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Windows RT has had a rough year. It launched alongside Windows 8 late last October, but hasn’t exactly fared well in both sales and reception. It’s been tough to sell to consumers with the Surface RT being considered a flop by many and other OEMs not doing any better. Asus is now joining the growing list of OEMs who aren’t going to be working on Windows RT in the near future.

Another blow to Microsoft and their plans with ARM processors. Windows RT is reportedly not being considered in any future products from Asus. The CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen, confirmed today that they will no longer product tablets running Windows RT. Here’s what he had to say in an earnings call:

“It's not only our opinion; the industry sentiment is also that Windows RT has not been successful.”

There you have it. It seems at this rate the only new Windows RT device you’ll be likely getting in the future is the Surface RT from Microsoft or Lenovo.

What do you guys think of Windows RTs future with OEMs like Asus and Acer stating no plans to build further devices?

Source: ComputerWorld

  • Maybe now they can price their RT products at rock bottom prices since they don't have OEMs to worry about upsetting...
  • Very good point.
  • If you work in educatoion you can get them for 240 with keyboard cover. I have one sitting here right now that we were testing. We liked them so much the boss is getting each of us one in the next few weeks. It is head shoulders above my crappy android tablet. Sure not as many apps but it has the ones I use. mail, calendar, netflix, hulu, office, and a note taking program.
  • You work in educatoion? Does RT not offer spell check? (I kid I kid)
  • It is currently a steal at $350, since it includes MS Office as well. And with 8.1 update, it will include MS Outlook as well.
    Edit: I believe a touch cover comes free as well.
  • Hopefully the next surface RT will be priced competitively at launch. I have a couple of family members who are dying to get a surface rt after trying mine, but I've managed to talk them into waiting for the new one because I believe it will be priced only slightly higher with a updated processor and screen. The current RT is just too hamstrung by its processor, which is adequate but hardly gives the universally smooth performance of an ipad for example.
  • I agree, it's great deal now.  The price might be the only thing truly dissuasive before about Windows RT devices to me.
    I love my Surface RT.  It was great for me as a student and great for me at work now as well as leisure. (Especially with Outlook on 8.1 Preview)  Unless you want to do intense Photoshop, or play Skyrim on your tablet, you can do pretty much anything else on it. Its not like you can do that stuff on an atom anyways.  I am rarely ever on my laptop anymore.  Especially since there is a free Torrent app on RT now.  Maybe once ever two weeks honestly.  I use my Surface to charge my phone, and I rarely have to bring my charger with me.  I love that it has no need for a fan. 
    The main thing I would like to be improved is not so much the RT system itself, just the processing power of the devices that power it.  Sometimes, it lags on intensive websites.  But, even that is not that often.  It is honestly quite a good device if you don't have specialist needs.  Hopefully, more people give it a try before dismissing it.
  • I think that could be a benefit.  I'd guess that the desktop may disappear from RT completely once the Office Modern versions hit the Start Screen, if they are fully featured.
    Let's not forget Nokia.  They may come with some WP8 phablets and some WinRT tabs as well.  If the new Surface RT improves performance greatly, coupled with a good miniSurface, a Nokia mintab (maybe 10" as well?), and a Lenovo product or two (and I don't think Dell has said they are abandoning the platform)., then there is a future.  I think the future is brightest for Windows 8 Pro tabs with Intel chips, especially the upcoming Silvermont architecture.  I love those tabs with a stylus and their ability to use Desktop apps.
    But I wouldn't write off RT.  I tend to think it will be better off with a select group of high quality devices.  The Surface RT could do quite well if it refreshed at the $349 price point (up to $399 tops for the 32GB).  Sell the 7" for the same price as the Nexus 7 - $229 base.  With Office built in, it's a no brainer. 
  • Asus can suck my peeeep :)
  • I never heard of that brand lol
  • I have an Asus vivotab smart PC with an atom processor and it kicks butt, unlike my gf surface rt which underperforms.
  • AsusVivoTab Smart rocks! Just wish it had better speaker.
  • I have owned both the VivoTab Smart and Surface RT and the VivoTab was yet another pathetic Atom joke.  Having run them side by side, the VivoTab is NOT faster at anything and barely matches speed for Modern apps.  The only people I have encountered who claim there is real performance in that Atom tablet are those who want to convince themselves it was worth the money. Even the most positive reviews note that the processor is performance challenged. Throw in the tiny storage and you can barely load legacy apps in the first place.  Oh, as reported in many plaaces, the build quality is typical overrated Asus platic toy cheap.    .
