AT&T makes the HTC Windows Phone 8X official for November

AT&T made the HTC 8X official today

Although HTC themselves mentioned that their new Windows Phone 8X was coming to Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T just a few weeks ago, AT&T this morning has gone ahead and made it official.

The HTC 8X features a 4.3” Super LCD2 display with Gorilla Glass, 16GB storage and a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU. To top it off it has an 8MP F2.0 rear camera and a 2.1MP front-facing camera, both using HTC’s ImageChip technology for speedy shots.

Although exact pricing and purchase dates have still not yet been revealed, AT&T has noted that the 8X is due in November on the premier Windows Phone carrier. 

In addition, AT&T and HTC both announced two new Android phones to come after the 8X’s release. Those phones are the One X+ and One VX (images) with the former being an upgraded One X and the latter being what looks to be a custom One S variant for AT&T.

You can read the entire press release here (when it becomes available) and check out our hands-on photo gallery and video of the 8X.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great news for you HTC fans... But I'm waiting for Nokia news... But this is a nice phone too.
  • It's a nice phone but, 16gb kills it for me...too limited
  • Yep, needs an sd slot. Samsung is the only one that gets it.
  • the 820 and the 8s both have sd slots, but i get your point.
  • That's why I'm getting the 920. And the better camera. And wireless charging... And more.
  • So does that mean that all Windows Phones will come in November or is it just this one so far?
  • I think this one for now. Maybe a Nokia and Samsung announcement today too?
  • I wouldn't read too much into that although "November" was always the goal for WP8 devices. Does that mean nothing sooner e.g. the 920? Somethng tells me we *may* have more info this week...
  • heh, where on the rum-o-meter is that?
  • We had that article already... We are just waiting for official news.
  • I'm thinking Thursday the 4th sounds like a time I know I would want to hear something.
  • Is there a reason why Microsoft thinks it's a good idea to release all of it's new phones at the same time every year, instead of rolling them out throughout the year? Even when the Lumia 900 came out it was accompanied by the Titan II.
  • It seems phones are coming out twice a year... Usually around September/October, and then around February/March. It's a bit later this year, but we can probably expect a batch of models in 6 months. But yes, they do get released together... Probably due to the best selling periods around the world. Android phones need to jostle for an available time of year :P
  • Do you think any manufacturer would want to wait until like after the holidays?
  • I have to imagine that if the 21st for the Lumia 920 is correct, we'll know by the end of the week. Either by way of rumor, or official announcement. RIght? Really hoping that's not a pre-order date, like you guys have heard.
  • Thursday would be a good day. I'll be in the City for something...
  • Oh you horrible tease/wonderful man... (horrible man/wonderful tease? lol)
  • Why Daniel!!! Why!!!!
  • Why did a statement so vague make my day?
  • I actually hope its not the 21st for the 920. That will mean almost no hype or promotion before it actually launches and that amounts to bad sales and bad news for Nokia. Better to announce a preorder on that date then ride the (hopefully) Windows 8 hype to release
  • Nonsense. They need to get out there ASAP, especially with the new iPhone out. Every day that goes by they're losing potential customers. Also calling bull about the lack of market. What is the use of marketing if you can't go out and buy the sweet new thing that you just saw a commercial for? Just because there will only be a short lead up of marketing before the actual launch doesn't mean that the marketing will be bad. They work on that sort of stuff for months. And there's already hype for the phone. That's what the point of the September 5th announcement was.
    It's better to have it available before Windows 8's release. Because then when everyone is paying attention to the new Windows, Microsoft can be all "hey, we also have this sweet phone out that looks just like it" and some will go out and buy it immediately because they can. A post-26th release date wouldn't allow for that.
  • i'd even be okay with a preorder on the 21st with it going on sale a week later if we at least got that much info sooner rather than later.
  • Its not the Lumia 920 though :/
  • +1
  • don't be sad.  You should still celebrate that these very nice looking devices run WP8 and hope they sell well. ;)
  • The photo gallery URL is broken.
  • Well with BUILD happening Oct. 26 wouldn't this kind of make since?
  • Video link doesn't work either.
  • Why would there be a video link?
  • Because it mentions a video in the last paragraph... But it's actually a link to another article, which is a little confusing in the WPC app unless you look under View Links
