AT&T bound Samsung Focus S clears FCC

Although there isn't too much information about the phone (nor too much we don't already know about it), the FCC just gave the Samsung Focus S aka SGH-i937 a big thumbs up for passing its tests.

What does this mean? Well, just that once AT&T clears it for their network, have enough in stock and we're praying, actually have an advertising campaign, they can actually sell the darn thing. AT&T says this will be out "in the fall" and thanks to Belfiore, we all know when that actually starts--so a few weeks to save your pennies?

Source: FCC, via Engadget; Thanks, John M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • yes!! please Samsung announced this phone already!!!
  • Well, my 5th Blackberry Tour (worst phone ever made) finally completely died tonight. I need the Focus S, and fast! I just hope I won't be without a phone for more than a few weeks. We shall see. Come on Samsung and AT&T!
  • Darn i wish they have this in sprint. They have android version of samsung galaxy S2. I wish sprint had it in wp7 OS instead.
  • At some point, I am going to have to admit to myself if I want a W7, I am stuck on AT&T. For all my complaining about AT&T, if I tell my Wife I want to stay, I will so NEVER live it down. But, come on!! This AND the Titan??? It is starting to make me giggle!! Throw in the fact neither Sprint or Verizon give even a small bit of a care about W7, and it really boils down to being an easy decision. October and November are going to be fun Mango Months.....
  • Considering we'll probably begin to see dual and quad core WP7 devices next year, it seems kind of silly to run out and buy a single core device now.I mean, if you're a new adopter and don't care, go for it by all means. But I really hope no one plans to upgrade their current devices. You might as well hold out another six months.
  • Yeah and then in another six months there will be rumors of something else coming down the pipe. I can tell you this from experience with my Sprint Arrive. When you use this device, you forget about what's pushing it processor wise. Why you ask? Because it just works bro. As long as you can get your information and use the phone to it's fullest capabilities without absolutely zero maintenance required, why wait after this batch of phones. Especially if it fits the requirements you desire from a phone today.
  • dual cores and such are just gimmicks these single core snapdragons push these devices just fine and better than the androids. héll, even my arrive runs faster than my W7 gateway PC with 1GB RAM.
  • Is this the galaxy sII? The GSII came out yesterday on sprint, and I liked it so much, I added a line for my brother in law, and he got the galaxy S for free at best buy. I don't know why the arrive is 200$ from sprint or he would've gotten the arrive. If I could get close to paying what I pay at sprint with att I would switch, but its not even within $50 id pay $100 more per month. I have four phones and pay less than 185 a month. Can someone here with 4 att phones say how much you pay. I have 1500 family plan unlimited everything, data text mtm on all phones.
  • I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T, and I pay $89 for it. It would be over $100 if it weren't from the fact that I get an employee discount from a company I used to work for. That's unlimited data and text messaging, 450 anytime minutes, though I've got over 4500 rollover minutes I won't be using... Ever. Regarding this phone, it really needs to be on all carriers on some form. Samsung's released a variant of every other Galaxy S device on almost every US carrier, so I'm hoping to see this at some point on all carriers, particularly Sprint.
  • Sure, but what will this cost? Looking at Swedish retail prices, the Samsung GSII is about 635 USD. Just a tad more than the HTC Radar. Titan is 952 USD. Now tell me, why would anyone pay extra for a single core CPU on a new and immature OS? (at least so far as 3rd party apps are concerned).... they wouldn't ....