AT&T increases Early Upgrade pricing

AT&T has increased their Early Upgrade pricing that may impact how quickly Windows Phone 7 devices move off the shelves.

Effective October 3, 2010, upgrade pricing for Smartphones will increase from the two-year commitment price plus $75 to the two-year price plus $200. The example used on an internal document obtained by BGR has the Blackberry Torch would carry a $399 early upgrade price ($199 two year price pluse $200). According to AT&T this still represents a savings of $100 off the non-commitment price of $499.

The justification for this change; "As smartphones become increasingly more sophisticated, the cost of these devices has also increased.".  Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and capable, but a 166% increase? 

The new policy doesn't apply to iPhones or basic/quick messaging phones. No word as of yet if the new Windows Phone 7 devices will be exempt or not. 

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  • Yet when the iPhone came out, AT&T waived your contract so you could buy a new one. Kind of a double standard and a blow to WinPho7 considering AT&T looks to be the main carrier of Microsoft's new phone. If I were Microsoft I'd be pissed.
  • Seems everyone is doing their best to scupper WP7. Must be a conspiracy to get every last human on earth to use either an iphone or android phone.
  • Hmm, I was going to upgrade to something on AT&T, now I might wait until my contract is up and jump to another company. Since I am a customer I *am* pissed.
  • Just one more reason NOT to go to att or just one more reason to leave att!
  • Already done :)
    Left them and will never go back.
  • So would this be considered a materially adverse change to my contract, thus allowing me to get out without paying at ETF?
  • I'm confused-does this apply only to customers before the 18 month upgrade period who want to upgrade?
  • yes
  • Good-no way I'm paying $300-400 for a new device...
  • Hmmm, I think T-Mobile is looking better all the time. Why would this policy not apply to iPhones? BS!
  • hmmm... this is the surest evidence i've read that points to a verizon iphone in the new year.
  • Im thinking of switching to at&t and not signing a 2 year contract. Just buy the device flat out and not be tied to them when i want out.
  • Well, this kinda changes things... I was thinking about going the early upgrade route to get a WP7 device. Hopefully WP7 devices will be exempt too, although I guess we'll have to wait and see. If AT&T wants to be a "premiere" WP7 device carrier, I'd think that excluding WP7 from this new rule would need to be part of that plan, but I could be wrong (I hope I'm not).
  • I am glad that I held onto my Fuze for as long as I did! However, I was hopping to pay a little more and go with a 1 year commitment, but that does not seem to be possibly anymore.
  • These companies suck. If they don't exempt WP7 devices, MS chances are diminished further. No doubt about it.