  • I have two Asus tablets. One Android and one Windows 8. Very good quality, love them both. Of course Windows better.
  • Dont blame them. They probably making decent money making the new Nexus 7. And rumors are saying they are doing the new Nexus 10
  • Not so soon
  • wont be getting a Vivotab for family nowvthat i know it is abandonware.
    hopefully just microsoft pushes rt so they can control the hardware better
  • Get the vivotab smart, excellent tablet. Full Windows 8
  • no i like charging my tablet every three days not every day.
  • LOL, yeah there is that. It's not a deal breaker for me. Very nice tablet for my needs, which are few and far between.
  • The Vivotab Smart is a poor performing plastic toy with insufficient storage to run much in the way of legacy apps.  The build quality also sucks and it is no faster at running the same apps on Surface RT.  I wouldn't even consider running any real legacy apps because of the laughable Atom performance (netbook like describes it) and returned the thing before rhe return period expired at BestBuy.  
  • Microsoft fanboy, let me know how it is controlling the space station while watching Nickelodeon.
  • As much as I like my SRT, normal Win 8 is a far better product.
  • I mostly agree, but with a caveate.  My currently low opinion of RT is heavily driven by the experience from the current Tegra 3 CPU in my Surface RT.  I love the build and unit itself, but gosh damn does it run slow!  If RT tablets performed better, I might have a higher opinion of RT itself.
  • Same here. Love RT. Hate the Tegra 3 under the hood of my SRT
  • Same. Tegra 3 is not enough power for RT.
  • Die, RT. You are useless, pointless... Let's bring full W8.1 to every tablet.
  • How so ?? huh
  • Yeah...your opinion doesn't seem to have a leg to stand on. I prefer RT on a tablet over W8. I hate fans running on a tablet to cool down Intel processors. Everyone knows RT is for casual/lounge use.
  • But everyone should also know that Atom tablets outperform ARM match it in battery life and are fanless.
    Oh, and they run full Windows too.
  • Except for the fact that you are wrong:
  • Everyone does not know this because it is not true. The performance sucks (as in tablet version of a netbook) and the Atoms do get hot.
  • Huh? I have Vivo tab and it doesn't get hot. It performs WAY better than Surface RT and it last 2 days, 3 days with the dock.
    If some people here say iPhone 5 is flop with plus 30 million sales, what you call RT? RT is the definition of a tech flop.
  • Don't think most people have the cash to spare on a lounge product and then on an actual tablet and then maybe on an actual laptop. RT has a few key limitations that make it less than feasible in many regards. However, all things considered, the Surface is still amazing value at $350.
  • But on the other hand Microsoft must create more apis and allow more self code for Rt and create more features in framework :-)
  • If Microsoft is pushing them on thin margin to schools and the media streaming market why get in the way? Then there's the inevitable consolidation between Win Phone and RT in the 7" space
  • Can't blame them. RT has been a failure thus far.
  • Sure is
  • Failure because you say so....
  • My Surface RT isn't a failure. In fact, its as rock solid in terms of hardware of updating and security as an iPad. I've just been streaming on Twitch.TV via the Eggr App. Not sure why you feel the need to hate it, as its the "pure" version of Windows, with a subset of Desktop bolted on for Office. I wish they ripped Desktop mode out, gave us Metro Office and it would be superrrr sweet.
  • I have to agree. I find the desktop portion a distraction and almost annoying at times. I would prefer a metro office version and no desktop as long as they included a decent metro style explorer for mucking around the file system so you can make flash sites work properly.
    They really needs to get the apps store going. Still need official apps for pandora and others.
  • Get Flash sites working properly? I haven't come across a flash site that didn't work since they changed their white list to a black list back in the beginning of the year. I don't mind the desktop but for RT think it should be removed so the poor souls on this planet that get easily confused will finally get what RT is. Also, I think if it had a digitizer built in it would be even better.
  • I also expect Lenovo in the US phone space in 2014
  • Good for them. Just focus on full Windows 8. That's a much better option.
  • No No No! Keep both. Full Windows 8 as it stands is OPEN, which is also why its GREAT and BAD.
    Why? Full Windows 8 is great if you wanna install Putty, ZenMap, Visio and anything you can download from the Internet. But that is also part of the problem, its still a Windows Malware magnet.
    RT can only get code from the store. Has there been any exploits for RT? No, voila - that's why it must exist. It will anyway despite what you say. ARM is still ticking along and MS are smartly hedging their bets. Surface RT 2.0 I pray would drop Desktop mode also, but might be too early - won't happen until Metro Office. Try to think of this more broadly than your blinkered view.
