AT&T to Issue Credits for Scammy Ringtone Services

If you have ever been Jamstered and have AT&T, then now might be a good time to call them up for a credit. AT&T is offering credits due to third party charges that occurred spuriously between Jan 1st 2004 to may 30 2008. AT&T has learned its lesson and will now require customers to confirm monthly subscriptions by text and have third party companies send reminders on how to unsubscribe. AT&T should be notifying customers in the coming weeks, but if its anything like a mail in rebate, well, you know... Instead you might be better off simply downloading the credit form from the AT&T website.

In my opinion its kind of sad that it took a lawsuit to help a company like AT&T realize there was a problem in this area. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at a bill and seen a ridiculous amount of ring tones and game charges from 3rd party companies. Just a helpful reminder that your Windows Mobile phones are packed full of features that we love and don't require you to pay some janky 3rd party service to use. If you have been janked, however, hit up the lawsuit link there and get the deets on your potential compensation.

WC Staff