AT&T loves its 3G more than EDGE

Having to make do with "old" technology is a bitter pill to swallow. Witness the recent move by AT&T, which according to OFB is relegating its EDGE service to the 1900MHz band from the 850MHz band and giving its 3G service some 850MHz exclusivity.

Why should you care? If you're in a 3G service area, you're going to get a better signal with the 850 band than you would with 1900. And that should equate to better battery life. But if you're in a 3G area and are running on EDGE because you're forcing your phone to connect to 2G, you're going to suffer a little, both in signal quality and battery life.

And our friends at the The iPhone Blog, who certainly have a vested interest (see iPhone 2G), raise an interesting point: What's that mean for customers in an EDGE-only area? Are they going to get screwed over in the name of progress? Is this just a move to indirectly force customers to upgrade their phones? And is there really anything wrong with that?

AT&T's definitely growing its 3G network, but there are still plenty of people without it.

Open For Business via Gizmodo & TiPB

Phil Nickinson

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