  • I like my rt. But would love the full Experience on the same device with haswell. That's if its as small and as much battery life...
  • Something tells me this was Microsoft's plan all be the only Windows RT vendor and then push massively for an enterprise fit or better for less hungry power users
  • Don't be mad at Asus here.  They aren't abandoning Windows, just RT.  And I can't blame them when RT sales have been bad, Intel CPU's are giving ARM a run for its money power wise, and people just plain want real Windows 8.  I still have friends, even software devs, who are confused about RT vs W8.  The more I think about the whole situation, the more I think RT really f'ed up Microsofts entire Windows 8 launch story.  W8 was supposed to be the "No Compromise" interface, but because of RT tablets, there was widespread confusion over which devices could run real windows programs and which couldn't.
    Maybe one day RT and ARM Windows tablets will make more sense.  But its clear to me that MS should have introduced Windows 8 and Surface Pro first, and heavily tout the "NO COMPROMISE" line.  Then later, they could introduce cheaper Surface RT and WinRT tablets and market them as lighter and longer lasting alternatives.  I honestly think that doing it the other way around (especially with Surface) really screwed up their launch.
  • Preach!! I have good friend with MSFT stock and he does not agree that they mishandled the whole situation. For months I've argued that the Pro should have been released first. Another opportunity lost for Microsoft.
  • dont be fooled every one win rt and everyone seeming to abandon it is just win phone 7 all over again, the old rt hardware isnt gonna be compatable with the new rt specs, last years rt was just the beta test, the spec are gonna blow you away, 1080p and beyond, what i mean is with the new qualcomm chips there gonna be less of a deference between intel and rt version, in fact you might just get more performance out of the rt version than the intel one as you have 1080p gaming, and 4k video out of the box with the qualcore 800 rt systems, and more advanced gps and radios than on the intels ones, and with the camera array one the nokia tablet, your gonna be getting amazing image capabilities not seen before in a tablet., full turn by turn navigation fron nokia , 4k capatible, and play back, and much much more....
  • WinRT should be dropped. There's really no reason for it to exist. Really confusing to consumers too - which software and apps does it support? Crappy chipsets, too.
  • This "confusing" BS can't be used as an excuse any longer. The product is coming up to a year since launch, how many media articles and salesman does it take for people to get the concept that RT only runs Store Apps? The problem with RT isn't RT, its the number of stupid people in this world spoiled by Hardware for Dummies sold by Apple. It's actually going to take MS to remove the desktop for the light bulb to go on and people saying "Ohhhhhh, I get it now, its like an iPad."
  • I still hope these new Atoms will provide at the end of the year and we'll get Windows 8 tablets for a low (sub i5) price with reasonable performance for legacy apps.
  • No tears here. I believe Windows 8 provides the true no compromise solution over ARM based platforms and that was the original pitch, it scales down to thin and light devices or runs on the highest spec desktops and you don't have to sacrifice functionality, which is what made RT such a hard sell. Stick to the modern UI for your light tablet tasks or quickly head to the desktop for some productivity work, works well either way. Windows 8.1's enhancements mean you get a better experience in both environments so its a win-win.
  • RT should be discotinued right away. It is pointless. The Haswell line of intel will make the ARM's on tablets more irrelevant.
    x86 will still rule the computing.
    Microsoft should stop wasting resources on RT and focus on Windows Phone more.
    They should only make Surface Pro 2 and may be the courier version of it.
  • I'm a big windows fan and bought the surface RT a few days after launch. Man am I disappointed. I'm wondering if I can get $400 for the 32gb with touch keyboard.
  • Ouch
  • I love it, problem being MS forgot to tell people it's a tablet not a pc, most people I know wants a "pro" because they think it's better, it's not, its different.
    I like my tablet thin and sexy, don't want to run Auto Cad in it.
  • +10000000
  • Doesn't bother me at all. I like RT and if it turns into a Surface RT exclusive then im happy with that. Its the cheaper BETTER iPad alternative.
  • Thats not a story the story will be Nokia; the number one selling windows phone 8 oem, will be the number one selling windows 8 rt tablet oem with its new qualcomm snapdragon quadcore windows 8 rt tablet. And how nokias new windows 8 pro system is making waves, now thats a story! Asus instead whining like a baby nokia's gonna show yall how its done, just like they did in the phone arena, theyre number one, in the rt world they will also be number one, boohoo.
