HTC 8X on AT&T joins its International sibling, receives Windows Phone Update 3

It was only yesterday when we covered the International HTC 8X receiving Update 3 from Microsoft. Now we've had reports in from readers that AT&T 8X Windows Phones are also receiving the update. We've been able to confirm that the HTC 8X with the US mobile operator is indeed upgrading to the latest version of the OS (our 8X reports 8.0.10501.127).

So what do you need to do? Simply sit, wait and check to see if you've got the Update 3 notification just like many other Windows Phone owners. In addition to the 1080p support for new hardware, Update 3 includes driving mode, Bluetooth fixes, improved support for custom ringtones and more.

Check out our Update 3 page for more details. Let us know if you've received the update to your AT&T HTC 8X in the comments.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Att, wha? Delivering a speedy update? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  • Lol
  • This is not the real world..
    Maybe we're victim on matrix
  • Must have slipped us all the Blue pill! :)
  • There is hope my ATT 920 will see GDR3 IN 2013!!!
  • My AT&T 920 already has GDR3.
  • Do you have mic issues when making or receiving a call and using the phone next to your ear (not talking on speakerphone or bluetooth)?
    My ATT L920 on GDR3 is inaudible when talking with the phone next to my ear. I have to use speakerphone or bluetooth or have WiFi on which I never have on
  • No..
    I was having this problem with portico update, but since amber update it is ok.
    Now with GDR3, my problem with bluetooth and L920 was also solved.
    Sometimes when I answer a call via bluetooth, didn't hear anything. With GDR3 this was solved. :D
  • I have never had this issue.
  • THANK YOU GOD! I thought it was just me! I have been having this problem since GDR2. I was hoping it was a bug and not hardware related. I have to use speakerphone almost exclusively. Sometimes it works when receiving a call but never works when making a call. Okay, now to see if anyone else is experiencing this.
  • So it's only Nokia updates they delay?
  • Actually AT&T was one of the first to release GDR2 on the 8X so its not that surprising.
  • HTC has always received ATT updates quickly. The reason it took so long for Nokia is the Amber firmware.
  • When T-Mobile gets a speedy update, then it'll really be the end of the world.
  • Got the update last night, made me late for work! Use my phone as my alarm clock, phone wouldn't play any audio until I restarted the phone didn't realise this until I woke up 2 hours too late haha
  • to always restart after any update on any system
  • And now you are all set to hear the annoying voice saying, "I've turned on the driving mode for you", as soon as you start your car. It's only cool the first time.
  • No love for 920?
  • Soon my friend, soon.
  • In the coming years...
  • Yeah exactly
  • The only way you'll get it is through the developer preview. ATT won't release it until bittersweet shimmer is ready.
  • I'm happy about HTC users, it was about time for them to get something first. Nokia user here.
  • They got GDR2 also first didn't they?
  • Yes they did.
  • Yeah, but Lumia users get the Nokia firmware. I really hope Nokia changes their mind and releases it, at the latest, next month.
  • I thought it is supposed to be released by the end of November (?)
  • What exactly did Nokia receive first?
  • I upgraded when MS released GDR3, but wouldn't you know, my HTC 8X prompted me so I updated it again. Everythings working just fine like it did with Microsoft released one : )   Warranty good again....PUN intended
  • That's because what you and we all have is the preview. Much like W8.1, when the official release comes out, you get also get updated for it ;)
  • No, it is because there is an update from HTC too. He didn't actually updated Windows just the accompaning patches.
  • What is in that update that Is seemingly finished while L920 sits with a preview?
  • No Nokia Black.
  • Probably Nokia has another delayed firmware update which is under verficiation. It seems Nokia is the one to blame for slow GDR2/3 udpates
  • Yup, it's what happened with GDR2. Issues with their additional update caused the delay.
  • Where is my 920 update
  • So, about 4~6 weeks before the nokia phones on ATT get updated?