  • So when can we get an 8X+? All I want is a bigger screen HTC. Is that too much to ask?
  • Want a massive screen? Get the Ativ S. Want a not as big screen but still big? Get the Lumia 920. If you are the person who is tired of such big screens, get the 8X.
  • Yet the profile of the 8X is almost as large as the thanks I want my money's worth.
  • +9,000
  • Kem, I don't really know if I want the ATIV S. I pretty much just wanted a Titan III. Samsung seems to not want to put the highest end tech into the ATIV like HTC does with the 8X, but I can't go back to lower that 4.7".
  • maybe that's in their spring refresh lineup. why they didn't at least go with 4.3" is really confusing to me.
  • Release date is partly controlled by Microsoft. After that it's up to the vendors to get the devices out to consumers. Now what do I want for Christmas - oh yeah, a Surface and a Lumia 920 with a JBL NFC speaker and NFC headphones. Sweet!
  • Jbl portable or the wireless charging one?
  • Lol call me weird but I just saw the headline and Usher - There goes my baby started to play in my head, seems i can't wait.
  • Good One : ]
  • Its stupid on how many different variants they have for the Android version.
  • I would seriously consider a HTC device, weren't for the indispensable Nokia apps.
  • Well it sounds like Thursday will finally be the day we here about Nokia release dates and pricing in the US. At least if I'm reading Daniel's hints correctly. :-)
  • I'm waiting to see HTC and Nokia release their phones before deciding.  I'd also like to see Sprint get some WP8 love.  I've been waiting on Sprint to release a Windows Phone device, but haven't gotten any word yet.  I'm assuming Sprint is going to "wait and see" if Windows brings in sales with other carriers. 
    Sprint - It would be a good idea to give me two or three WP8 offerings or I might need to find a new carrier.
  • Sprint is your worst bet. Sorry.
  • Sprint doesn't care about you.
  • Guess you should start packing now, because Sprint has clearly stated they will not get WP or WP8.
  • Why are you on Sprint again? Exit that company with the quickness.
  • Sprint isn't going to do anything. They're too drunk from drinking Apple's kool-aid.
  • HTC is not showing wp any love I just look at the specs. for the One X+ and it has 64gig internal memory and they only gave the 8X 16gig.
  • that's because 8x was supposedly midrange device and rumored more bigger screen was the high end but somehow got delayed.
  • Yea, got delayed so that the One X+ can get its 15 minutes first.
  • I guess that means the 8S won't be coming to AT&T then... that's too bad, it was the perfect phone for my wife who is still rockin' her LG Quantum (and is reluctant to part with it).
  • 8S just seemed like it had T-Mobile written all over it. The lower end specs plus the crazy two-toned colors are the types of things they'd want Carly to promote.
  • I'm hearing mid December for the lumia 920.
  • Shut the front door!!!
  • LOL!
  • Lol.
  • Hello friends, here are features new HTC HD8 (Still not official). Features:
    CPU Speed: Qualcomm® S4 1.7 GHz, Dual-core
    Display: 4.5 inch touch screen with Gorilla® Glass 2
    Memory: Total storage: 32 GB
    RAM: 1GB
  • Interesting that it's called Windows phone 8X not HTC 8X
  • Is this confirmation the 8x is lte enabled?
  • I would actually consider getting the HTC 8X, but the 16gb is a deal breaker. That's the same as my 1st Gen HTC Arrive! I'm looking to upgrade in all respects, including storage.
  • yea, that is the deal breaker for me. If it's got 16gb, it needs a MicrSDXC slot otherwise, not interested...
  • Well more n likely the Samsung ativ will be ur choice r wait and see what Acer and other have Nokia good choice if u want quality with storage space
  • Nokia isn't much better. If a guy wants onboard storage the Samsung is the only answer.
  • AT&T,NOKIA,MICROSOFT couldn't be anymore happier :P
  • I think Microsoft is going to announce their own phone on October 26th and make it available same day! I can wish if I want to :-)
  • Really wish you would change the title of this post. ATT has not confirmed November release.Speculation + ATT News release does not equal November release.
  • Read the full announcement, or just Ctrl+F and search the word November in the article. It's there.
    Here's one link that shows it:
  • I stand corrected. Thank you!
  • I was considering this as a possibilty but then I remebered how much my One X sucked hardware and software wise.
    If HTC releases after Nokia, I think that they are as good as done.
    Only way I buy HTC now is if they somehow release well before the Lumia 920.
  • I have to giggle at the commenter that said he didn't like the Lumia because the HTC was thinner.
 that point58 millimeters makes such a HUGE difference.
  • It is not all about the stats - yes on paper the 8x is only a tiny bit thinner, but actually the profile of the 8x is much thinner, the 920 is a uniform thickness, but the 8x tapers to nothing at the edges. So if you hold both, you will probably find the 8x feels a lot thinner.