  • I think you might have been drinking today?? :)
  • Nokia isn't going to make a RT
  • your right nokia isn't gonna make a rt they already have, and its been testing for months, they even was a nokia tablet for the tegra but scrapped it, as the new minimum specs will be snapdragon, Nokia gonna dominate, you'll be a believer in just a couple months, maybe even as soon as next month
  • and like I said just like when htc, and Samsung showed lackluster support for win phone 8, Nokia was because of their commitment to the os, the clear winner in that scenario, the same will happen in the win 8 rt world, because  Asus, etc is dropping the ball Nokia will rise to be the champ at rt tablets as well why, for the same reason as before, they because of their focus on one os, and their eye for design, and innovations, will exceed any attempts by anyone but perhaps Microsoft itself. Beside Ive never owned a asus computer, I've had their parts in my computer but never a asus branded computer.
  • Can't blame them. RT has no reason to exist. RT devices don't have enough of a price advantage versus Full Win 8 Atom ones. Nor enough of a battery life advantage, and they're behind in performance. Worse yet, RT just muddles the Win 8 story and divides developers efforts even further when all should be trying to capitalize on the WP8 momentum Nokia is single-handedly creating.
  • "nor enough of a battery life advantage"...are you high? Surface RT smokes the pro in battery life. And it doesnt feel like you are carrying around a brick.
  • Reeves, I agree the naming is bad. Confusing to consumers.
    Battery life is waaaaaaaaaayyyy better on RT, I have had both, the Surface RT romps it.
    Dev, its easy to dev for both. The IDE/code is so similar its not even hard (its more which 3rd party libraries exist, or embedded DBs etc)
  • Honestly I don't care much for RT. I'd rather see an actual full blown PC in an 8" size such as the ACER tab that came out, but a high end version
  • They need to remove "desktop" from RT and make it there 6"-10" solution. Put a nice camera and some decent speakers, Bluetooth, HDMI and a couple USB ports. Done.
  • No. They don't. The desktop is freaking handy. Don't you freaking DARE remove it.
  • No I agree. Remove it, but make the replaced Office Apps both touch and mouse friendly.
    The more time I spend in Metro, the more I love it :)
    Lets go PURE !!!!
  • You go into desktop on RT for what? Why does Office need to start in desktop? Just start it. If you want desktop then get the Pro. There aren't a whole lot of deep setting adjustments in RT anyways. Just try to adjust the contrast or gamma on an RT. You can do it on the Surface Pro to get those deep blacks but you have to dig around.
  • Some harsh words on here, i think what you have to remember is that the iPad and android tablets are what the rt is competing against, and other than a few missing apps it is on average at least equal in functions to them. The programs i run on my laptop i wouldn't want to run on a tablet which has low power to make the battery last, the tablet is there for quick access to smaller programs, email, web, photos, games ie, think what iPad can do. But that's my opinion
  • Not wanting to be negative, it just what I think: most people here are geeks who wouldn't mind carrying a desktop with a hexacore around and play Crysis at the beach.
  • Damn straight!
  • Why would you choose a Windows RT tablet over an iPad then?
    Because of the price? The Surface RT wasn't that much cheaper when it was released.
    Because of Office Home and Student? But why wouldn't you take a laptop for that with a keyboard?
    For your examples a very cheap Android tablet would do fine, and you still would have a greater collection of apps. Personally I think the apps on Windows RT are terrible, in a much worse state than Windows Phone and everbody is complaining about that.
  • Deep into MS ecosystem. iPad price. Dislike Apple ethos. Android too insecure and unsexy.
    You're right about RT apps though, but I wouldn't carry a full blown Windows while chilling in the park, where I am now (30 Celsius at 10pm, Lisbon).
  • Okay, fair points. Why would you choose Windows RT over Windows 8 on a tablet, if the price is comparable? You can get the 64 GB Asus Vivo Tab for 489 Swiss Francs, the 64 GB Surface RT for 514 Swiss Francs here.
    ...well, I just realized that, maybe I'll buy the Vivo Tab ;-)
  • Thinner. No heat. Longer battery life. Store Only Apps (therefore impervious to malware) / kid friendly. I love my Surface RT. I am writing this on a Desktop PC, but my RT and my Windows Phones are within stroking distance :) Trust me, the "purer" version of Windows that runs on RT is sweet, especially with 8.1 preview which makes it run smoother. Love it.
  • Yes...unsexy...i bought and then promptly returned a Nexus 7 because I forgot how unsexy Android was...
  • Yep, your right any tablet does them, not cheap android tablets they do suck at most things but its then the little things that sway you. Like a full sized usb port and sd card reader to make it easy to get your photos et al onto it. The office thing is more a student or business thing for small changes when out, i cant see anyone using it as their main word processor, but people do say the type cover is good, its all about the core features having that little more usability, And i know people complain about the surface being slow but i doubt it is any slower than my gf iPad.
