoft store being built in Orlando's Florida Mall. 2 doors down from the apple store. :)
  • Hope that they don't lose their jobs over this.
  • The apple store employees checking out new Microsoft store don't look geniuses to me hahaha
  • Not even hiding the fact with the t-shirts, clearly the apple shop has no customers that's why they for lonely and went to the ms store. ROFLCOPTER
  • Someone is wearing the cyan Lumia shoe laces... :-P
  • Is it not possible to like iOS and WP? If you ask me, product marriage is irrational (btw, I realize that no one asked me).
  • I wouldn't put it past Apple that they planned this at some level.
  • Open up a MS Store in Upstate NY PLEASE!!!
  • The guy in the back ground has a blue shirt too he probably drug them into the store to check out the Kinect Xbox witch I bet all of them have at home lol
  • Or maybe there tired of haven't the mouth sewed to the butthole of another apple user lol
  • Ther the 3 people who didn't read the terms of agreement that said " I Apple user agree to have my mouth sewed to the butthole of another apple user to make the next big apple iThing the Humancintapad" lmao !
  • Dafuq