  • 4~6 months...
  • :(
  • After having GDR3 preview you not missing anything. Couple of firmware updates wont change much. Don't get bent outta an insignificant update. Be upset with 8.1
  • GDR3 may be insignificant, but im more eager for the changes that will come in the Lumia Black firmware.  I already have GDR3 installed on my 920 :P
  • 46 months...
  • 4-6 years
  • Centuries
  • I want that x man. That x
  • You should know by now we wont see black till after sales of 1520.
  • Go ahead you have the permission to cry as to where your NOKIA update is....
  • Not crying at all. Got update joining dev preview. Just waiting for the Lumia black.
  • Well, i think Nokia should release the Microsoft part of the firmware first and then the Nokia part. Keep people happy. Especially if the Microsoft part can bypass carrier testing and be released quickly.
  • Nokia doesn't have to release the OS part because the OS part has been out for a couple of weeks now.
  • Yet it hasn't been distributed to a single Nokia phone. They will be 2 months behind probably. Release the Microsoft stuff first, then their own stuff. Users get the best of both worlds, only problem is carriers may not like it.
  • Why is it their responsibility to release an OS update only?
  • Miracles do happen. I am going to turn towards religion now.
  • Im so happy for HTC 8x customers. You deserve it, you people are so wonderful! We owe everything to them. I wish I was one of you, your fabulous, I can not stress this enough. Now you know that this is going to bring on an onslaught from Lumia owners.
  • Hell has frozen over, AT&T manage to get an update out the door quicker than a snail!!?!
  • Umm... The AT&T 8X got GDR2 way early compared to the 920. Also I think it might have been one of the first GDR2 updates sent out.
  • In the US maybe, but elsewhere in the world we had GDR2 long before AT&T rolled it out!!
  • Lumia 920 has a better OS. take a look at X8 OS n look at tha 920 OS
  • Not sure if sarcasm or just stupidity...
  • Y'all dumb I used my own way of texting. Y'all lucky i can't say wht i won't tu say on here
  • I just can't make sense out of this
  • Learn to English.
  • This is another sarcastic attempt right? It has to be, right?
  • If this was sarcasm, it doesn't hurt to put wink face at the end, or you are just confused with OS and ROMS
  • Ahm...they are the same. O.o
  • I've installed said update (developer preview) on my 1020 and it was just horrid. Constant freezes requiring restarts and I've thanfully downgraded back to stock GDR2...Anyone else with a 1020 with preview had the same issues?
  • I don't have any of those issues. Well, the second day it did freeze once and that was it. After that, no more problems.
  • Downgrade? Thats impossible according to Microsoft unless you the full ROM with GDR2 that you flash back.
  • It is a dev preview with no guarantees...
    Check for a firmware update?
  • It has bugs on WIFI sometimes when I stop it, go on home page then again on settings page, and the settings page freezes up for some seconds with the Loading message on screen.
  • I love the fact that HTC 8x users usually shut up and don't get involved in these stupid arguments about which company is better, but every once in a while, you can see a very satisfied smile on their face when Nokia users realize just how much Nokia screwed the original WP platform. Like me!
    Proud owner of HTC 8X.
  • Nokia screwed WP? Really? I want to smoke what you smoke!
  • What did Nokia do that HTC didn't? They both released WP 7 devices so I don't see how Nokia screwed WP users more than HTC.
  • My red 8x is damn sexy...
  • Gray and yellow 8X here...sometimes I wish I had the red one. But I love it all the same.
  • I wish red 8x wasn't Verizon exclusive. Soo sexy!
  • I have the common blue one, but it, too, is sexy.
  • I am an 8X owner and I'm deeply in love with this device, however, I don't think Nokia screwed Windows Phone. They can certainly do better on the physical aspects of their design, and I wish they would leave the music to Xbox and make HERE an embedded part of Windows Phone. There are a few areas of discordance that must be sorted between MS and NOKIA. Conflicts of interest perhaps, but HERE is the superior mapping platform, and in my opinion, MS has everything it needs in Xbox Music. (10 Song keepers should make a return!!) In any case, how exactly has Nokia screwed Windows Phone? In fact, I'm not sure how you can even say that without trolling...