  • Chregu: MOUSE !!!
    Honestly, we are supposed to be geeks here, but many of you don't even understand the fundamentals. Look, Office DOES NOT RUN ON iPad.
    Android = MALWARE Magnet + Crap UI. Its a stinker, but its cheap.
    Playbook. Dead
    Windows RT. Its got OFFICE on it. Soon to have OUTLOOK on it. You can use a MOUSE! It seamlessly integrates Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Outlook.COM email, Office 365 or Exchange email (and all your calendars). EAS Syncs your contacts, calendars, email WAaaaaayyyy better than crummy Android could dream of. This stuff is simple. Read the specs, ponder what it means to you.
  • Agree with you 100%. I don't think many people here have hands on with 8.1, it makes RT is sooo much better/functional/faster. The apps will come.
  • MS has said that they have no plans to drop RT. So if this is a one horse race this fall, so be it.
  • not to mention the old intel and the old amd the amds were better on a tablet, now with this new release it will be a three way dance intel, qualcomm, and amd. Both amd and qualcomm has proven 1080p gaming is coming to windows tablets. In a much improved performance and battery lifed package. Hold on to your horses folks, the media might be wrong again.
  • The only problem with RT was price. MS had to worry about something Google & Apple didnt, pissing off their partners because the os is not free. They could not price the tablet aggressively enough out the gate. The Nexus 10 was an even bigger disaster than RT, but the nexus 7 has been a runaway success. Why? Price! MS has no product in the Ipad mini/Nexus 7 price range. The price gap between RT & Win 8 tabs must be $150+ going forward and they need to move it to 7-8" where there would be less of an expectation & desire for legacy app support.
    RT was successful in one major way, it forced intel to take their Atom line seriously due to MS opening up Windows to ARM. The more powerful Baytrail quad cpus will be close to the level of a core i3 and the price of a ARM processor. That is huge for future budget Win tablets.
    The windows store is the fastest growing apps store ever and 98% of the apps in the store support both x86 and Arm processors.
    This is a long term game, even if windows 8 is an abysmal failure within 4 years it will have an install base of 400M. That scale alone means the windows store will be a long term success and hard for developers to ignore. Surface RT 3 & 4 will be more viable alternatives without legacy apps when there are 400K+ apps in the store years from now.
    As soon as full Office are metro apps, they also need to kill the desktop in RT.
  • First decent post on this subject, from someone who clearly "gets it". Well done Vizer90.
    Agree with all your points.
  • I second that, great post!
  • Don't think the public has future plans for it either
  • ASUS out - Nokia in??  I'll take that.
  • MS has a long way to go to sharpen up RT & the tech running it. It did a terrible job of marketing the product and its improvements have been evolutional, I.e. SLOW. The Surface RT is a very capable piece of tech that can get MUCH better if only MS gets it in gear.
  • quitters
  • RT is great, as a tablet OS. The problem is since it looks like windows 8, common consumers don't understand what it is. MS should've name it some else, like WinTab or something to help people understand.
    The problem with RT was all in the PR and messaging, not the product itself.
  • Mac iOS = Store Apps
    Mac OSX = Legacy & Store Apps Windows RT = Store Apps
    Windows 8 = Legacy & Store Apps How is one more confusing than the other? Ridiculous.
  • You must be joking. The "store" for OSX and iOS are two completely different stores! 
    The Mac Store has "thousands" or "tens of thousands of apps". The iOS store is either at a MILLION apps or just below or beyond it. NOBODY confuses them because Apple has given each clear identities. There are 400,000 or so of that million that are native to iPad. 
  • I think different form factors for different functions.  I wouldn't want RT on a large tablet, but on a small 7" tablet priced in the $200 to $250 range would be excellent.  I wouldn't use the desktop at that size so no need for the software and hardware needs of Win8.
    For me, I think this would be ideal:
    Win 8 laptop (with a touchscreen) for productive work
    Win RT on 7" tablet for consumption & entertainment
    Windows Phone 8 for communication & PIM
    Have all three synchronize all data and settings at both OS level and app level.  Buy one app on one device and have it appear on the other two (if I choose for it to).  It's not completely there yet, but it's making progress.
  • I think the underlying issue here is PATIENCE. We live in a society where people want instant results, they want to instantly pounce on bad news, they have an opinion about everything. The reality is the Surface hasn’t sold well. But Microsoft may be in this for the long term and we need to see where they go. Would I buy an RT device? Perhaps but not right now…waiting to see where it goes.
  • Maybe if their first round of hardware wasn't ridden with bugs...just sayin
  • I honestly am not surprised by this. Windows RT may be a great product, I believe so, but it tries to break a market that is dominated by iPads and Android tablets. When you think of Windows RT, it doesn't offer too much in terms of apps and thus falls short of the overall experience. And to put it bluntly, the slightly higher priced model that offers Windows 8 Pro opens up a lot more functionality and thus is far more appealing...
  • I said it before and I'll say it again, if RT tablets get to $199 and below, they will become the highest selling tabs around. Similar to the Lumia 520, a low priced RT tab that seriously outperform low cost Android tabs (and in some cases, the iPad) would make it a desirable item.
  • I agree, but if the rumours of $75 licence are true, I'm not sure they are able to get the price down.
  • If they get the price down, it could absolutely turn around.
  • There are times I get frustrated by the occasional slowness of my Surface RT. Then I remind myself how rarely I have to charge the battery and I immediately feel better about it. That one can now get it for $350 including Office, well that's a steal!
    The only drawback I see with RT's marketplace failure will be the cessation of app development. I experienced this with the Palm Pre.
  • My Surface RT just cried 
  • I think any failure of the RT is Microsoft's fault because they were the one who massively FAILED to COMMUNICATE with the consumers. Their idea of creating a Surface RT and Surface Pro was the problem. They should have just released the Surface RT. THAT is Microsoft's tablet. The Surface Pro is not a real tablet. It's a laptop with a detachable keyboard. And that's exactly what almost all the OEM's produced. Laptops with detachable keyboards. Tell me...when was the last time you installed a normal program you install on a MacBook on an iPad? Yeah. That's right. NEVER. Microsoft should have made it clear as water:
    - THIS is our tablet. It runs a dedicated type of Windows: Windows RT. (Or perhaps call it "Windows Surface"?)
    - And THIS is Windows 8 which can run on PC's and laptops. Then, once that message was very clear to the consumer, they could present what became the Surface Pro, with a different name. They did nothing of the kind. They released both at the same time and confused the consumers. The only main difference between the RT and the Windows 8 is the inability to have legacy programs, really. But that's not clear to the average consumer. I personally am happy with the RT and would have NEVER spent the outrageous amount of money they ask for the Surface Pro (even the Surface I only bought it when they threw in the type cover for free) Why? Because I wanted a TABLET. Not a replacement for my PC or my laptop. I wanted a tablet and the Surface RT has the advantage of bringing Office with it. So I got a TABLET which also allows me to work, which puts it in from of the obvious option that would be the iPad.
    If Microsoft decides to dump Windows RT, I won't be mad. But unless they bring the prices of their tablet with W8 to the 500€ and bellow bar, I won't buy another Surface. Luckily it seems Microsoft and I are seeing eye to eye on this.
    They just need to improve the Marketplace and possibly merge it with the WP one. That would be sensible and give a new life to the RT I think.  As for Asus...I love them as providers of hardware for my custom-built PC's and even for my laptops. But if they don't keep producing products with RT, I won't care.
  • EXCELLENT point. It gets to the heart of the issue with Microsoft abd tgeir mind-numbing inability to market their products effectively. Their focus was blurred and scatalogical. They need to simplify and exhibit a laser focus on what they do well, market the Surface TABLET and get hustlin.
  • That is one thing I will agree on, MS should have made sure Windows Phone Apps worked with RT out of the gate. I know this is their plan but having had those 100,000 Apps available would have made a big difference for the consumer. Especially Windows Phone owners.
  • No Windows RT is dumb, I am sorry. MS can not have Windows 8, Windows 8 RT, Windows Phone 8; and fail with all of them.
    I still don't understand why they didnt just make Windows RT the new Windows phone. Where is this 3 screen vision? It is a mess. You have to buy an app for Windows phone, and then buy it again for Windows 8? That is not smart. 
    I couldn't care less. I have a pretty good feeling they will get their act together but they are just blowing sooo much money. They need better planning honestly. They look terrible. There is little to zero positive news about MS nowadays. They still have a wicked bad image problem on their hands.
  • Surface RT is a beast. It can watch any Adobe Flash website with videos so far.
  • Yeah, I have the Dell XPS10 which I bought when it came down in price. I bought it as a stop gap gadget until Haswell came out, just because I wanted a Windows8 tablet so I could give my iPad to my wife. I was very pleasantly surprise. I won't say blown away because the processor is the same as the one in my HTC8X but the OS is great.