  • Why is my 925 with dev preview on 10512.412? Should it be on a lower OS build than official Update 3?
  • Preview in this case is the complete GDR3 or update 3. Preview is for developers. This is not like Windows 8.1 Preview where the OS was not completed. My sisters HTC 8X which was running preview only got a update to firmware. No OS update. So is basically the same as my Lumia 920 on Preview except Amber from Nokia still gives me more features than the HTC firmware, but any update is a good update. :)
  • Still doesn't explain differences in build numbers
  • Doesn't AT&T know the 8X is a Windows phone?
  • Verizon will be one of the last carriers in the world to push out Update 3 to 8x owners.
  • Nope, TMO will be last :/
  • I have a feeling that it will be rolled out to all 8Xs by the end of next week at the latest
  • I fear you may be on to something...
  • Does the update have Data Sense in it, or did at&t strip it out again?
  • Received the update for my T-Mobile HTC 8x as well today. DataSense included!
  • Datasense was,included in Grd2.
  • That was fast; AT&T must not have found any useful features to strip out of it.
  • Where's the 1020's upgrade!?
  • No upgrade onmy 8X yet... I did grab the Microsoft out-of-band GDR3 update so I'm not sure if that is why I haven't gotten the official update. Unless they didn't add any carrier upgrades or HTC firmware updates.
  • I'm soooo hoping that this 8X is given the love it deserves. Such a beautiful design, OK camera, GREAT sound. Since HTC hasn't released anything else, they should at least give this "Signature" device what it needs to stay relevant.
  • Now you can charge the phone when it's off. It won't turn on
  • Its so sad that nokias update is getting delayed....
  • This is what happens when Nokia add in extra features that they don't want other Windows Phones to have. A prime reason for Microsoft buying Nokia...
  • Unbelievable!!! My htc 8x AT&T is actually getting the update! I have lessons from the past with my htc titan when AT&T never rolled out 7.8 update and I was afraid this time but certainly my 8x is getting GDR OTA!!! Great! 
  • Hmm...the 7.8 update isn't pushed out over the air. Your supposed to connect it to your PC and install the update that way.
  • It never worked with zune or the other tricks... I finally did it after reading a post WP central but AT&T just never rolled out the update but that's another story and the present is I'm happy with phone update, happier than before GDR3. Thanks for your reply anyway.
  • Ha-HAAAA!! Downloading now! I remeber being torn between getting the 920 and the 8x... I initially went with the 920 because I thought that Nokias super love for WP would lead to faster OS updates. Later I was able to get an 8X and I find it kinda funny that its getting the updates really early. Especially since HTC seems to always release its android updates after other manufacturers.
  • Occam's Razor, people.
    1. ATT is introducing new product, so for a marginal sales boost at most and a lot of bad press about how they don't support Nokia, they delay updating software for a single model. After two weeks of likely mediocre sales, they release software update for old phone.
    2. ATT had issues with GDR2 on the 920.
    I'm gonna go with 2.
  • Hopefully the unlocked 925 will receive the update soon as well! Times like these, I thank myself for not buying a carrier device here in Brazil. Update 3 will obviously come next year...
  • Let's hope GDR3 will fix the overheating issue of WP devices!
  • What "overheating issue"? All phones heat up though usage but my ATIV S has never overheated. If yours is overheating then you need to get it repaired or get it replaced ;-)
  • Sweet!!! Now the 1020 needs some update love too
  • Why isn't nokia giving us this update?...It has been so long....
  • Anyone got an update from AT&T for windows phone 8x by HTC? I got an update today and I just want to know what's new in this update.  
  • And I also have the preview for developers enabled.