    However. Nearly a year after launch and still no SkyGo, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, instagram, glympse, gmail, lovefilm etc etc. Microsoft are, I believe, now starting to get it but they should have done that from day 1. Hell, the HP Touchpad had a Facebook app before iOS never mind Windows 8. Yes, we have the browser but that's not the point.
    Bottom line, this does mean as some have said that Microsoft can forget the OEMs and be more aggressive, I think they already are being with the latest price cut. £279 in the UK. Awesome value.
  • I like how ignorant people is about RT and the reason it exists....
    it doesnt exist to replace windows 8, it just exist to support ARM, like it or not, ARM is a processor used by alot of devices, so its good they are supporting it.
    or what? stop supporting 16bit/8bit (added in win8), 3D printing and calculator, and wordpad, and million features because not everyone use them?
    no matter how you wanna see it, but just like we like to have intel and amd in our systems, there is room for ARM processors as well. of course Microsoft decided to lock desktop in RT, but it doesnt mean you cant unlock it and have some apps running on it (like i said before). and only for not having an easy switch, it doesnt mean its a useless OS, and it doesnt mean Microsoft wont open desktop for every user later.
    and im sure 8.1 will change everything, and alot of apps are coming, and xbox one is being released so it will help app store to grow, and games to be ported over win8/rt
  • If Microsoft commits to keeping the Surface RT updated for at least the next 18 months, they could see a reversal in the next few months. It's possible.
  • All this talk of Intel vs the rt tablets. I for one will continue to ignore Intel until they drop the (i) marketing. Besides i like Amd. There just as good in a lot of ways and cheaper. BUT in the end I love my surface rt! Amazing device, handles everything i ask of it.
  • No complains. I would love to see 10' RT from Nokia, but I will happily replace my surface rt with the next version (hopefully with tegra 4). As for the sub 10' tablets, it makes no sense for full win8 because the desktop environment will be unusable, as will the legacy x86 apps. WinRT + arm have so much potential, Asus and Acer will crawl back with 8.1 or 9 RT solutions in a year. Won't buy them anyway.
  • There's nothing ms could've done better, I think. No matter how many commercials they aired or whatever, I feel like there would've been huge brand confusion. Release one before the other and people mistake the second, newer product for the first one - HUGE mistake if that means people are glossing over a Surface Pro because they think its just like the Surface RTs that have been stores for months. Release them at the same time and people just don't know that there are two separate products. Its just the problem with creating two products that look 1000000% identical to somebody walking past a display in the mall. Its nearly impossible to quickly educate a bunch of people that dont care... And lets he honest, many/most potential tablet buyers dont care about microsoft
  • In my opinion, most of the negative comments of RT vs Win 8 smack of any review contrasting iPad and IOS. They are apples and oranges. While I agree RT is reaching to far to be both; to say it is a failed experiment is hardly accurate. IPad has had years to mature where as RT just arrived on the field. Given Microsoft's commitment to RT (not to mention the capital to do so) it is safe to say that RT isn't out of the game yet. For a first run Surface RT has been a remarkable surprise in not only the software but especially in its innovative hardware design. Like I said, its an opinion. Who's to know right?
  • again in case some don't understand English, the new qualcomm's will perform similarly to the haswells, no they wont run legacy apps but but they will run app designed from them at near or even exceeding the haswells, killing to death the atoms. most people dont buy the ipads and the android tablet to get rid of theyre ltops and desktops they get them to do the simple stuff on the go like web browsing, email, fb, twitter, causal gaming, etc in my case word processing. theres gonna be zero deference between snapdragon performance and intel for those things, and on top of that the snapdragon will offer some improvement over the intel stuff, so rt isn't going anywhere because it will perform better than the laptop that im on right now, and will do stuff this laptop cant do like 4k encoding and decoding, mobile gaming, I used this laptop on my bed and it every once in a while has to shut down cause of cooling issues, that wont happen with the snapdragons and it has option to output the a tv and monitor out the box wirelessly. right now the choice is fast computer vs slow computer the new rts will be fast computer vs fast computer, (which fast computer do you want win 8 app based or a option for legacy) in fact it would be fast enough to run legacy should ms enable that, or someone make an emulator software like parallels  
  • It would have been nice to see a Windows RT tablet with an active digitizer. I ended up getting a galaxy note 8 tablet since I needed something that I could take notes on in class and I already have a nice tablet. It is just that engineering classes are getting hard to take notes on using a laptop. 
    For some reason only the surface pro tablets have an active digitizer and they are far more expensive than anything I want to pay right now. It just seems like tablets are such a great form factor for being able to actually write on but almost none of them support it. Sure they have capacitive stylus support but writing on those is pretty horrible compared to using something with active pen support.
    I think the surface RT could have done very well in education if it had an active digitizer. Onenote is a great note taking app and the RTs have much better battery life. It would allow you to use a much lighter device with longer battery life for taking notes and only use a laptop/desktop when you needed the additional power.  An RT tablet with active digitizer could have likely done very well in business also for the places where you need to be highly mobile and just take down notes (field work) or you need to check things off (deliveries etc). I am not sure what MS and it partners were thinking but they made overpriced devices that missed some pretty important features.
    Most tablets are just designed for media consumption so input is not realy a concern for them. However, MS included Office and Onenote and microsoft has great hand writing support. They have the software suite there to really make their tablet a good productivity device but missed an important feature to make it actually useful.
  • In one year most OEM's will be back with RT offer, at least that is my opinion
  • People need to stop the madness about Office being included as some kind of difference maker.
    Time just published an article comparing the top 25 paid iOS apps and whether the Windows Store matches up (Spoiler Alert, they're still missing lots of big names). In the top 11 are Keynote, Numbers, and Pages at $10, so getting parity with the Surface for productivity is a measly $30 more on top of what you paid for the iPad. More importantly, those are touch optimized versions of those apps, not an ill-fitting desktop version. 
    Meanwhile, where are Microsoft equivalents of iMovie, iPhoto, or Garageband? Apple is creating killer $5-10 first party apps that really make the iPad a more productive than consumptive tablet. Besides Office, where's Microsoft's answer to these value adds? 
  • Office being part of it is good for students at least. Apple does not make any tablet that you can actually write on effectively. All they have is capacitive stylus systems. It is very hard to beat onenote for notes. Microsoft has some very impressive handwriting recognition stuff. 
    The problem is they confined that stuff to the surface pro lines of tablets. The only android devices I know that can do notes are the galaxy note tablets. The iOS devices are nice consumption devices but not anything beyond trivial creation devices.
    Those office type apps you have listed are in no way a competitor to microsoft office.
  • Again, you can't call an iPad "nothing beyond trivial consumption devices" while three of the top 11 paid apps in the largest mobile software library in the world are productivity apps. In fact, number ONE for this past July was Pages. Go ahead and write them off as "in no way a competitor to Microsoft Office". They're top-selling apps on the top-selling software store for usage on the top-selling tablet. If that's "inferior" or "lacking" in any way, I'll take creating products that "inferior" or "lacking" any day of the week. And make no mistake....I'm not an Apple fan. I have a work-issued iPhone and MacBook, but my phone is a Lumia 920, my computer runs Windows 7, and my tablet is a Nook HD+. But honestly....Surface and the RT platform are both failures. I don't see that changing. You can get a Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD+ for $150-160 new these days, and they're easily convertible to stock Android via Cyanogenmod. Each has a WAY better screen than the Surface, is lighter, is thinner, and can run Office compatible suites and utilize Bluetooth keyboards. to make them productive.  What's Microsoft answer to that? Running two apps simultaneously on a 9-inch screen? If people are going to pay $200 more for something, they're doing it for an iPad.
  • The problem is that without some kind of active digizer like the surface pro or galaxy note have you can't use a tablet to replace a pen and paper tablet.
    You can't really draw on any apple device the way you can with something with an active digitizer. If you are taking engineering classes a lot of your notes in later classes will be visual notes. Drawings for different parts of a design, free body diagrams for forces etc. Those things just don't work with a keyboard and mouse. They work great with a pen. However if you write them on a physical notepad it is easy to lose track of them. Have a hard time sharing those notes or work you are doing with a group etc.
    Students, engineers, and many other fields have a real need for a good tablet that you can write on. The form factor of tablets is great for a notepad it is just that almost none support the technology needed to do it. Surface RT could have done that and it would have helped it enormously.  The problem is that the surface pro line of tablets all have active pen support but they also are massively more powerful so you can run just about any other regular apps and just suck down battery power like a vampire. That basically leaves you with something like a galaxy note 8 if you want to be able to take notes and get good battery life.
  • Waiting for nokia to release windows RT
  • I think the issue is RT itself. The tablets are good products, but are hurt by compatibility issue and price. Microsoft should discontinue RT and replace with ARM version that is full Windows. I know they have people that could make this possible. I have seen Windows XP install on Android devices. This is my challenge to programmers and hackers out there is to find install Windows 8 on RT tablets. Show Microsoft it can be done. I know this maybe to optimistic, but I believe our community can find the solution.